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aaahhh the debut.....HOPE YOU ENJOY!!


.....Come on little snowmen....come peek your heads out the windows and see all these friendly geocoin loving people in here waiting to welcome you!!! come on.......... they are friendly....well ok...some of them are flakey (look at the picture to understand the humor!!!) LOL




Details to come VERY soon....these will be sold thru HogWildStuff......stay tuned.....

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Thanks for all the kind words!! I'm glad you like it!! I'm sure you will be hearing from Steve in the next 48 hours about it....so save your pennies!!!


ps Mama Cache was checking into something special to go along with it I think....ooh she's a clever one!!

I hope that idea works out....mums the word until then LOL :laughing:

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These Coins Are Now Available at Hogwild Stuff


There are 4 options to purchase this Coin: (Two of Which Are Shown Here)


- Individual Coins Your Choice of Finishes - $9.50


- 2 Trackable coins one of each finish: $18.00



COINTEST: There will be a Random Drawing for one of the one of a kind Sample coins out of the the first 100 orders placed.






1. This presale will last until approximately Tuesday Morning November 26.

2. The coins will ship around December 17

3. Any other items ordered with these coins will not be shipped until these coins are shipped.

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