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  1. I would suggest to you that the TomTom is a GPS designed for vehicle use. I have heard of people using them for caching, but I really can't imagine how effective that would be. I would look to another brand if you want to get into caching. Personally I like the Garmin units, but there are other models of course. You might get more enjoyment from a unit that is more suited to the sport.
  2. I have the areas that I cache in most in one database. I have a database for "personal waypoints" which I typically don't use anymore since I got my TomTom. That database was to load them into my 60CSx for autorouting. I also have some databases for trips that I take, be them for work or vacations. I have gone to the Caribbean a few years in a row, so I have a database for that area. I generally only run PQs for those a few weeks before a trip. My current main database has over 30,000 caches in it at this point, so you can have loads to caches in any database. My suggestion would be to have all the areas you usually go in one database and set up additional databases as you see fit, vacations, business trips, etc.
  3. For the $30 a year it's well worth getting a premium membership. That way you can set up your Pocket Queries and then have GSAK automatically pull them from your email account. I have an account set up just for PQs. It's great, and helps support the infrastructure that is needed to keep this addiction going.
  4. I found geocaching the same way. I got a gps (one of the old Garmin yellow ones) years ago and was searching online to see if there were other things I could do with it, and here I am. Welcome to the addiction. Search out a group or association near you, you'll get a wealth of information that way also.
  5. if you have those caches as part of a pq that runs regularly, GSAK will update the found status that way also. I also believe there is a macro that will update from the GPS if you are logging directly thought gsak. I'm not positive on that one as I don't do it that way. J
  6. what are you using to load the waypoints? (easygps, gsak, mapsource, etc)
  7. I can assure you it will hold 5K, I've done it. There is one bug though that can cause the unit to hang if you are replacing a large gpx file with another one. Keeping in mind I use GSAK to load my caches, connect the unit to the computer. Via the mass storage mode, delete the gpx file, disconnect the unit, reboot, connect again, run the macro in GSAK. It is a slight pain, but it works. I am going away on business tomorrow and currently have 4500 or so caches loaded. On this unit don't mistaken caches for waypoints, most others they are one in the same, not these units.
  8. I agree, RAM mounts are the best. I have a garmin mount for my bike, but have a RAM Mount for my vehicle. I'm into my 3rd GPS with it and the arm still holds tight. J
  9. I agree with what was said above, with the exception of the fact that I purchased the 450t and love the topos. There are many versions out there for free and some are very good, so it's a personal preference. If you have other maps on the unit, you can switch between them. For example, if you wanted to, you could have the street mapping to get you there, then switch to the topo maps for the hike in. Either way I think you will find the 450 to be an excellent unit.
  10. I agree with eightwednesday, I often do just that. I have a TomTom that I use for road navigation and a Garmin for geocaching. I enter the caches in both and if I am looking for a specific one, I'll use the TomTom to get me to a spot on the road close to the cache, and then switch to the Garmin. If I'm just cruising along looking for something close, I'll allow the Dashboard on my Oregon tell me what the closest cache is, and go from there. Joe
  11. for me it depends on the condition of the cache. If it is in so bad shape that it's just going to get wet again, I won't leave another log, but will post a NM and mention it in my log entry (NM doesn't give you credit for the cache). If I think that it will last out, I'll dry everything as much as possible, leave even a piece of paper to help out until the CO can get our to do the maintenance. It's helping the CO out. I don't know of anyone that would be offended by someone leaving a piece of paper there to help other cachers out.
  12. The USB converters can be tricky. I had one once that wouldn't work with my computer, had to take it back and get another brand which worked fine. After some research I foudn out that this can happen. Any chance that it's just a problem with the converter? Is there something else you can try using the converter to see if it is really working with your computer?
