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  1. Sorry for taking so long to check back in. Not sure what issues the other guys are having, but I realized after I posted this that I was loading 40 PAGES, not 40 caches, and that I had set my PQ to only show 200 caches. 200 caches will only take me about 2 miles from home, LOL....so when I was caching 50 miles away they weren't showing due to my PQ limits. Thanks for the replies, lol. I now have it set to show 1000 caches.
  2. Hey gang, I usually do my caching with my iPhone, but occasionally my girlfriend is with me and we fire up the GC. I have the PQ's set to generate 200 caches within 100 miles of home base. The issue is it only shows 40 caches and that only takes me about 3 miles from my home, lol. How do I scroll the cache list in the GC to show all the caches from the PQ? I know it has to be something I am missing in the manual. Thanks in advance.
  3. I had two GS3's and they were both POS. Sold my second one yesterday and am going back to an iPhone 4S.
  4. It doesn't affect the way the GPS works, per se. If you are a Premium member you can set up Pocket Queries, which is a filter that you set to email you a file. You can have it set to only show you caches within a certain area of you, different size caches, etc....you can then take this file and put it into your GPS and hit the woods. It eliminates a few steps and makes things simpler.
  5. The touchscreen works just like it did before the Otterbox. The point was, you will need to OPEN the box to use the touchscreen, thus creating a chance for the phone to get fumbled. I have used phone and PDA cases with hinged covers, and it always makes the unit more difficult to handle with dexterity. What? You don't have to open anything to use the Otterbox. It's a case that encloses the phone, and has a clear plastic window where the phone's screen is. LOL.
  6. OK, I am a premium member so my method of doing this is different than what you will do. In your case, plug in the unit and let the Mac find it. Go to the Geocaching website and open the list of caches in your area. There will be a check box on the left side of the cache information, click that, and any others you want to load into your unit. Scroll down til you see the "download waypoints" button. Click on that and it will download into your Downloads folder if that is your default location. In Finder, find the .loc file you just downloaded. Now open your unit in Finder, it will be called Magellan. Drag the .loc file from your downloads into the Waypoints folder and it will transfer to your unit. It will be under the Waypoints (red flag) Hope this helps.
  7. LOL. You should really do some kind of research before posting on here about topics you know nothing about.
  8. Regardless of what technology they are or are not using, the iOS6 system is an abomination...I've been running it on my iPad for months and wow, just wow. Horrible. It sucks so bad I used my phone upgrade to get the Galaxy S3 which totally smokes the iPhone 5. And this is coming from an Apple fanboi.
  9. Well, some people do get the FTF, but aren't the first to log.
  10. I got into it on here with someone, lol...it was all good in the end, but it still irks me a bit. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=138289&hl=
  11. Walmart has them for cheap in the pharmacy area.
  12. LOL, this thread delivers. I'm through with it. I'm not trying to be an "enforcer". I was under the impression that NO cache could be hidden within 150' of the tracks, as I thought it was a safety issue, not a trespassing issue. I've accepted that I was wrong, won't be doing this cache, and am sorry it was ever mentioned.
  13. LOL. I could care less really. I just thought it would be nice to make it a point to show the reviewer that the now flexible railroad guideline wasn't being adhered to. No biggie. I've had a cache get denied because it was at the base of a water tower, which the same reviewer said was a potential terrorist target. I guess bombing a water tower is a lot more dangerous than getting hit by a train.
  14. OK, here is the deal. I contacted the reviewer, and he said basically what you all have said. Since it's not on railroad property, and is on private property with permission from the owner, the reviewer didn't see any problems with it. I still don't think it should've been approved but who am I? Just a concerned cacher is all. Yes, I went to the cache last night, then reread the description..The owner requests that it be searched for during business hours only, presumably so the tire shop owner could watch you hunt, and also try and peddle you some tires. I deleted the SBA log since the reviewer didn't see a problem with the cache.
  15. Yea, it just strikes me as odd that it would be approved at all, the rules say 150', and don't mention exceptions. Whatever I guess. The cache IS hidden on private property (presumably with permission) that runs parallel to the tracks.
  16. Check this cache out. This is an active railroad track in the middle of town. According to the guidelines for hiding a cache the limit is 150 feet, and this is clearly about 40 feet or so from the tracks, and a heavily traveled road...how did this get published? I requested it be archived for safeties sake, but apparently the rules don't apply here... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...32-9b818096f1ad
  17. Because that's what lot's of these people do...
  18. LostMontanan


    Do you have WAAS enabled?
  19. I can't answer your question, but my 300t does this as well. I came from the eXplorist 500 and the compass would walk you right to the cache. The 300t doesn't do this. The only way I know of to remedy this is to watch the numbers decrease as you get closer to the cache. (I have it set to Distance To Next or similar) It is frustrating, because the compass is the easiest way to find caches, but with this unit it is useless. Repost here if you find a solution and I'll do the same.
  20. Make sure you are using the file that is just xxxxxx.gpx, and not the xxxxxx.wpts.gpx file.
  21. I've only logged one cache on the site that I didn't sign the log at the cache, and that was because I was on my motorcycle and apparently my pen blew out of my pocket. It was a micro so no pen in the log, but I stated this in the online log.
  22. Babymakesthree, if you want a cheap entry level GPS check around the GPS Garage Sale forum here. You can sometimes find great deals there, or even on eBay. Good luck, and hopefully something will click and you'll become addicted like the rest of us.
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