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  1. Thanks Mr. Wilson for the MVG plug!! Yes, the Metro Vancouver Geocachers is a friendly bunch of cachers that just want to get out and cache. There is a find a buddy section that you can post in, as well as conversations about events we are hosting or are thinking about hosting! Best place to find us is www.mvgeocaching.com or on the Metro Vancouver Geocachers Facebook page. Hope to see you there soon! goaliegirl38
  2. Where would the best place to start be? from a quick look, it appears you can loop from one spot, but where is that? and can you take skytrain to it? You can walk South from Lake City Way skytrain station to the lake, and start at Piper Spit. Or you can walk South from the Production Way skytrain station and start at the East end of the lake.
  3. Caches 1, 3 & 6 are perfectly fine to do anytime of day, they are not in an area that is frequented by Burnaby's "undesireables" and are within sight of the road. I'll try and check out the other 3 caches on my lunch in the next week or so and see what the areas around them look like. A lot of the people living in Central Park move to the Library lawn once the weather is better... Another factor in our favour is that the 24 hour relay is in that park the weekend before, so parks crews will be in there cleaning out the park beforehand, there is a good chance that the makeshift housing will not be back yet if the weather is good.
  4. I was told by the clerk at Sportsmen's Warehouse that the Motorola Razor charger will work also
  5. Found 11 caches with my Oregon 300 this weekend, no lock ups at all. I have to say, it was only a bit of minor PLC's and such, but so far, I love this unit! Can't wait to get a chance to play with it more!
  6. Hello from Canada! Check out this thread, we know exactly what you are dealing with! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=200000 Those of us in Vancouver are very aware that with the Olympics in 2010 some of our caches may come under scrutiny, we are trying to work with the officials to make sure that geocaching stays alive, even in the city! Sorry to hear that Last Delivery was archived, it was one of my favourites to do when I was in London in 2006. We enjoyed lunch in the park while waiting to replace the cache To add to the rant earlier, I would love to see Virtuals replaced, if they take you to a place that is noteworthy or of historical significance. Similar to Earthcaches. Cheers and Happy Caching! Shannon
  7. this was the same on the Explorist when I first got it, frustrated the heck outta my garmin friend trying to figure out how to do it... It was fixed in an update.
  8. It's a tempting deal, but... The Triton series has not lived up to expectations... That being said, I was chatting with someone on the weekend that quite likes theirs and finds it easy to use. I have an Explorist, and love it, very reliable and easy to use! I had high hopes that the Triton would be my upgrade unit... That is on hold right now while I let all these new units get their bugs out. Check out the threads in this forum, there is lots of chatter about the Triton line, along with the other units that would be comparable. I chatted with the Magellan rep at GeoWoodstock VI about the Triton, and while he admitted they jumped the gun with it, he said to be patient, they were working on making it a better unit.... Looks like Triton owners are still waiting... This may be noteworthy for you as well... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=203276 Good luck!
  9. Sounds wonderful, but for us Canadians, they are pretty much useless, they do not have Canadian maps, and according to another thread, they are not coming anytime in the near future.
  10. So, for the mainly urban/provincial parks that I cache in here... the 300 would work with City Nav just fine for caching? Topo hasn't been a feature I've really used with my Explorist, even though I have the software, I usually just turn the topo off and head for the cache, if there's a hill involved, so be it... Most of the hiking I do is marked trails, I'm not off trailblazing very often. But, I'm wondering what features I would lose by going down from the 400t to the 300? From what I can see, just the internal memory space, correct? Thanks to everyone who has done an awesome job keeping us informed on the latest toy! You are making my choice much easier! (Especially since in Canada a PN-40 is useless with no maps...)
  11. If you put it on sale... people will buy it...
  12. I love my Explorist 400! Small, easy to use, and gets me to the caches no problem! Mine came with a rechargeable battery, and since it's starting to have a shorter and shorter life, I ordered one for about $15 on eBay and it works great! I had high hopes for the Triton line, and even quizzed the rep at GW6... So far I'm sticking with the Explorist and keeping my eye on the Oregon...
  13. Is there any plan to release Canadian Maps? I'm using an Explorist 400 right now, paired with my Palm, but have been watching the Oregon discussions closely. As of right now I'm thinking it's my best option to upgrade, but if there was some hope of Canadian maps in the near future I might start looking at the PN-40 a little closer....
  14. If only they had Canadian Maps...
  15. Uh oh... I spent yesterday chasing the little white ball, and plan to spend tomorrow hitting a few caches... I'm really in trouble!!!
  16. The only drawback I can see to getting high numbers for Canadian mega-events is the insane prices we have to pay to fly within our own country! I had originally planned to attend Rendez-vous, but with flight prices $700+ I decided to give it a miss. In comparison, I paid $200 to fly to Sacramento for GWVI. And it looks like it will be about $500 for me to fly to Nashville for GWVII (depending on how insane gas prices get). So, unless I am able to find a great deal on flights, it looks like I'll be sticking to driveable events in BC and Alta.
  17. Well, I'm not a BCGA member, but I'd suggest orcas The 2006 BC Geocoin has orca's, it's an awesome looking coin!
  18. Yep, all 3 versions had the error on them... he he, whoops!
  19. I'm willing to trade if anyone still has traders left.
  20. Mine got here this morning... They look great!!! Another job well done by Landsharkz!!! Well worth the wait
  21. I believe they are skipping the Fling this year (rude , I know!) I guess they're busy with like 3 mega events are something. Hmph! Oh Pshaw! we're doing a double header of events! We're hosting the WWFM on the lawns of the Legislative Buildings in the Inner Harbour of Victoria at 10am and then Chris is doing his part as Director of the BCGA at the BCGA Cache Blitz Wrap up from 2-4pm. TTUMS has already pre-forgiven us Maybe you should come to Victoria that weekend instead ... think about what fun you'd have with a whole city of new caches to find, great people and new coins to take home. I can attest to that!!! Caches around the inner harbour and downtown will keep you busy for hours!!! Can't wait for the next excuse to get over there!
  22. Just in case! And they are beautiful coins! And to support the BCGA!!!
  23. Oooo!!! Hopefully there will be one of these to trade to a fellow BC cacher making the trek!!!
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