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  1. I hear that the guy who turned these things loose is a little off...
  2. Good old Odie! He has those things hidden all around my area. They seem to be holding up well too.
  3. I've been hiding the same bison tube in our tree for the last four years. The wife never finds it until she takes it down after the holidays. I'm surprised she hasn't thrown in in the trash...
  4. This is the second one of these we've released... Iggy Prop
  5. I have a cache in a specially-made birdhouse. A finder recently mentioned that the container was found on the ground. Mice have chewed their way into the birdhouse and made a nest where the container normally resides and pushed it out. The wife and I checked on this and found a couple sets of eyes peeking out at us. I disabled the cache for the time being. My options are: Archive the cache and let them live in the birdhouse. Maybe repair it in the spring after the residents have left. Boot them out, repair the birdhouse, open the hide back up, and make Mrs. kingsting mad at me for tossing the cute little fuzzy bugggers out in the cold. Make another birdhouse and reopen the hide. Forget the hide. It's over 5 years old and all the locals have found it. Let someone else have a shot at the location.
  6. The stuff holds up well but I've found that critters like to chew on it. I had two containers (film can and a small Lock N Lock) destroyed by hungry animals attracted to what I assume was the scent of the adhesive in the tape.
  7. Actually I found it on the web. Recently, I placed a new hide by a creek and wanted to get it out before the weekend. The only time I could do it was on a hot humid evening and I got devoured by huge mosquitoes while taking the coordinate readings for all three stages. One of the logs mentions having the same "issue" I did so I added this to the image gallery on the cache page.
  8. How did I miss this post??? I've been a bottle cap collector since 1972. I just put this cache out last week: GC1XVTC I've wanted to do this for a few years now. It's an ammo can but contains a tupperware container filled with unused bottle caps. They're free for the taking. Strangely enough, I tossed in a three-pack of new Titleist golf balls as an FTF prize. I leave bottle caps behind as trade swag/signature items but they're unused and are either obscure brands or older cork-lined soda caps. They've been well received so far. I have a friend that I cache with that is into mosaics. She always grabs bottle caps from caches when she comes across them. Visit our club's website sometime! (Yes, there are pictures of me on the site...) CCSI website They do have value to crown collectors and crossover to other hobbies. Bottle collectors, scrapbookers, brewriana collectors, and others will also pick them up. While there have been caps that have sold for hundreds of dollars, most are worth a few pennies each at best. Rusty or smashed caps are still trash, even to the majority of collectors. (Unless it's something extremely rare.)
  9. You wouldn't happen to have any photos, would you? That would be great to post on the CCC thread. And yes, that sounds very "good evil"! Sorry, but the color balance is very bad on this, but you will get the concept, I'm sure: Back side: Front side (those are rusty iron rivets on the upper right and lower left. Unfortunately, my plaster casting skills left air bubbles, but it still passed scrutiny for three years. This is far from evil.... -more like brilliant! Very nice!
  10. Awesome FTF prize! Bruce Awesome camo! I can barely see it! As the owner of a couple large travel bugs, I love seeing stuff like this!
  11. I have one out there that's just a waterproof match container behind a sign. It's held in place with a big disc magnet stuck to the post. The container rests on top of the magnet. Slide the magnet down the post to get the container out. Every time I check on it, the magnet is wedged inside of the container and it's a real bugger to get out. What's so hard about putting things back as they were found?
  12. And to answer the question, I think one would make a great cache container as long as it's not exposed directly to "extreme" conditions. I have a similar container hanging on the back of a fence that's been holding up well for the last 2 1/2 years. I think it's a promo item from a cigarette company or something. Now what do you think about asking Ragtotes to make some in camouflage?
  13. Ragtotes??? I've seen it all now... Of course, whoever came up with this idea will probably be a gazillionaire soon. http://www.ragtotes.com/
  14. Isn't that a contradiction in terms? With a just a logsheet in a ziplock inside, it would be a lousy cache container if placed in a spot where it could get wet. Much like bramasoleiowa suggested, I use a bison tube inside of mine. The container is just big enough for a bison tube and a pencil. Unlike typical keyhiders, it does have a drain hole on the bottom so moisture won't build up inside. The Master container is well made and should hold up to plenty of cacher abuse. Amazon also sells a similar container made by GE. You can get them with a cable like the Master or a rare earth magnet. They have resettable combinations but they're made from plastic instead of metal. I have one of these out as well (also with a bison tube inside) to see how it holds up. With the programmable lock, these may be good containers to use as stages in a multi. (If properly prepared for the elements, of course...)
  15. I know of a couple of abandoned vehicles being used as "containers". There's a TB hotel out West somewhere that one of my bigger travel bugs went through. It was a storage shed.
  16. I actually have some here that I use for food storage. They work great for that too! Giant grocery stores still have them on the shelves.
  17. Here's a story about one that survived a flood and sat out in the elements after 3 1/2 years: linky This one is still fine but I have another that leaks and looks like new including the seal...
  18. I found that camouflage duct tape must have a scent that smells like food. I had a lock and lock get chewed up on a brand new hide a while back and just yesterday I had to replace a film can that had the bottom chewed off.
  19. I had a heck of a time finding one of these. I checked Target, Wal-Mart, and a couple hardware stores. Some internet research revealed that it is a Master Lock model 5408D and Amazon.com carries them. There is also a camouflaged version! (5408DCAMO) According to the reviews posted, they're lousy at what they're intended to do. Not enough room inside and not waterproof but they should make great cache containers! I can't wait to get mine placed...
  20. There is a small museum in a town not to far from where I live that features an old steam locomotive. A micro cache was placed on the train and was ingeniously made to look like part of the train. My wife and I spent close to 1/2 hour to 45 minutes the first time we tried to find it, not knowing exactly what we were looking for. When I posted a DNF, the CO sent me a message with a hint. So we went back another day and my wife found it first. After our first attempt to find the cache I was frustrated that we couldn't find it. But after we found it, I admired the CO's cleverness so much that I created a cache that I hope matches his clevereness. Lots of these hateful things around here. If there's a VFW or American Legion with a tank or cannon in front, chances are good that there's a Mr. Magneto stuck someplace on it. Some are easy finds and others take hours to locate.
  21. Oops. The link died. Let's try this: http://bfads.net/Samsung-102MP-Digital-Camera-at-WalMart
  22. Here's my caching rig: It will even carry a fat guy across the beach...
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