  13. Brand-spankin new unit. Didn't change batteries or open the battery compartment between uses. Battery bar and satellite bars both at full strength. Try this: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Issues+List#Garmin Oregon Issues List-Compass I ran across it after I posted the last time. I haven't read through it completely, but maybe something here will make sense before calling Garmin. J
  14. No problem Doug. Again if that doesn't work, it may be something on the PQ set up page. The first few can be tricky. Send us a screen shot we'll take a look.
  15. you are best to use the gpx file that comes with the query. You don't get all the caches when you do it from the search page. Make sure your PQ is set up properly. Especially up near the top when it asks you if the PQ should be deleted after it is run, run every week or unchecked after running the first time. if you want the query to run weekly, you will need to check the proper radio button. also you can only run 5 query's per day. Once you set up the query, click on preview the query. that way you can see if it worked. Queries don't necessarily run immediately after you create them. If you say you want it for that day, it will be put in line and run when it's time comes. see if any of that helps, if not, let us know, maybe you can attache a screen shot of your query and we can offer up some suggestions.
  16. the recalculate on road should be under the "where to" icon on the main screen. That wouldn't have anything to do with the cache icons. Was that what you were looking for or was there something else?
  17. The 60CSx will hold 1000 caches as waypoints without an issue. The only limit to the number of POIs is the size of your card. I at one time had over 24,000 caches loaded as POIs. My suggestion would be to get a palm device, use GSAK (gsak.net) to organize them. GSAK will not only allow you to load your PQs, but will allow you to filter the caches in almost any way. You can also use it to keep track of the caches that you have done before. If you are a premium member you can send yourself the "my finds" PQ weekly, this will update GSAK with your found caches. You could also update them manually.
  18. We have a 16 year old daughter who often doesn't want to come with us. We do it for the fun, exercise, etc. Don't have to have kids to enjoy it.
  19. With the exception of maybe dead or dying batteries, I would suggest that there is an issue with the unit. The unit is fairly new, I didn't have those kinds of issues with my 60CSx until many years of use. I'd give Garmin a call.
  20. I agree with what was said. I would add one thing. If you have a smartphone and a data package (Blackberry, iPhone, etc) you can access the GC.com web site on the run. I did this for years. Another option is to use GSAK (which I highly recommend) and purchase a netpad. You will find the net pad a bit slow with GSAK but nothing that will effect your fun. I also did that for about a year before buying my Oregon 450t which allows me to load the cache pages right on the gps. The difference between the Venture Cx and Venture HC is the Cx has an SD card and the HC has a more sensitive GPS chip in it. There may be some interface differences but essentially that's the main differences.
  21. You shouldn't have to re-calibrate unless you change the batteries. In face I have one and have only done it once, not even out of the box did I have to. Check to see that the compass is turned on: Settings => Heading => Compass This should say ''auto". If it does not then you are using the GPS version of a compass. In this case you have to be moving to get a directional indication. Back in the day before magnetic compasses on these units a track of someone looking for a cache was pretty funny to see, because of often had to walk in a straight line to get an indication of where the cache was. Let us know if that works or not. If it doesn't, I would give Garmin a call, there may be something wrong with your unit.
  22. Use the MapSource software that came with the unit to backup your data to a computer. To reset: A. Power the unit off. B. Press and hold the three following buttons: QUIT, MENU & OUT C. Power the unit on while still holding the three buttons from step B. D. The unit will boot up. Great thanks. I'll give that a shot. Backing up isn't an issue, there really isn't anything on there than I can dump back up or use GSAK to restore. J
  23. I'm going to confirm the software version tonight. How do you do a Master Reset and I'm not aware of how to back up a 60CSx?
  24. Yes, when it is held level it still shows that. I noticed that before after a battery change, but now its happening more often. Batteries are brand new and fully charged.
  25. Over the last while I have noticed that when using the magnetic compass on my 60CSx when searching for a cache I see the "hold level" indicators. This is happening quite often. When I calibrate the compass it goes away and seems to work fine for a bit. At a cache event the other day, I had to calibrate several times. Any thoughts on a resolution? J
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