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  1. Mr Confusion himself (that would be me) recieved one of these coins some day last week, but of course didn't remember to "report" it until now... It feels like I haven't been active in the coin forums for ages, and still someone remembers little me! That's just great, and really goes straight to my heart! So thanks a lot Geo_Bandit, I really appreciate being roped in with the help from a veeeery cool #166!
  2. The "Sverige rockar" guitars have arrived as well, and there were one or two with some small color problems on the body of the guitar, but not so severe that I think there's any need for the to be redone. They'll do just fine as travellers Thanks to Landsharkz for putting this very cool project together!
  3. Great day today! I got 3x Swedish moose 10x Geolicious and a mystery Geocoin bug coin
  4. I'm sure she'll work on IKEA, everyone in Sweden does.
  5. Wohoo, grattis Naomi!
  6. Since I do send myself a bubble mailer every now and then, I wasn't very surprised when an envelope from myself landed on my doormat today. One thing I don't do though, is sending myself mystery coins (wouldn't be much of a mystery, eh? ), so there must have been someone else sending this particular bubbler from me...hmm... Thanks a million to the G O'coin bug, you really made my day! Two days ago I saw the first butterfly of the year, and today there was a bug sneaking into my house. So I guess spring really is on its' way here in Stockholm!
  7. Oh, funny cointest! I guess 100 dollars and 25 cents.
  8. Got one of the Railroad flooding (don't remember the exact name) coins a few days ago, and a glittery Grenlandsmafiaen today. Veeeeery nice coins both of them!
  9. Hello Lennart!!! How are you?? Hey Nikos, I'm doing great! How are you? And I'm adding a guess too: Hong Kong Dubai Abu Dhabi Ankara Köln Stockholm Boden
  10. Grats to the winner and thanks for the cointest!
  11. Hamburg GCZKDD Hotel de Ville - Rathaus Hamburg GCR10B 544-2 bis in die Spitze GC18CQC Wieder schöne Aussichten
  12. Hamburg GC18CQC Wieder schöne Aussichten GCHMV1 Hamburg Panorama GC18Y56 Verfallener Tempel der Natur
  13. How about these? GC18CQC Wieder schöne Aussichten GCXEAZ Planetarium Hamburg GC12G4Q View Point Hamburg
  14. You got too many citys with Messen in Germany to choose from... Maybe Düsseldorf? GC1a33N Gotteshäuser: "Heilige Familie" Stockum GC15TEG Altstadtrunde (Geburtstagscache für Chäffe) GCN698 Ein Rundgang... durch Niederkassel
  15. No edits...but of course I intended to answer your first message
  16. Grats on your bachelor project! I'm guessing Hannover and GCAAE5 Stadtwald Hannover - SB#1 GC13C1J Der Garten der Tiere GCM0N8 View over Hannover
  17. This looks like a fun way to see who the people at these forums are! 1. What is your name (caching name is fine), location, age, and occupation. Lennart/Lelle/Lelle1987, Stockholm, Sweden, 20, Physics student 2. What was the first geocoin you ever held in your hand? World of Geocaching 2006, moved it from a cache in central Stockholm to a TB-hotel at Arlanda Airport. 3. Approximately how many coins to you currently own? About 30 4. Approximately how many coins have you released into caches? And how many are still active? 3, but one of them seems to be missing. 5. Have you ever minted a coin? If so - how many? If not - skip to question 6 No 6. What is your favorite color? Green 7. What is your favorite food? Lasagna 8. What are some of your favorite songs/musicians/groups? I listen to pretty much everything: Beatles, Classical music, Christina Aguilera, some Swedish music from the 50's until now, TV themes to children shows (for example Muppets Mah-na mah-na at the moment)... My playlist is pretty much a mess 9. What hobbies do you do aside from caching and drooling over coins? Bridge, volleyball, and I also am a bit of an internet addict... 10. Your general life philosophy can be stated as: Life is a mirror, smile at it and it will smile back at you.
  18. It's depicting the smallest outhouse in Florida
  19. Maybe it's the coin where most people contributed to the artwork? (Thanks to the graffiti)
  20. Donation made My grandma died from leukemia some 15 years ago, so I'm glad if I can contribute to the fight against this disease. I don't remember very much about my grandma, but I remember she suffered quite a bit, and I hope Leukemia and Lymphoma Society can help preventing this from happening to others. Good luck to you and your daughter climbing the stairs! Ps. I don't live in USA, so no coin for me. (Just as Kazuma says, the reason behind this thread is so much more important than a coin) But maybe someone could release one for me in the US? If not, it's no biggie
  21. I'm not intending to enter any cointest, but as I think I've never really introduced myself, I figure this thread would be a good one to do so. My name is Lennart, I'm 20 years old and live in Venice of Scandinavia - Stockholm, Sweden. I've been caching for almost a year, and hope I'll reach 200 caches before my first geocaching b-day. When I'm not caching or collecting coins, I'm studying meteorology at the University of Stockholm, so I might end up as one of "these guys lying on tv" as a friend of mine once put it. My other hobby apart from caching is bridge, that I've played for about 4 years. If I had wanted to and played a lot more than I actually do, I might have been in the Swedish junior national team by now, but I'm very happy with just playing with my friends in the local series here in Stockholm. My geocoin addiciton is all mousekakat's and Solan109's fault. Mousekakat said something about Geojellies at the Swedish boards, and before I knew it, I was organizing a joint order for the Swedish GC community. Then a few weeks later, Solan showed me her coin collection, and I understood that there's a world past the Jellies. So now I've got maybe 30 coins and a few more coming this way, and even if I'm trying not to buy so much coins, it's hard not to. My first post in these forums were 3 months and a few days ago, and was an entry in a cointest where you should guess the temperature in someone's truck. I don't remember whose cointest it was, but I do remember that I missed the coin with 0.1 degree Farenheit...
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