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  1. I admit the public display of my site is limited. But pretty much the main purpose is to display coins, so if you want to see what it looks like, check out the members page (find a link on the main page, or click here to see mine: http://sirzman.geocoincollector.com). We have three main sections. Coins I'm keeping for display, coins I have released into the wild and Coins I am willing to Trade. If you have questions, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.
  2. I guess to circle back around to my first post on here, there seemed to be a lot of excitement about some new development, but with the release of the Members page, only 2 other members have agreed to have a link added to their page, and when I look at the logs, only one member is really using the site. So I'm happy to try to find time to improve the site to make it more usable for those who want to use it, and I have no plans to shut it down, just send me a message and let me know what you want, or post requests here. Sir_ZMan
  3. So it's been a few weeks now, we have 3 members who chose to share their pages. Does anyone have any other requests? Thanks.
  4. I agree with this, always blank it out in any photos..and the site has a spot for the GC Reference number...that's not the tracking number...that's the public code.
  5. Just an FYI, you don't have to upload a photo; you can create a coin on the system without putting a photo in there...it won't look as nice, but it can be done.
  6. Maybe I was wrong. Several people have asked for this functionality; but no one has signed up.
  7. One of the most requested feature changes I've heard is the ability to search other members pages. I am concerned about privacy and so I have decided to do an opt-in on this. I added a new field to the "Account Options" page; the field says: "Do you want to display a link to your GeoCoin page on the sites main page?" If you choose Yes AND if you have at least 1 coin added to the system, your name will display in a new page I created, listing all members who opted in. I also fixed a bug that prevented you from changing the value in the "Do you want to display your email address on the trade page?" field. Because of this bug, I have reset everyone's answer to "No". I updated the public trade page to now display your email address if you set the flag to "Yes". Both of these are opt-in, so if you would like to take advantage of these new features, please log into the system and update your Account Options page. Please let me know how you like this new feature, and if there are any other requests you'd like me to work on next. Sir_Zman
  8. To delete a coin you need to change its status to deleted (or traded): I'm hoping I answered this in my first response, but if you think that you were able to access someone elses admin page, let me know, send me a private email and we can talk further; I have never heard anyone raise that complaint on this or any of my other sites, I'm thinking it was just the public site you accessed. Thanks.
  9. Oh and if anyone uses the site and wants to have a personal link setup (GCName.Geocoincollector.com), let me know and I can do that for you, i've been doing it for people I notice using the site a lot, I just haven't advertised it.
  10. Hi, I am the creator of this site (Geocoincollector.com) I made it a long time ago with the intention of having a place to display my coins...it wasn't made for tracking coins I found in caches, or for people with huge inventories of coins, but for people who just wanted to show off their coins. There are a number of changes I could make to the site, but to be honest, until this topic started, there really hasn't been too much activity on the site, and I wasn't really motivated to do work on it since not a lot of people actively use it....I stopped buying coins a few years ago when the price of gas started to go up and haven't really gotten back into it, so i don't personally use the site that much any more, I just maintain it for the people who do. I think the reason that TheLegoFool&Missus had a problem with a bookmark is based on how the session stuff works. You need to bookmark the link to the personal page of the user (http://geocoincollector.com/CoinViewer.cfm?UserID=83) if you don't have the UserID=xxx then the system will probably default you to userId 1. I am listening to what people are saying on here, I know that the idea of uploading photos on an external site sounds weird, but at the time I was trying to keep my storage costs down..and I thought most people would just upload the photo to the Geocaching coin's page and then use that photo on my site (thats what I do)...in retrospect, that may not have been the best idea, but it's hard to change now. I would like a better way find other users on the site... since there is discussion on the site, I'll make sure I start doing some development again. Feel free to email me directly with ideas, or post them here if you want, I'll check back every so often.
  11. I got the walleye payment this morning; I'll make up the envelope when I get home tonight and send it out in tomorrows mail.
  12. 1 last reminder that this auction ends soon, tuesday at 7 pm central standard time be sure to get your bids in soon
  13. The sale on these coins ends Tomorrow (Tuesday) in the 7:00PM CST hour, thats 5PM on the west coast and 8 PM on the East Coast, still time to get in on these amazing coins!
  14. Less than three days to get in on one of the beautiful coins and help out the Twin Cities GeoCaching PodCast in the process!
  15. Wow, I thought there'd be more action on the walleye coin than the lady slipper coin (might just be the number of fishermen in Minnesota). But at $11.50 right now it's a steal; perfect gift for any geocaching anglers you might know. The fact that the Lady Slipper is out pacing the Loon coin right now really surprises me...don't get me wrong, the Lady slipper is a beautiful coin; but Merkman made more of the LS coins than the loon; the loon was the most rare of the 3 coins; I just thought going into this that it'd be the most popular for that reason. Thats what I love about ebay, you get to see what people really value and find of interest. I find it all very cool.
  16. Happy you got to see one; they are very pretty. Hope you make it up here some sprint/summer/fall as the temperatures aren't bad (74 was the high yesterday) and you'll get to see lots of nature. Only 1 bid so far still selling for just $9.99, you might be able to get this for cheep still.
  17. I'm selling three of my prized geocoins, these coins are new and has always been in a protective sleeve. They are unactivated and trackable on geocaching.com, and all three coins share an icon. These three coins make up the series. The Loon coin was the most rare and it is possible you may never see another one up for auction again, don't miss your chance to own this beautiful symbol of Minnesota. Only 56 sets of this coin were made and it is one of the most beautiful coins I have ever seen. I'm selling these coins to help fund an upgrade to the recording equipment for the Twin Cities GeoCaching PodCast (which I am the host). We are hoping to make enough money to help fund the purchase a mixer for the show. Bid Early and Bid Often! Ebay - Loon Coin Ebay - Walleye Coin Ebay - Lady Slipper
  18. Got'er fixed! Thanks! I'm having the same problem, what was your solution? Looks like the issue was that the program is trying to "force association each time GSAK starts" it's an option in Tools > File Associations... So either turning this off, or running the program as an Administrator (right click on the GSAK.exe file go to properties) solves the issue.
  19. Got'er fixed! Thanks! I'm having the same problem, what was your solution?
  20. Wow, I completely forgot about this... I have fixed the longitude issue on the map. The "Set Pin Here" button is only supposed to be used to get the pin to show on the map if it is not showing...say you start out in the Twin Cities...then zoom out move the map to Chicago, and zoom in on a park. The Pin will still be in MN, so clicking the Set Pin Here, just sets it to the center of the map. This is described in the documentation. If you are still having problems with the Address go to my geocaching profile page and send me an email with the address you are trying to submit and I'll see if I can figure it out...I tried 3 addresses and all of them worked. Thanks.
  21. Hmm, haven't tried it in Chrome, but I've had no problems with IE. It's been up for almost two years now. I'll try playing around with it and see if I can get it to do what you say. Thanks for the feedback.
  22. Capelinks doesn't allow you to move a pin around to get a coord (at least not quickly) gpsvisualizer is nice, but complicated, and you need to do a lot to get your coords (several steps).
  23. came across this post while exploring the new Bing search engine. If anyone is looking for a good geocoder or a page to find lat/long (to find parking coords for caches) feel free to try my site: http://www.sirzman.com/gc/llf.cfm You can enter an address, or you can move the pin around on the map (zoom into street level and switch to satellite view and set the pin to get the exact parking coords near the cache your after).
  24. The update kit will retail for 19.99 MSRP. Your welcome for the show. I hope that most of the topics we talk about on the show are note location specific (some like the upcoming events are, but stuff like reduced signal coverage due to loss of satellites should be of interest no matter where you live).
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