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  1. Thank you Marc... aka... me... for the wonderful geocoin! I don't remember sending myself one, but low an behold, there it was waiting in the mail box for me. In all seriousness, thank you Mystery Coin Giver! You have made me reconsider my absence from the world of geocaching. Was pretty burnt out after the Spring Stomp, but now revitalized!
  2. Stomp Out Winter! - Polished Nickel Kamloops Edition: PNK and Stomp Out Winter! - Polished Nickel: PN Stomp Out Winter! - Black Nickel Kamloops Edtion: BNK and Stomp Out Winter! - Black Nickel: BN GeoCookie and matching Traveler. The Kamloops Editions have Spring Stomp 2013, April 6 & 7, Kamloops BC engraved along the edge
  3. Ouch... shows you how much I know about college basketball... 6 out of 8.
  4. What, so for every gum wrapper, rock, or porn DVD I remove from a cache, I should put something in? Garbage is garbage. I was speaking of trashing things out in the context of this thread not necessarily the things you list - however, even if it was a rock, I would leave better then I found before rehiding the cache. Just me maybe. A larger rock? Or golf balls... You mean a larger golf ball? Wouldn't that be considered a baseball now?
  5. What, so for every gum wrapper, rock, or porn DVD I remove from a cache, I should put something in? Garbage is garbage. I was speaking of trashing things out in the context of this thread not necessarily the things you list - however, even if it was a rock, I would leave better then I found before rehiding the cache. Just me maybe. A larger rock?
  6. In my opinion.. Your replying to my posts is a waste of MY time. If you don't have anything productive to add, why do you bother? By the way.. I was wondering... You have been a cacher for like 10 years, have only found 730 caches, but have posted in here 21,447 times? Are you a Geocacher or a Forum-Poster? As far as this is concerned, I have been caching since 2006, only have 479 found as of today. Just because someone spends a lot of time on the forums, does not make them a Forum-Poster. I have on occasion posted in the forums, but remember... it is easier to make 15, 25 or 100 posts in one day, than it is to find caches in one day. Now don't get me wrong, I am not "attacking" you in any way, just stating my opinion. But this is off track. As far as missing TBs/Geocoins, yes, it does unfortunately happen quite often, and I too like to try and rescue them as much as the next person, but if I don't find it in the cache, I post a "TB/Geocoin was not in the cache in question along with either a log, if recently found, or in a note, if previously found. I also make a note on the TB/Geocoin page to inform the owner that it is missing. And on another note, is it not the reason why we get a Copy Tag with our TBs? So that is does go missing, we are able to re-release. I have a few that are on there third incarnation! Once you buy the TB/Geocoin, the tracking code is yours to use in any way, shape or form. Simply edit your trackable page to inform the searchers of what has happened.
  7. Agreed. Agreed to your Agreed.
  8. In the mail on friday. What a way to start the weekend! Plus, I have been receiving a package almost everyday, but they are the smaller coins that are unmentionable on the forums.
  9. For an English teacher, you type very poorly. If you could please use a little punctuation in your sentences, it would make it a little easier on all of us.
  10. Naahh, just a voice prompt telling you to 'Step-up the pace!' If I am going to deploy something, it'll be a micro-helicopter with a GPS jammer in it. In that case, all your GPS needs to be able to do is send a launch code and coordinates for the target to your home base. No sense in carrying around missles or micro-helicopters with you. Even better... so no one has to get hurt, An application that notices other cachers getting close to the new cache, and sends out a notification to their phone mentionning that the cache has been disabled by the CO for a reason or another. They turn around, but you keep going! FTF... all the TIME!
  11. Well,the subject is "Spiteful Geocachers" afterall, isn't it? Precisely why it needs to be locked down. Once we've got this much voracious veiled vitriol and coming from a minority of vocal folks (I don't even need to point, do I?), this thread met its demise. Apparently you do need to point out, when no one can tell from your post whether or not you fall on the logs are "boastful and condescending" side of the equation or not. Whichever side it is, you are obviously of the opinion the other side needs to be silenced? I don't think you need to try so hard to understand what I'm saying. Take a look at many other threads, the issue that Keystone mentions, and who that might be talking about. You really don't know who I'm talking about? (See #99 for some context of my position) Apparently not!! Thanks for the nice response to a total misunderstanding there. There has been a few derailments in the forums as of late, and I too think that this "who" NeverSummer may be talking about is one of the main reasons that a few of the other threads have been locked down. I don't often raise my voice in the forums, but come on now... enough is enough...
  12. I have six coins that have gone missing for some time. I have created proxies, and plan on releasing them soon. They are clearly marked on the Trackable page as proxies. If they move, great... if they don't, so be it. I've already lost the real ones, and I did send them out, but alas some didn't get far Thanks
  13. I too have been lurking in this thread for awhile, reading the replies from everyone, reading the OPs logs, their profile and that of Larry's. Here's my opinion, and remember it is only mine, and not the general consensus. To each his own. I see a little contradiction in the OPs view of FTFs. Now, I do not knock the OP in finding those FTFs, and to me, I would view this as a little egotistic if I was one of the FTF hounds, which I am not. If I do find one... great, if not, oh well. I am not blaming the OP, nor the FTF hounds. Now as far as the main topic is concerned, I personally would put out a cache in the most fairly obvious place, an easy 1 - 1, and see what happens. I would contact GS about your concern about the possible cache destruction, but I would never not place a cache in the area I live in. For one, your imagination / creativity might bring something to the area that the "regulars" might just find original. Something fresh, something new. If all else fails, try contacting some of the local cachers and ask for their advice. I recently moved to a new area, and not being used to the hides of the area, I quickly made myself known and became good friends with quite a few cachers in my area. Not only do we meet during local events, we often get together and go and do some caches together. As far as the forums, never assume that everyone that answers your thread will have the same opinion as yours. Always be prepared for some opinions that vary mildly to wildly from yours. The main thing to remember, be open, be honest, don't try to hide anything, and be prepared to face some hard facts. I love the forums for the fact that everyone has their own voice, either it be right or not, mirrors your view or not. It is a place where everyone can say what they need to say, as long as it stays within the guidelines. Having said that...I am done Cheers!
  14. Received my coin yesterday. Funny thing... I looked at the name... MONSON, and I could not remember anything coming in from that name. So I put the envelope down on the seat beside me as I was on my way to work. Looking down, the envelope had flipped and when i looked at it again, it was upside down and read the name again... NOSNOW! I had a little laugh and the light bulb went off! I love the coin, the card and the little extra! Thank you ever so much
  15. Is it? Gold Autism Awareness Ammo Can
  16. Bump in the forums means that someone "bumps" the thread back up to the top of the list. Everytime someone posts a comment, or a new picture, the thread goes back to the top so that it becomes apparent to those coming into the forums. A simple bump comment does the same thing... bumping to the top of the list
  17. Hello all! I too would like to say howdy! I have been lurking and trading in the forums for some time, but I can't remember if I properly introduced myself yet. I started caching back in 2006, and the geocoin addiction came early. Although I haven't had the opportunity to purchase many, I still do have a few kicking around... forty or so, not counting the non-trackable ones, and the other smaller ones floating around. I have had the pleasure of trading some of my doubles in the last mathtrade, and gained a few truly amazing coins. I work fulltime, and don't get out as often as I would like, but if there's a trackable in the area, I make a point of finding it. I may not own it, but I do get the joy of at least holding it for a little time. Thanks all!
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