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Free the Cache

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We're excited to announce our first personal geocoin! :( The front of the coin is based on the Special Forces crest. The crest has the words "de opresso liber" which means "free the oppressed". Greensfgiant is a retired member of special forces :( , so instead of freeing the opressed he is now freeing the cache; hence the play on words. :mad: Here are the specs:


Name: Free the Cache

Size: 1.5 in.

Thickness: 3mm

Finishes: Antique Silver (200) for trades and sales and Antique Copper (50) for trades only

Trackable: on GC.com

Unique Icon: yes (I want the icon to be the front of the coin. Would someone like to offer their icon-making services in exchange for a coin?)

Coin Company: Hogwild Stuff

Price: 8.00 including s/h


If you are interested in a trade or purchase please email me and when I receive the coins (should be in 2-3 weeks) I will contact you about the trade or send you a paypal invoice.


Here are pictures:



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Christmas spilled into the next day! :D I received the Free the Cache coins in the mail this afternoon. :D I've already got quite a few of the trades ready to go and will be emailing paypal invoices to people who said they want to buy a silver coin.


Just to recap: The coin is trackable and has its own icon. The silver are for trade or purchase (8.00 s/h included) and the copper are for trade only.


Thanks for your interest and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. :P:D:D

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Hi all!


I think I've responded to everyone who emailed me for a trade or to purchase. If I failed to respond to someone please email me again. I've really enjoyed all the trading I've been doing the past 3 weeks.

I've still got 6 copper coins to trade and lots of silver left to trade or sell.

Thanks again for all the interest!



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