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  1. Sorry for the delay, my year ended with two major life events and therefore this is the first time back to the forums since i posted the contest. I like a number of the substitutions, i'll review and respond shortly.
  2. Submit by Thanksgiving and the X is cutouts.
  3. I am already thinking about coins for next year and here is one that I am working on. I wanted to let people have a say in the version so the coloring contest came to mind. Rules; Color between the lines All types of enamel are ok (glow, glitter, translucent, etc.) Have fun and post ideas in forum Winners will be chosen by the family and will receive 2 free geocoins of their version.
  4. Colorado was renames to Pizza Pie and the event was held at a Colorado Pizza location.
  5. I want to inform everyone here what happened and to make sure you know that the coins being sold on eBay have tracking codes but the codes are being deactivated from the Groundspeak system. 250 of these coins were shipped via USPS. The shipment was lost in transit, but obviously a 40lbs package just doesn't disappear. At least part of the 250 coins were sold in a mixed lot at a USPS auction. The buyer then proceeded to put these on eBay. They are not stolen merchandise, however I have asked Groundspeak to deactivate the tracking code so they will be unusable. It is unfortunate that shipments get lost from time to time when shipping merchandise.
  6. The cost of the personalized side is included in the overall cost, provided the number of colors does not become to many. We'll work out trades here, I don't see this project getting out of control so it should be good here.
  7. I'm I missing something somewhere... I have seen changes over the past few months but have seen no new posting letting us know about the changes. Is this posted somewhere else now?
  8. Right now I think it will be around the end of January for payment with coins delivered 30 days later. Just to let everyone get past the Christmas bills and such.
  9. Mine arrived and look great. Not sure I'll have any left after the event. I have 150 people that plan to attend and almost all said they want a coin. I only ordered 125 coins. I don't normally do this but I have limited the number purchased by each person for the first part of the event so everyone that might want one could get one. If there are any left I'll let people buy more and if there are any left after that, I sell on cacheaddict.com.
  10. Nice design, Mike. When is the Thunderbolt version coming out? This is a chance for you to make a semi-custom coin, sign up and you can get 25, 50 or 100.
  11. I had this idea some time ago and have finally put the needed artwork together. This is a COIN and not a functioning USB drive. Although I am trying to get it sized to be actual USB size. The back will have standard geocaching.com logo and tracking info the front will be 100% custom, you also pick the color in the smaller area to match your artwork. You can use what artwork you want within reason (artwork approved by Groundspeak). The cost of the coins would be: 100 coins - $ 6.71 each 50 coins - $ 7.61 each 25 coins - $10.21 each *(Shipping internationally will be billed separately at full rate of actual shipping) Please send email to info@cacheaddict.com if you are interested. I do not have a timing for the project yet, right now I an seeing it we can put enough together to fund the project, we need at least 500 coins ordered in total. Thanks Mike
  12. For starters this is the Geocoin forum, so maybe the Battery forums or Batteries Plus GPS10003 Battery Choose a fresh battery to get the most from your Magellan personal navigation... Read more > Price: $19.99 Batteries+
  13. These are 2" coins as the artwork shows right?
  14. I know I can subscribe to other calendar feds via iCalendar/.ics or facebook, is there a way to do this on geocaching.com? Would be great to have an event feed for event in my state or a PQ that I could import to easily create events in my calendar. Thanks
  15. The current home page maybe but then again I would like to see the quick look-up used for everyone.
  16. Seeing as it is 5 minutes from the house I'll be there! On Friday I'll have some traders and misc coins for sale. On Saturday I'll have a bunch of stuff, half or it will be new and ready to move. No pictures because I haven't had time to do that. Can't wait to see everyone there.
  17. Log in first of course, then click on Your Profile -> Quick View scroll down a bit and on the right had side the is a button to map your home location. or in mine you just have to click on the button in the middle right. (kind of where you would like it if you could place it. )
  18. What is the purpose of the home page? For many sites (including geocaching.com), it serves as an introduction for people unfamiliar with what the site is all about. From there, you can navigate to more specific content, depending on what you're looking for. I'll have to respectfully disagree. United.com - I can look up flights and check in from the home page and that same page gives me more content if I log in Amazon.com - I can search from that site without having to navigate to another page Fandango.com - I can find a move by title, zip code all from the home page When I log in to my banks website I get content for my accounts without having to go to another page and on and on I could go where if you are logged into an account the home page looks different and provided additional features Plus what is the main purpose to for to Geocaching.com... I can think of two; log a cache or look up a cache close to a location. This is if you are logged in or not. And guess what...you can't do that from the home page. What if flyfrontier.com had a big splashy page about the air line but to book a flight or check in you had to go to another page, I bit you would think that was kind of stupid. Well that is kind of my point here.
  19. everyone else is posting the artwork, I might as well. No glitter, no glow just the same color scheme I have used for 4 years and a number of events.
  20. I have a degree in Computer Science but haven't programmed in years. This is some cut and paste in MS Paint, then in MSWord to add some elements. Tried to stay with the current configuration of the home page but add content that I would use and or wanted. Why question is why have a home page that most of your customers don't use or go to, no very useful them.
  21. I find myself clicking on Your Profile-> Quick View more then I do anything else from the home page after I log in. I am suggesting that once a user logs into geocaching.com that the home page look like image below (forgive me if this is rough). This provides some direct links to things that I and others I have talked to use most often and others that I thought would be good to have on the page. The scrolling finds bar at the bottom is replaced for more space that could be used for information more useful to experienced users. Suggestions and opinions are helpful and welcome!
  22. They will be back in stock if Cache Addict doesn't sell them all at Geocoinfest. In fact they have a GCF version the will be released at the event. Limited quantity! Interesting. I must have just had the exact reverse of perfect timing on that! Thanks for the heads up! GeoMinions, I pmed you. Thanks for the kind offer! Looks like they are in stock already! New version isn't because it is a GCF version. But let me tell you it might be the best looking version and only 25 were made.
  23. They will be back in stock if Cache Addict doesn't sell them all at Geocoinfest. In fact they have a GCF version the will be released at the event. Limited quantity!
  24. My vote is $12.00 I would say $12.12 but that is too many pennies to deal with.
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