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  1. Really haven't ordered many coins lately so when a mailer showed up today we were a little surprised. Imagine our delight to open a mailer with the shiny alien coin inside! Not sure where it came from but we are very happy to get this lovely! IT is indeed a gorgeous coin. #175 has been contained!
  2. I am needing to find a couple of the monopoly coins. i have a series of caches coming out and need ftf and stf prizes. anyone willing to part with one plz contact me. Thanks, Mike
  3. Happy Easter to you all. Hope the bunny or witch or geofrog brought you things you liked. for those out there still waiting, i hope they arrive soon. please post when the package arrives. Thank you all for joining and making this mission fun for me and your fellow coin addicts. Again, Happy Easter... Mike zazth
  4. I definately dip. If I can't get a traveler into a cache to accomodate it then I will dip it for the miles. Took a bag full with me on deployment in the Med. and dipped them in a few countries before leaving them in caches.
  5. I've been on both ends. A local cacher, that I knew, lost a brand new traveler of mine and then later found it. Placed in remote caches? How about placed in a cache only accessible by canoe? Or by solving an extremely difficult puzzle? Only three or four people had found that one when my coin went into it. Not even in a cache but put on the ground next to it? Yep! Rather than finding a cache big enough for him (an ammo can would have worked), the cacher placed him on the ground NEXT TO THE CACHE! Sometimes things happen in life that prevent a cacher from placing your traveler. Such is the case for one of mine right now. I am sure it will get placed when the cacher is better. No biggee. My traveler is safe until then. I send e-mails when a traveler has been in someone's hands for over a month, or two, or three... Most reply, some don't. I have been guilty of holding some for too long, admitedly. One was damaged and we held on to it to try and repair it. (We found it with one arm removed yet with the traveler.) We repaired him and then held onto him a bit longer looking for the right cache to leave him in. We finally found a cache that matched the theme of the traveler and left him there. The location was a bit remote. The traveler was till moved along and continued to travel. I picked up a TB with a specific mission once that I was able to fulfill a good deal of. I posted pics and also took the TB to multiple locations on its goal list. The owner complained that I had it to long so I dropped it despite being able to take it further along toward its' goal. Picked up another at GeoWoodstock last year. I took it back to VA, logged it there. August we moved to Texas and the little guy tagged along. I logged him in Biloxi MS along his goal path and again in Texas. Still need to add some pics for him. His owner never complained and I had him for around seven months!!!! I cringe at that. He was kept safe and sound, made many miles, and saw four different locations that fit its' goal. He has since been moved. I have also gone so far as to have a TB removed from a cache and mailed to me so that we could send it out for more traveling. I placed the traveler in a new cache (mine in my mom's yard) and it did not get moved along. The owner began to worry that it had gone missing. I had my mom mail it to me and it is back out in the world after being place in my cache at home. I have received one nasty e-mail from a cacher regarding their TB. The first e-mail was okay and I responded. Sea duty just isn't kind to caching. We simply were not getting to any place to do any caching. I let the owner know that I would place his traveler as soon as I could get it into a suitable cache. The second e-mail just plain ticked me off. I don't remember why but it did. I placed the traveler and sent a not so nice e-mail back. Simply put, it really isn't a good idea to tick off the person holding your traveler. I placed his traveler in a nice cache, I didn't have to. I could very easily have left it NEXT TO THE CACHE, or in a cache filled with water, or one highly likely to be muggled, or so remote that it would be destined to do as some of mine have done and sit for a L - O - N - G time. I didn't. Life is too short to worry excessively about a piece of metal/plastic. It'll travel or it won't.
  6. Hi all, hope you are all having fun putting the mission together. I know I am. If there is any questions please don't hesitate to ask. ttfn.
  7. It's my hope that someone on every mission list is very happy. lol
  8. I have sent out all missions at this point in time. if anyone hasn't gotten one, Please email me. Have fun with this one and enjoy the season. Mike
  9. there is only 4 pet missions this year, so those 4 pet will be sending to each other. thanx, Mike
  10. Wow! Leave for a bit and just look what happens! We have been out of the geocoin world for almost a year now. My ship's schedule kept me from buying too many coins in the beginning of 2009 (lousy internet connection). With our cross country move fast approaching at that time too, we toned down our geocoin spending. Not so much for cost or lack of interest but lack of time online. By August we were not here at all. We cached across the US, moving travelers from state to state and lugging approximately 150 pounds of coins with us. We just couldn't trust strangers to move them. WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THEM!!!!!! Two months of Mike and Thorne in a hotel in Texas. Me, in MS in school for almost three months, and no fixed address, we just didn't buy any coins. Or trade any either. Then we bought a house and our focus definately was not on the coins. They are still in the same bag I packed them in before leaving Virginia back in August of 09. We still love our coins, we just aren't that into them. There, I said it! The ugly truth. I'm just not that in to you, geocoin. LOL Or as Mike says nothing has jumped off the web page at him. I do not recall when I looked at a vendor's site last. But you need not look for my coins on ebay cause it just ain't happening! My interest in caching has definately not waned. I go every weekend I get a chance.
  11. My apologies to those who have not received an e-mail yet. Life has been pretty hectic for us here. Due to lack of participation and lack of interest, we are cutting the deadline for sign ups short. Missions will be going out March 1st for those still listed.
  12. Okay I have everyone signed up that posted here. Including Karin : ) If you haven't received an e-mail yet you should be getting one today. KArin I am adding you now and I am probably going to be sending kids mission names first.
  13. We will be pairing people up long before the deadline in March.
  14. Last day for sign ups will be March 14th
  15. Penny and Kona not a problem at all!
  16. As a reminder, this is a Goody mission, not a card and coin mission. Caching related, Easter goodies an assortment of items is preferred by most.
  17. Getting a jump start on the Easter Mission this year and starting sign ups now. Following apply: 1)Must be willing to send a minimum of TWO TRACKABLE geocoins (trackable at geocaching.com) 2)Must post progress in this thread just to make things easier on us and of course, so others can share in the excitement! : ) 3) Please specify if you are not willing to send outside of your country. 4) Please send the pertinent information to zazth@stx.rr.com Geocaching name Name Valid mailing address Country preference Number of missions IF there is enough interest we will do children and pet missions this year too. These are dependent upon interest so no guarantees. Please try to go the extra mile and make this a memorable and joyful mission for your receipent.
  18. It happens, missions get lost. Or never sent. Or are the bare minimum. I never thought I would start or contribute to a ban list but I am now.
  19. I am sorry for the recepients who did not receive their missions. It looks like next year's mission will not be so open. I can only say I am greatly disappointed in the lack of care that was demonstrated by some participants. When taking on a mission it is your responsibility to make sure it gets put in the mail in a timely fashion, sent to the correct address, is mailed properly and in the proper packaging. Overall this year's mission went well. I only hope that everyone gets their mission's next year.
  20. Mike was handed one of these beauties at the Geocoin Madness Event. We were thrilled to get one and it will never leave our possession. Thank you GreenMan!
  21. Mike grabbed one of these at Geowoodstock during the auction. An awesome addition to the collection!
  22. Caught a flash of green at the Meet and Greet and sure enough, found the pot of gold! Thank you Geo Leprechaun! You are awesome!
  23. Your package has now been mailed give it a week or so, it has a long way to go.
  24. All three senders have been e-mailed that their packages are MIA. Two so far have e-mailed me back. I just e-mailed the third one this morning. Hopefully he will respond.
  25. At present I have no confirmation either way from three differnt people and three confirmed non-arrivals. Still looking to contact people. If you have not posted that you received and you have, please do so.
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