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  1. Intermittent connections. Looks like the Lackeys are having a heck of a time this morning. Update from a Lackey would be nice. OOPs: Lackey update was given at the same time I typed this message...............
  2. Looks like the site is back up, but very slow.
  3. Same here. I can't get to geocaching.com without the dreaded Runtime Error. I guess Geocaching site is down, and we don't even get to see Signal the Frog.
  4. No posts from any Lackey's since post #24, now we are at 80+. Hopefully they are taking all the negative posts to heart, and do something to fix this problem. Why would you take something that was functional and put something that doesn't quite work properly in its place? I do like some of the aspects of the new search engine, but it definitely needs some attention.
  5. Don't enter a location in the search bar on the Search page. Then click "Change Filters," deselect everything but Events, Add your state (or multiple states) to "Search Only In..." and "Click Update Search." You can bookmark the resulting URL for easy future reference. I did this very search and it came up with 2 events that said it was within 24 miles. I clicked on the event and it was actually 110 miles away in northern Indiana. Correction I did have Indiana in the first search bar. After taking that off and searching as stated above it did give me all the events in Indiana. It still seams to be a lot of steps that I did not have to do before to get the same information.
  6. OH Man does this ever need to be rolled back. The search is useless. I used to be able to open up a state (Kentucky or Indiana) and see all the new caches and events that are coming up. Now all I can search for is within 30 miles, and even then if you don't know the zip code or city of the area you are going then this option is useless. If nothing else, have the list come up for recently released caches and events by the state that you entered. Also if you search for a state (Kentucky, Indiana), it just gives you a random search result.
  7. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=62bab2b7-9558-4129-a84a-b0b24baaa1a3 GC55E Falls of the Ohio Placed 3/25/2001 One of the Oldest active caches in Indiana. Just across the river from Louisville, KY Short walk down a trail at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. $2 parking fee. Worth it if you look around the area, this is an exposed Devonian fossil bed area in the middle of the Ohio River. The fossil bed may be under water during high river conditions. They also have a history museum building (not sure of cost to enter for out of state visitors). Additional information can be found at this DNR website: http://www.in.gov/dnr/parklake/2984.htm
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    Considering it's size, I'm curious if the DNR will allow any caches in this park. Received approved Geocaching Permit per Property Manager. Good until 12/31/2013. Geocache GC55E Falls of the Ohio
  9. kayak-cowboy


    Permit application sent for GC55E Falls of the Ohio cache.
  10. kayak-cowboy


    I am the owner of one of the Oldest Caches in Indiana. It is located on the Falls Of The Ohio State Park. I will be going through the permit process and hopefully be able to keep it in its current location. If not I will be moving the cache elsewhere. As for my other caches on DNR property, it really doesn't matter one way or the other if they are archived. I will just resubmit in a new area following the policy rules. New hides that conform to the IN-DNR policy is not that bad of a deal. Just more new caches to get out and find. Caching is not going away on the DNR properties as long as you follow their rules and permit regulations. Kayak-Cowboy
  11. I just tried again with the same results. 500 Server Error. Using Firefox 14.0.1 and Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1. What I did was a New PQ, Check Tuesday, Run once then delete, 500 caches, Selected cache type Traditional and Event, Any container, Haven't found; don't own; is enabled, checked dif and ter greater than or equal to 1, Selected state Kentucky, Postal code 40202, within 100 miles. Sending to my primary e-mail address for Geocaching. Hit submit and it keeps giving me the 500 Server Error.
  12. It has now been over 2 hours since I first tried to get a PQ. I tried again with a different computer and a different web browser (Internet Explorer) and still getting the same response. 500 Server Error. This has to be a Geocaching web site problem, since I did use different computers. Is there anyone else having problems? It would be nice to here something from Groundspeak about this situation. Thanks, Kayak-Cowboy
  13. I just tried to run a PQ and got a "500 Server Error". This is a copy of the message on the screen. 500 - Server Error We're sorry, your request has resulted in an error. If you feel that the page you are looking for should be available, please let us know. Otherwise, you may continue to use the site through its navigation, or browse the links below: Visit the Geocaching Home Page Create a New Membership Log In with Your Groundspeak Account Search for geocaches I use the latest version of Firefox running on Windows 7 operating system.
