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  1. LMAO! ...never said I stopped collecting. And at more than half the price I've bid for one on eBay for the last 2 years, it was a must have. Thanks, julieinga, for giving me the chance to give a little glimmer to my situation. At least some in this community show compassion! You are very welcome! Enjoy!
  2. Antonio, I checked my email and don't see anything from you. Could you try again please? Thanks! Julie
  3. Need to sell a few coins and wanted to offer them here first. All coins are unactivated. Shipping is included in price. Prefer paypal. Thanks! Compass Rose 2006 - Gold $25 SOLD Compass Rose 2007 - Satin Gold $20 Compass Rose 2008 - Antique Silver $20 2006 Portugal - Silver $10 SOLD 2007 First to Find - Antique Brass $10 Tybee Island 2007 - Gold $10 SOLD Happy Thanksgiving - Gold $10 Letterboxing/Geocaching - Silver $15
  4. Just placed an order. Very nice coins!
  5. Very nice! Love the design. Lowering the bushes is a good idea, then you would also see more of the water. Looking forward to the completed coin.
  6. Like it!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!
  7. I got a Bee today!!! I love it!!! Thanks again Cupid and Allie!!!
  8. Well, it's a GeoCache Pink Cache go with the initials....GCPC .....or spell it phonetically.... geezee peezee (GCPC)
  9. I received my Secret Cupid today! Received 3 coins from one of my favorite coin designers! **Tracking Time** **Navstar** **Astrolabe** I really enjoyed the Valentine touch to the package! Thanks so much to my secret cupid!!!! These are a wonderful addition to my collection!!!
  10. Mission received! What fun we will have now!
  11. Post 16 more times before tomorrow and you will! I'm not that talkative. Guess I'll just hold on to the green Jeep I was going to send.
  12. I'm so disappointed I was really looking forward to this but alas I don't meet the minimum requirement of 50 posts.
  13. I actually live in Toccoa and would be glad to assist in any way. We have a fairly new museum that covers the history of the Band of Brothers. Every October there is a reunion for the men still living. I'd love to help in any way. I've tried to get the museum to make a coin to honor the Band of Brothers, but their funds are very low.
  14. That is so incredible! I was working on an idea like that!! Seriously, I was!
  15. The package in the mailbox should be addressed to UOTrackers for such a good idea and all the hard work!
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