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  1. I searched up a dead thread or two talking about cornfield mazes but this wasn't mentioned. It's way beyond & deserves it's own center stage: More on this at: http://www.snopes.com/photos/patriotic/cornmaze.asp
  2. We found one of these cute little containers hidden while on a 4 day camping/caching trip, couldn't wait to get home & google one up and wait for it to arrive. Sadly, the U.S. 50 caliber type aren't commercially produced (the skinny little german ammo cans are though). Once in a great while one will come up on the auction site, but they are gone in a flash with a $20 buy now link. What the heck, can't be *that* hard to make one, right? LOL. One week & a pile of scrap metal later, I finally had a functional facsimile. Everyone we showed it to went nuts over it, so I had to make a few more for friends. They are now quite close to commercially-produced in quality & making them 5 at a time production style I've gotten it down to about 1-1/2 hours working time for each unit, which measure 2"x1"x1-1/4" high.
  3. Your wife & son can log into your account when they want to run Pocket Queries, search for Member Only caches, etc- then log finds on their own accounts.
  4. We've found (and placed) several that were well above the average find. The one I remember the most, we had to hike about 1/2 mile up a mountain road to get to. It had a new set of two way radios, several geocoins, a new led headlamp & among other kewl stuff, a ONE OUNCE silver coin:
  5. We got ours a couple of months ago & it had the (quite useless) knob. The knob interdigitates with any of several different types of mounts & they are $15-$20 each IIRC. Call customer service & they should send you one.
  6. GSAK has a multitude of preset file export options under "File>Export". If your device isn't there, there is also the very versatile "Custom Export" option. Name your device & someone can check, or you can look up any option on the GSAK site.
  7. My wife and/or daughter cache with me a lot, but sometimes I grab one without them along- so *I* have been present on ALL cache finds that are logged on "our" account. When 60-80 people all log on one Premium Membership & every one of them think that they personally are racing for world status against the majority of us who cache alone or as one family group I for one am not impressed- how supportive to the website that supports their hobby is that anyway? Oh well, I guess if we could figure out how to get around Garmin's map unlock security we'd all have them on our GPSr's. Personally, I think that there should be at least 2 types of accounts- one for single cachers (who might take a friend or family member along sometimes) & one for multiple use (when more then one "hunt" occurs simultaneously). I've never seen where the "world leaders" list is posted, but it too should be separated into single & group categories.
  8. I guess I musta misunderstood then, I've never seen a soapbox thread in action. My take was that it was a place for loudmouths to stand on a soapbox & preach spew about things that either don't interest anyone or don't have anything to do with current events. Edited changing "preach" to "spew" (don't wanna offend any clergymenpersons).
  9. I think that a soapbox THREAD is a GREAT idea. There are at least a couple of "regular posters" here who don't seem to have a life aside from trolling every thread on every board & posting flame-bait 8 out of 10 times just because they don't have anything on-topic or intelligent to say. If the mods had an "eject" button to instantly send those non-contributional "responses" to the soapbox thread we'd have some semblance of order.
  10. Yeah, that bunny is pretty quick- you seldom see anything except his butt as he hops away
  11. The hardware store version that I have is called "EP-200 Epoxy Putty" made by Rectorseal. I've had a tube of the stuff in a drawer for about 25 years & it's still good. It's pretty nifty stuff (though I've been saving mine until a *really* important use manifests).
  12. It took from 2 weeks to 2 months to figure out some useful shortcut keys on ours. Do you have the older Blue Etrex Legend, or the newer grey Legend Cx or HCx?
  13. fastforty


    Nothing! You did absolutely NOTHING!?!?
  14. fastforty


    Designed a new coin
  15. To delete waypoints: 1) Turn unit on 2) Momentarily press the "Find" button (bottom button on left) 3) Select "Waypoints" (by clicking the joystick) 4) Choose & select "By Name" 5) Momentarily press the page button (top right button) to get rid of the alphabet keyboard 6)Scroll up one notch & left one notch to highlight, then select the left of the two little squares at the very top of the screen 7) Scroll to "Delete All" or "Delete by Symbol" & select with joystick 8) Confirm
  16. They are saving it for future generations, just in case some semblance of intelligence returns to the human race
  17. While you're looking at the "Not Found" caches, hit the menu button again & select "Show Found Cache"
  18. What GPSr are you going to use it with? I got the 2008 last week, only to have to return it because the v8 NT version is better for my unit. Either would work, but the NT version is recommended (for my Vista HCx).
  19. Currently carrying a PAIR of Garmins in low-slung hip holsters. My right hand squeeze is a Vista HCx, loaded with 1,000 (yes, one THOUSAND) large caliber cache coords. For backup, I carry the time proven Blue Legend, loaded with 500 small caliber benchmark coords. Oh yeah, & a BIG stick, just in case of rabid coons
  20. Could it be that you're looking at the "Nearest Waypoints" list? If so, try searching "By Name" & they should all be there.
  21. We found close to 300 caches with a Blue Etrex. It's accuracy will drop (even bounce around) in heavy tree cover but, it always got us to the cache. The display can be a little taxing on the eyes but once again, we could always find a way to hold it so we could read the screen. It's a good unit but you'd be 100 times happier with a high sensitivity chip & 1000 times happier with a color display.
  22. All we have there is "Anchor Drag Alarm" & "Off Course Alarm".
  23. This seems like a case of answering a bit of unintentional rudeness with a ton of purposeful rudeness. Wow, ease up- I wasn't talking about YOU. Actually, it IS purposefully rude (and obnoxious) to "plaster their label upside down & diagonal in the middle of a very large blank area of the log". Removing it is akin to CITO. Most everyone hates stickers stuck all over logs. The idea of a log is to collect SIGNATURES and dates, thus verifying WHO visited a cache & when. Some cachers leave signature cards in caches (after they sign the log). When those get dog-eared & filthy they can easily be CITO'd without effect to the log.
  24. Labels fall off. I often know when I'm close to a cache due to labels laying on the ground. If you do use labels, please place them neatly and in line with previous signatures. I've noticed one very large group of cachers who all log under the same name almost always plaster their label upside down & diagonal in the middle of a very large blank area of the log. The practice is very rude & those labels often get removed- what's the difference, in their case nobody knows who was *actually* there anyway.
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