  14. I copied this from the GeomateJR website: Dear Geomate.jr Community What can we say - this good thing has come to an end. We are no longer able to offer the Geomate.jr for sale or continue the Update Zone service. We do hope you've had as much fun geocaching as we've had working with everyone. To help keep the adventures happening however, we have made some software available here that will allow anyone with an Update Kit and a PC to load a Pocket Query from Geocaching.com to a Geomate.jr. Regrettably, The Geomate.jr Team So obviously they have thought ahead and developed a download software program to use with a PQ from Geocaching. Go to their website to download the program.
  15. I do not have this issue. Firefox 9.0.1 with Windows xp. The only time I have to log back on to Geocaching.com is when I "clear my browser history".
  16. Generally the cache review process could take up to 3 days. But you also have to understand that the reviewers are volunteers. They do have a life outside of Geocaching. Family, Work, Illness, all of these things and more could possibly keep a reviewer from getting to your cache for a while. Patience, your cache will be published if it meets the Geocaching placement guidelines. Good luck.
  17. If the trail doesn't need to be in Indiana, there is a power trail in Kentucky. Check out GC34AX8 Hwy 127 power trail. Currently has 232 caches and growing.
  18. If a person places a cache without going through the permit process and then runs into a property manager who is against geocaching then section 6-2 can come into play and if the land manager wants to push the issue then the cache placer may face some financial penalties. So it may not simply be a matter of walking back out and picking up your container if your permit is denied. The property manager may decide that you have damaged the area and you would now be responsible for the costs they determine for the repairs. I am not missing your point. I did misspeak in post #10. That will teach me to Preview the post to proofread before posting. I have asked for a moderator to correct that statement. So anyone looking at this thread please disregard post #10. Thanks. There is NO DNR property going to give you an "Open Ended" license. This is why you see the DNR representative FIRST. It is completely up the the individual property on whether or not they want Geocaches on the property. If they want a Geocache on their property, ask where would be an appropriate place to hide the cache. The DNR representative Might want photos of the cache in place, and the area around the hide. This is completely up to the individual property. After you place the hide you will need to return to the office to finish filling out the form with Coord's, and any other information that the DNR representative is wanting. If you look at the license itself....... https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=9966 (This is a Download copy) you will clearly see what information is needed. It asks for coordinates, description of cache, description of area around the cache, is there a Geocaching label on the cache...etc.... Section 5 talks about the discretion of the DNR representative. This is why the Naturalist I was working with wanted me to Place the hide, Take pictures of the cache "In Place" and pictures of the surrounding area. Again different properties will interpret the rules differently. Just like the rules Geocaching has is open to different interpretations.
  19. Could a Moderator correct my statement in post #10? Right after my statement of "It is not a big deal to do." could you add "Talk to the DNR property manager or authorized person FIRST for a Geocache Permit. Find out from them where would be a good location." Thanks. Next time I will proofread my post before submitting.
