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  1. Tom Clancy/Hunt For Red Ocober Did I get it? Did I get it?
  2. I'll be ordering a few of these beautiful coins!
  3. I would like to donate 2 of my poker chip coins. Just let me know what to do.
  4. sfwife

    Noel Jeeps

    Got a set! Nice coins.
  5. Nice coin. I'd be interested in a couple.
  6. I don't have any pictures, but I just released 8 coins this past Saturday to travel. I probably have about 50 out in the wild right now. Most of them are moving along really fast and people are enjoying finding them--it's great!
  7. It's a very nice coin and I would like to order some. Should we just email you to order?
  8. That is one nice looking coin!
  9. I love the silver! If someone orders a couple maybe we could trade?
  10. Nice coin. Since we were just in Indiana for the Geobash I decided I needed to have it!
  11. I will be mailing my dollar tomorrow! Also, I didn't see it in the above, but what organization will be benefitting from this great raffle?
  12. Another great design--just ordered mine.
  13. Got to hold one in my hand at Fluttershy's Coin party the Friday of GW5. Can't wait to get mine!
  14. Well, my first Geowoodstock is done and we're heading home tomorrow. Just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting lots of coin forum people at the party at the Ramada. Thanks, Fluttershy for setting it up, I had a wonderful time.
  15. Hope to see you at the event and maybe do a trade....
  16. I know I've seen this topic before, but I couldn't find the original thread and this was just too funny to not share. The activation code for one of my "Nuttin' Better" coins is: NUDEME
  17. 3 caching bugs--1 glitter, 1 gold and 1 silver
  18. I don't know how it happened with me, either! Glad it worked.
  19. This may be the same problem I was having. Try this: On the top right corner of your message heading is an options menu. Click it once. At the bottom of the menu that just opened is Display Modes. Click "Switch to Standard". If this is the same as my problem you should be good after this. Good luck!
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