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  1. Ok, so I tried the maps at work where our connection is sometimes questionable, and they were super slow. I figured I'd give them another shot when I got home to a much faster connection, the maps are laughable at best. I used the satellite maps heavily and the closest thing we have now are the mapquest aerial maps which feature horrible resolution and painfully slow reloading. Shame on you Groundspeak for thinking that this substitution would be acceptable. You have been selling memberships based on current features which included google maps, if you don't want to pony up the money to keep that feature then you need to find a suitable substitute. The current maps are FAR from suitable. It literally looks like a website from 2006. I can't imagine what a prospective geocacher would thing the first time they logged on and tried to find caches with the current maps. I'm sure they'd get frustrated and move onto another website. This honestly just makes me sad.
  2. Sorry GS, but the new maps suck. There are some good updates here, but the huge downgrade in map quality completely overshadows them. It feels like we just stepped back 5 years in technology. This is a map and technology driven hobby, so while we understand that google changed the game a bit with their pricing, what you provided us with is horrible and unacceptable. Everyone keeps saying they would pay more money for the ability to use the google api, what about the money we are already paying????? I feel like my reasons for paying my premium membership dwindle every year. Taking away satellite imagery from our maps pretty much just dealt a death blow to me re-upping when my year runs out. Sorry, but if the map situation doesn't improve, I won't be paying again this year.
  3. +1 I think this is an excellent analogy. But I'd like to add that while geocaching is a location based activity, it is also a very technology driven activity. These guys/gals incorporated a piece of technology into our activity that I think most would agree enhances it. Whether you agree the virtual events should be an event as currently described, you have to admit the virtual attendance is a cool thing. They aren't any less location based than some of the new challenges that are pretty open in terms of where the required action takes place. Maybe GS will see the positive response people are having to these events and create a new event category for people tuning in via live stream. Maybe it could fall into the challenge category.
  4. Regardless of how I might feel about the rest of this, I have to call you on that common, yet spurious argument. Games have rules. That is what makes them games. We can't all be playing the same game if we are each playing by our own rules. This isn't anarchy. This isn't a game though. It's more of a pasttime/hobby. That's why I find it so fascinating that people attempt to compete at it. I was responding to somebody that considers it to be a game. Yes, I prefer to call it an activity. But that's just me. I'm going to be groundbreaking and do something that may have never been done here on the forums before, I'm going to agree with you. I probably shouldn't have used the term "play the game". Maybe "participate" or "enjoy the hobby" would have been a better way to phrase that. Game usually infers that there's a score being kept, and there's a winner and a loser at the end of the day. I don't think anyone wants it to come to that. And I'm sure that's the same reason GS has called them guidelines instead of rules. Problem is you can't show me a guideline that says you can't live stream an event and allow people to log it. I also agree with you that events shouldn't be the same as a physical cache, and this discussion goes pretty far as an argument of why they shouldn't be. As far as people who logged virtually getting their knickers in a twist, I would say that has a lot less to do with the discussion itself than it does the way the opposing side started to bash us. This wasn't simply a discussion of if/why virtual events should be allowed, it pretty much started off from the beginning as people portraying us as lying smiley whores. Probably not the best way to start a conversation. And as to the term "cheater", if I cheated that means there was a competition where I gained an advantage by virtually logging an event. I was unaware of said competition, but apparently I won, whether I cheated or not. I'll expect my prize to be mailed to me.
  5. DanOCan, I'm going reply to your post not as a direct reply to you, but because it sums up one side of the argument. I think people need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and focus on how they play the game. I think your "lame but harmless" term sums it up pretty good. You believe it to be lame, that's your opinion, one that you're rightly entitled to. I believe finding 900 micros in a row on the side of the road is lame, but if that does it for you, have at it. Point is, just like you said, is its harmless. How is it affecting anyone else negatively? I'll admit I've logged one of these events, but I participated in the chat while viewing and also voted on the caches in the "best cache competition" virtually through the chat as well. I feel I was a vital part of the social event. How is my log less valid than somebody who may have showed up to the event, signed the log, then left without participating in any other part of the social aspect. Did I do it because I'm desperate for a smiley? Absolutely not. You could take away all my finds tomorrow and I couldn't care less. I know what caches I've found, where I've been, and what experiences I've had. I don't need a website and a little icon to tell me that. I did log it because I believe my log is part of the social aspect of the event. The funny thing is that the people that are screaming the loudest about this, are most likely the ones who are the most desperate for the smiley and the number. They feel like that little total next to the icon on their profile somehow validates them. They're threatened that people finding caches or events in a way that they don't understand somehow invalidates their finds or the way way they play the game. Great ideas are almost always initially met with opposition, and I think this is an example of that. Does it fit into the little box we currently call "geocaching events"? Maybe not, but its a great idea nonetheless. Its an awesome way for caches around the world to come together and share ideas and socialize, and whether you like it or not, it's the way things are going in our society. My company has drastically cut back on personnel traveling for meetings, instead we video conference with customers all over the world. Does it mean we didn't have a "meeting", or convey the same information we would have in person? Virtual events may be the same thing, maybe they need their own category similar to challenges. They don't count towards your total, but are still part of the geocaching experience. Oh and DanoCan, I like your avatar sig, something along the lines of "It's not about the numbers, its about the experience". You're absolutely right. I had an experience with my fellow cachers, this time it just happened to be via a computer and a webcam. But I still had the experience. I logged it as part of my experience, if it added a plus 1 to my number I don't really care. Neither should you.
