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Geocaching Transportation


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My Geocaching-mobile is a 1995, 2-Door Camry. Seen here with a knocked over concrete setting with a benchmark disk on top.

Very cool pic, especially of the benchmark and the Witness Post. :laughing:


My favorite Geocaching (Ground) Transportation is a high speed train, whenever I get the chance. A quick Google Image search for "Nozomi 500" will yield some cool images. :laughing:

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What kind of boots are those? They look good


Looks like this....... http://www.vasque.com/products/m-zephyr.cfm


Criminal, how do you like those?? Do you wear them all the time or only when out hiking/caching?? I'd like to find a good hiking boot that would be comfortable for "all the time" wear too.

I got them on sale at REI and I absolutely love them. I only wear them hiking, prolly too stiff for everyday wear.

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No pics at the moment, but I'm using an '02 Toyota Tacoma TRD edition. This is actually my first 4WD and I'm super impressed with everything it can do. It has a locking rear diff which comes in handy with the sandy soil you can run into around here. And the dogs enjoy the shell on the bed! Its pretty much stock for now, but I did just add a light bar with two 9" 100w rally lights and two 6" 130w daylighters. Since it gets dark by the time I get off work, I figured I'd make my own geocaching light!


Jeepstr, I'm pretty sure I'm in your neighborhood, drop me an email sometime and we can head out for some caches together!

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I may have to go take a peek at the local Red Wing store, since they carry the Vasque brand. The last pair of good hiking boots I had were bought just before I got pregnant with my daughter (she'll be 9 in April). My feet were never the same after that and I just havnt found another pair that I really liked.


Me too. Till I found Hi-tecs. Have you tried them?


BTW, our ride is 2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4 wheel but I'd rather have one of those horses...

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The mode of transportation depends...


I used this for my last cache...



and I've wanted to have this since I found it while caching...



We used this at a CITO which brought out the wild side of our approver and his bride...



I wouldn't be caught dead in this ride...



and used this ride for my personal Geocoin...


That suburban is SWEET, and the person in that jeep looks a little dirty <_< .

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