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  1. Thanks for this tip...I was going crazy. Works like a champ! Is there a way to associate the geocaching icons with the GPX file that I push into my Nuvi 660 via Garmin's POI loader? I can do this with my GPSmap 60 CSx. Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
  2. Our team spotted a wild peacock strolling across the highway today.
  3. Just moved to a new area so 10-15 per hunt is the norm. Ask me in 6 months, and I will probably tell you 4-6.
  4. Especially great for the winter.....what little winter we've had.
  5. Removal Tool for those micros where the log is jammed in there pretty tight. Edited for typo.
  6. Ya. I used to get email updates, but that stopped about six months ago. I usually see a thread on this forum that suggests there's a new version available. Hopefully someone from Garmin reads our forum.
  7. Our team traditionally posts images with most cache finds. Once we inadvertently posted a blatant spoiler on a virtual. It was about two months later that I received an email suggesting that the cache hider had deleted my log. It included links so I could see what in the world happened. I was so embarrassed when I realized what I had done.
  8. I would check to see if you both have the same firmware. Go ~ (menu->setup->system->Menu->Software Version), to check what you're running. You should/could see Software Version 3.00 and GPS SW Version 2.90. If not, keep reading. As Garmin continues to improve its firmware, they are really good about offering updates. Use the Web Updater - http://www.garmin.com/products/webupdater/. This will load an app that will keep you current with any updates. Hope this helps.
  9. All worked just fine using the Garmin Web Updater. Had to re-boot the GPSr to correct the time.
  10. If they would get their offense in gear this one might be in the lead.
  11. There is a new app out that is really cool. Easy to load, and worked without digging into a bunch of help files. Very intuitive. Go here - http://www.cyancanyon.com/software/smache/. Best thing.....for now it's free.
  12. Does anyone know if this is something that Garmin intends on offering in the form of an update? Is that even possible? Sure would be nice. Let me rephrase the question...how about an update that allows the power to draw from either your USB cable or a DC cord when plugged into your GPSr, and using the battery’s power only when it’s unplugged?
  13. Does anyone know if this is something that Garmin intends on offering in the form of an update? Is that even possible? Sure would be nice.
  14. goto the trip computer page and hit menu, and choose reset..... one of the options that gives is to delete all waypoints. Great help ...thanks!!
  15. Bingo Bango Bongo!! Thanks for making this one easy
  16. ooo! a green hat with a yellow antenna like the one on the stuffed signal would be fun. I would go for a green hat with on it, but I am not ready to commit to wearing an antenna just yet... Bump
  17. Loaded clean the first time.....works great! Thanks for the app. Will you add an update link in the future? It would be great to keep this app up to date right from the prog itself.
  18. I never understood why an event was ever allowed to be counted as a find in the first place. Heck you didn't find anything except maybe new geocaching friends. That shouldn't count anyway. If you need a smiley in order to host or attend an event, don't bother. You were going for the wrong reasons anyway.
  19. Commendable. How sad is that? These typically would be the cachers that look you in the eye and say "It's not about the numbers." This is a refreshing comment, one that more cachers should consider. I'm glad you took the time to write this post being a WI geocacher. As I have read through this debated string of posts over the last couple days, I feel WI Geocaching is slowly developing a "black eye" so to speak, for some of their events, as are a few of their local cachers. Funny thing is that numbers really don't matter in the overall scheme of things and even if they did, these individuals would have a big asterisks next to their profile anyway. I do however think that GC should develop simple code that would prevent anyone from logging more than one find per cache. For those people that want to see a bigger numbers next to their name so they can feel better, download this little app - http://www.rb59.com/geoc/index.html, and track all your duplicaches.
  20. I sure wish I could find that orange cap as well. Exactly what I'm talking about.
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