  6. Says who? The API based apps are not available for general consumption yet. There is nothing that says Apple/Groundspeak will limit API access (once released to third party developers) to the Groundspeak app on iOS. Please do not spread FUD about an unreleased feature sets. Currently the only API based app on Android is the official Geocaching app. C:geo is NOT an API based app yet - you can use that as a standalone app or use the screen scraper mode which looks and feels like API but sure isn't (yet). iOS users have a choice of several geocaching apps - there's the official app, or many people like to use Geosphere with Pocket Queries. I tend to use the official app because, like many things on the iOS platform .... It Just Works I'll second northernpenguin on this. The API is coming and there is no basis to speculate about its implementation until we have the details. I prefer the official Geocaching app, but there are several geocaching apps for the iPhone and Geosphere is as good as anything available for the Droid. If not better. I certainly dont want to hijack this person's thread and turn it into a "this app is better than that app" thread, but I guess he did ask which phone to get and for which app to use. I'm not sure what the acronym FUD stands for but I can take a pretty good gues And please tell me how I'm spreading it? I said there only app that can use the API is the geocaching app. If you can disprove that I'd love for you to show me. Sure, Groundspeak said they are working on it, they also said it would be out by the end of January. Its now the end of February. And if they're track record is any indication, it'll come out way late (if it comes out at all) and will be a huge underwhelming trainwreck just like their apps are. If you need any proof of that, browse the feedback forums for the iphone app. It seems groundspeaks new favorite trick is to reply to the problem threads as "planned" or "started", then never touch them again. I think saying the gc app "just works" is more disinformation than anything I have stated. My app flat just doesn't work. Just yesterday I had it lock up 3 times, black screen on the map page, when the map does work it shows me still at my house (when every other map app I have shows me in the right location), continues to show "connection issues" when trying to search for caches, etc. I'm tired of waiting for them to fix it. That being said, Geosphere is an amamazing app, if Groundspeak allows it access to the API, and I can search for nearby caches and fieldnote/tweet my finds i'll delete the gc app from my phone, simple as that. Geosphere is light years ahead of anything Groundspeak has done, and I think they're starting to realize that. The c:geo app may not have API access, but like you said, it looks a feels like it, and as far as the end user is concerned thats all that matters. My friend started in geocaching with his Evo (i've since convinced him to also get a true gps) but the geocaching app was so bad he was at the point of frustration he almost quit. I then told him to get the c:geo app and he loved it, it kept him in the game when the gc app couldn't.
  7. I have an iphone 4 and love it, but honestly if your main concern is using it to go geocaching, get a droid based phone. The reason I say that is you can run C:geo on it. Iphone users that want to use an app that accesses the API are limited to the geocaching app which is a complete turd. Ive cached several times with a good friend that is using c:geo on a HTC Evo and have to say I was pretty jealous.
  8. Great Basin Eastern Sierra Geocachers holds a geocaching rally each year in Northern Nevada: http://coord.info/GC26WZG Although its considered more of a navigational rally that a "race" style rally. Any time you have an event where speed is required or encouraged, your insurance and liability for the event skyrockets, so keep that in mind if you're thinking of putting something together. Even if you are putting together something informal you never know what may happen when people get competitive and start going faster than they should. I've grown up around racing and worked in the professional racing industry for a few years, so I've seen what happens when things go wrong. We have both a on road and off road division to our rallies, offering people a choice if they dont have an off road capable vehicle. Competitors are given a list of waypoints/caches and must find them in a alotted time, with time penalties for going too slow and too fast, but the penalties for going to fast are much greater than going too slow, so it encourages safer driving. There are also challenges that each team must complete along the way that add/subtract to their overall score. We've been doing this for a few years and its a great time! We end up with about 15 teams in each division. We usually kick off with a night cache on friday night, the competition on saturday, and an awards banquet on saturday evening.
  9. I know Groundspeak recently announced that they are in the works to create an API that would allow the apps of "trusted partners" to access the site's data. That was the last we have heard about it. I own all the major geocaching apps, yet on their support forums none of them seem to have been in contact with Groundspeak about being "trusted". Which makes me think, if they're not getting access then who is? I'm hoping that the reason they haven't been added to the list is that step in the process just hasn't been reached yet. Is there any way anyone from Groundspeak can shed some (more) light on the subject? I'm sure knowing which apps will be allowed access to the API could definitely become a determining factor for many members app purchases in the coming weeks.