  20. Ok, then your naturalist is not following the correct procedure. Directly from the IB-46: I am glad that the property manager is willing to work with you and other cachers for getting caches on their property. Locally the situation is quite different. Had I approached the local property manager after placing a cache on the property I am quite certain they would have demanded I remove it. With IDNR having contacted Groundspeak the rules for the local reviewers have been modified to require a copy of the permit prior to publication. So more people are going to run into this issue. So I think it is best to suggest that people follow the procedure as outlined in IB-46 which is to get a permit before placing the cache. At least until you know exactly how the property manager you need to deal with wants to handle the situation. If you read further down in the rules: Section 5 License Standard: gives the property manager or naturalist discretion to issue, condition, or deny an application. The "condition" this Naturalist wanted can be found in Section 5, Sub section 4: is where they want the photo and description of the area along with the coordinates. None of this is done BEFORE talking to the appropriate person. This is the way this particular Naturalist wanted the info needed. They were following the rules as they interpret them. Different property managers or naturalist may interpret them differently but it all works out to the same outcome. You need the Approved permit before Geocaching.com will publish the cache to the web. This Naturalist told me where to go in the park to place the hide, gather the needed photo's, coordinates, etc......then come back to finish filling out the form with that needed information. None of this is outside of what the rules tell them they can do. Here is a link to the Geocache Placement Permit. It is a download pdf format. https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=9966 I'm sorry if your DNR property manager/naturalist is NOT Geocaching friendly, but not all the parks are that way. Some see the benefits of people who come to their parks and pay the entrance fee just to find a Geocache hide. Others will NOT approve any type of cache at all. Some of the parks actually hold Geocaching Events. Check out these upcoming events put on by the IN-DNR: GC34Z8J, GC38DVA, GC382EP.
  21. I don't see an issue with the cache. I looked at the cache page, and using Google Earth looked around the area. There is a Church across the street. Is this Church also a School? If not then I don't see the issue. There is caches placed on physical fitness equipment in the U.S. Best bet would be to e-mail the reviewer to find out what the exact problem is. Of course be polite when you e-mail them. Maybe they can give you suggestions on how to fix the issue.
  22. Actually that is incorrect. You are supposed to have the permit before placing the cache. Then take the photograph of the cache in position and have the image added to the permit kept on file with the property manager if the property manager wants a photograph. Via a receptionist/secretary I was informed that the property manager would not allow a cache placement on the 2100+ acre DNR property near by. The property manager would allow me to place a virtual cache though. No reasons were given for the denial other then they didn't think it would be a good idea. So before speaking with the property manager directly I am now gathering information for what is needed for the informal review process of the denial by the area director as noted in IB46-3-c. It may not be a 'big deal' to do in some areas, but locally they are making it a huge process. No one in the office answering phones knew of geocaching, what the IB-46 was, or where to get or send the official permit form. There have been caches in the area in question since at least 2003 and since they seem to have no idea what geocaches are it would seem logical to conclude that geocaches have not been causing problems. I have gone through the permit process, and this is the way I was told to do it by the Naturalist at that property: Place the cache, Take pictures, Gather the coordinates, come back to fill out the form for their approval. I guess the big draw back would be if they do not approve the hide, you have to go pick the Cache up. Then again, if you don't leave the cache in place and they do approve the hide, you have to go put the cache back in place. Either way you do this, the cache will not be listed on Geocaching.com until the Permit is approved. This particular property (Spring Mill) wanted a picture of the cache in place and a picture of the surrounding area before they would approve the hide. The best bet would be to talk to the Naturalist or Property manager to find out what information they need. If they are Pro-Geocaching they may even give you an idea of where on their property to go and place the hide.
  23. Here is a link to the Geocaching Policy on Indiana DNR Properties......(PDF format) http://www.in.gov/nrc/files/IB46_1st_Amendment.pdf
  24. Indiana DNR has had a Permit rule in effect since late 2005 or early 2006. It was just for the DNR State Parks until recently, they are now enforcing the Permit process for ALL DNR properties in Indiana. I have some caches in State Parks with a Permit. It is not a big deal to do. Place the cache, take a picture along with the Coord's to the DNR property manager (Naturalist at some locations), fill out a Permit (FREE). If it meets their requirements, then it is usually approved. Indiana requires the Permit to be updated yearly.....and you need to check on the cache regularly. I don't remember the time frame for checking on the hide. What you are looking for is a Geo-trail, If the cache is causing a trail then more than likely it needs to be moved or completely removed. Good luck, go to the property manager and do the paper work. When it is approved I will be out that way to find it fairly soon. Just 35 miles away....
  25. I have two Geocaching accounts going to the same e-mail address, so I don't know why you think that there needs to be a separate e-mail.
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