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  1. Wow.. love this one.. will look to see if we have anything on your seeking list as well...
  2. We would love a set as well! Great idea and great looking coins
  3. Love the idea.. would like to see the design.. but most likely would be very interested in some.
  4. As you know PIF, we think it is an awesome idea and have nominated and hidden coins for a few cachers in our community. Love the idea... please don't stop because of one persons harsh thinking
  5. Thanks Castleman.. our daughters birthday is St. Patricks Day... I know she will love to have one of these in her special collection! Ordered a few.
  6. SWx4

    Otter Geocoin?

    A while back someone created a geocoin with an Otter on it... can someone tell me the name of the creator or the coin please? Thanks
  7. SWx4

    Glass coin ?

    I think they sound great! Can't wait to see this come to fruition.
  8. All of them have been sent and everything eh? hmmm I thought I bought a couple of these, but have not seen them at the house yet.. will have to go back through my email.
  9. Will you be doing any trading? Thanks
  10. SWx4


    It's beautiful.. can't wait to add it to my collection.
  11. We would be very interested in a trade if you are doing them...
  12. We hosted an event at Christmas and it still has a number of tbs/coins logged into it... We know there are none left here - and we took home the 9 that were left at the end. Most events I've been to have a table where people put their coins and tb's to be discovered, then people typically grab a few they can help along at the end of the event. We are hoping that the coins that are missing were just stuck in someones bag/pocket and forgotten as opposed to stolen from a friendly caching event... Maybe you will see it again... we had a missing coin TB that went on its first drop, but the cacher had it in their luggage and thought they had lost the luggage.. so about 3 months later it has now been found...
  13. The pirate freak in this house would love a couple.
  14. SWx4


    Thanks so much for the special coin to add to our collection! Have a wonderful 2007!
  15. Mauison has a turtle on his personal coin as well (it is one of my faves) - the other turtle coins I have are the Loggerhead ones..
  16. We drop our personal non trackable coins into caches as swag fairly often... they are easy to carry and having two kids, quite often the two little things they choose don't add up to the value of a coin, but we drop them anyways... It is fun to read about what people do with them...
  17. SWx4

    Free the Cache

    Nice looking coin, we would love to arrange a trade with you... Carole
  18. We would be interested in trading for one of these as well.. we have 2 different personal coins.
  19. Looks awesome.. we are interested in either trading our personal coin(s) for one or two or buying one. Thanks Carole
  20. SWx4


    ok, the horror of 151 is now possibly gone, I am sure I am within the 180 this time! Thanks and Merry Christmas - PM sent.
  21. SWx4


    Oh the horror at being number 151.... I did send you a PM though...
  22. man.. I need to stop reading the forums.... I just bought the pills, the muggle and two decoder coins... Merry Christmas to me!
  23. I know mailing coins from Calgary, AB, Canada I have to do a customs form for any envelope that contains coins... even though it fits the normal mail slot, etc. The post office guy asked what was in and told me that I had to put one on each... I now have the forms at home to put on while getting the envelope ready. I don't think it costs any more then sending a piece of mail that weighs the same to the US or overseas.. not sure... it seemed like maybe it was a pretty new thing on our end... so maybe not all the post offices are yet following the rules... Our forms are not green anymore - they are white and HUGE!
  24. We had a Calgary Area Cachers Event this weekend and had a few coins on the tree.. we also had a design your own geocaching ornament.. great and creative ideas were all around! Fun fun fun! I think we will hang a few coins on our tree this year!
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