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Zazth Maze Coin


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Ordered samples and will post in a new thread when we get them. :ph34r:


One coin, one thread, just click on report on your first post, and tell us what you want the new title to be. Both FSM and I will get the message, and one of us will change it for you, no problem. It's nice to keep the history of a coin from it's inception all in one thread, don't you think?

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Awesome - but neither of those metals are going to like being handled. (I could post horror story pics of these) Shiny nickel or antiqued gold/copper for preference for me.

The RE are already going to be antiqued copper and antiqued gold. Shiny Black Nickel is my fave and is going to be my TRADE ONLY coin. :ph34r:

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I have had this coin on my watch list from the very beginning, and was surprised to see it in my email when I came home from work tonight, because for a long time now, I have thought this coin wasn't going to be, but...... WOOOOOOW!!!!! :ph34r: I am glad I have kept this on my watch list!!


OMG!!! I would love to know what you are going to consider for a "special" trade for the BN!! I want to see if I can accommodate you! If not, I will still be getting myself one of the Antique Copper mazes!! This really turned out SOOO much nicer than I thought it would when the idea was first presented!!


Are you going to be accepting a waiting list to notify us when the sales begin? If so, I really want to be on it!

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I haven't gotten all the info I would like to have before opening the reserve list.The mint and I are still working on one or two more things. I'm hopeful monday will be the day everything gets straightened out. When open, you will be able to reserve as many RE as you like. Trade Edition can not be reserved. I will take trade offers after the coins come in. I want to thank all of you for the interest in my coin. I will keep you up to speed on how things are progessing.



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The mint has still not gotten me a solid price per coin. I will however start taking a reserve list this coming weekend. the regular editions are going to be AC and AB. I am hopeful to have these in hand just in time to catch everyone paying off the credit card debt in january. lol this coin has taken me almost 4 months to get this far and I thank you all for sticking with me while i pull out what's left of my hair trying to finish this project. on the up side I will be making 2 more coins in the series of mazes. no art work for those to be posted till I get this one out of the way. just thought you folks would like the info. Thanx again.





P. S. And for those who hate scrolling up, here's the pictures of the samples to view.



Black Nickel, Our Trade Only Edition.




Copper, one of our Regular Editions.

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This coin was a lot of fun to make but it cost more to mint it then most coins cost to buy. they said it's due to the extras I added to the coin. you know, the ball and plastic cover. oh and can't forget the screws. these thing are not made by the mint and they say it cost alot to have it made and shipped to them so I have to pay for it. then there is the assembly charge. I didn't know there were so many charges to consider. now that being said. this is the first coin I have ever made. the wife came up with the concept for the trick or treat coin but another "better than us" did the artwork. But no, I had to charge off a head first and make myself be there in all things doing with this one. I know you who have made coins remember the first time it was stressful. sorry went on a venting rant.


Ok who's ready for sticker shock?


$13.50 per coin. Regular Edition 2"X2" Maze coin.


you can reserve yours at zazth_coins@cox.net for those who still want them.


Haven't quite worked out shipping yet.

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