  10. GSAK is the best way to go for uploading caches, there are a couple great macros that do lots of neat stuff with the files for export on the oregons/dakotas. Problem is there is no Mac version so you'll have to run in bootcamp or parallels. Like others have stated, get the Zagg. Mine was very easy to put on, just read the instructions. Its nice that the unit is waterproof because then you can really douse the unit with the spray, apply the shield, then squeegee the liquid out. I put mine on within a week of buying it and its saved my screen on several occasions already. I use a neck lanyard I picked up in a cache, then just use the caribeaner on the unit and clip it onto the lanyard. Personally I dont really like it around my neck too much though, so it seems I usually keep it in my hand, then just clip it on my belt loop or backpack strap when I need to use both my hands.
  11. We have a giant Raiders shield put out by Team Leaky Spoon, its just North of Reno, NV. Here's one cache in the series: GC2CD4W
  12. I dont think I'd drop the $70 just for the chirp support (especially since I already have an Oregon). When I would definitely spend the money is when they used the ANT+ to allow me to communicate between my Oregon and my iphone. I personally think that would be a huge selling point, if you could basically trick the iphone into thinking its an Oregon and be able to send waypoints and geocaches via gpx files, that would be an amazing tool. Imagine being out somewhere and a new cache pops up, you have both your iphone and Oregon/Dakota on hand, and either dont want to waste the iphone battery power, or don't quite trust its accuracy. Just pop on the module and send the cache right over to the Oregon. Even great would be to have the ability to run a PQ through the iphone then transmit it to the Oregon on the fly. It probably wouldn't be the most efficient way to do so, but would be a great tool for travelers or in the field. No need to carry a laptop or be tied to a computer.
  13. Is the dongle required for all Iphone/ipod units? I know that the new ipod touch and Iphone 4 have ANT wireless, but is ANT+ a whole different deal?
  14. Twitter has been down for months. They'll do a fix and it'll work sporadically for a day or two, then shut off. They are failing both through the official apps and textmarking. Some will make it through randomly, but thats maybe 1 out of 20 uploaded field notes.
  15. Any idea on when we'll get twitter integration with fieldnotes back? It's been down for over 2 months. I came back briefly last night after the update, but is broken again. This is a feature many of us would like to have back.
  16. I was placing a remote high terrain rating cache and was carrying in a 50 cal ammo can. I was carrying the ammo can by the handle and side hilling on a pretty steep hill with loose footing. The ammo can was in my uphill hand when I stepped on a loose rock that rolled out from under me, I went down on my uphill side and tried to use the ammo can to brace me as I fell, didn't work. The ammo can rolled out as well, turned my wrist pretty good and when my hand finally planted it was on some pretty sharp rocks. Got a pretty gnarly gash at the base of my thumb. Used some precious water to rinse out the cut and soldiered on. Got to GZ ok, and planted an ammo can with a little blood on it. Moral of the story, try to put a cache your placing in a backpack, never know when you'll need all your limbs to stop you from rolling down a hill
  17. So if this unit broadcast using the ANT transmitter, wouldn't it be possible to create software on other devices to receive the info? I know the iphone uses the ANT protocol to communicate with the Nike+ unit for running, so in theory at least its possible. I think the bigger the audience for this device the better the response.
  18. I had an awesome day for our 10-10-10 event. Elway7 here in Reno hosted an event at a local park and I have been creeping up on my 1000 mark for a while, so I planned it out to make the event #1000 for me. What was even cooler for me was that I took my 3 week old newborn son with me, created his own account and he logged his first cache as I hit my 1000 mark!
  19. I'd like to see if there was a list also. I'm not really about the numbers, but the souvenir concept is kind of cool, and if I was in an area where I knew I could get one by going just a little further I'd definitely do it.
  20. We have a couple here in our area up in Lake Tahoe that are all rated at 5/5. These caches are at about 10-15ft depth and you have to dive down to get them, and they require a boat/kayak to get to. Like others have said if you can retrieve your cache by pulling a buoy up I'd say its lower than 5 difficulty.
  21. If you go to Zagg's website they have a weekly ipad giveaway. If you sign up each week you get entered in the drawing, but they also send you a coupon for 20-50% off any order. I got the 50% on my first email and ordered shields for two iphones and my Oregon, they both work awesome.
  22. I got the 50% off through the ipad giveaway and ordered protectors for my iphone and my oregon. Both went on pretty easy, and have saved my screens on numerous occasions, especially with the Oregon out hiking.
  23. hahaha, never heard that one. That should be an attribute to avoid.
  24. To be honest, I see this as a cop out as well. You bring up a controversial thread, then when you get answers that you dont like, you back out. You brought up the subject, if you no longer want to discuss it, have the thread closed.
  25. I knew it would probably cause heated discussion, but I was just interested... I want to include everyone. I hate that everyone took this the wrong way. I was just passing along a simple observation. I want all people to enjoy this hobby as much as I do... That's really all there is to it. I wasn't trying to cause trouble. I love that you brought another perspective to this though--I greatly appreciate that. I've found that generally when you approach a group and ask why something isn't being done, or why certain people aren't being included, its almost always seen as an attack and people get on the defensive. Especially when the matter of race and equality is brought up. If you would have asked "How can we get more minorities involved in geocaching" you would have received a much different response from people.
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