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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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It is an outback for me and it been places that would do a commercial justice. So far no vandalism!


Speaking of vandalism, is that much of a problem for anyone? I drive a little sports car, insured, of course, I'd be afraid to post a pic next to these awesome trucks, they could carry my car in the back. so I do worry about it a little. Not too much, just a little, lol.

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MudlovingFJ, saw your post, yeah we've got more than one bad habit besides work and the FJ. Just started this one last fall but really enjoy it. Plus one more reason to get the truck in the hills. Tom and Elaine


Where do you live? If you live in SoCal, join the forums!! SoCalFJCruiserForums.com Everyone is super nice. <_<


I'm MrsMudLovingFJ by the way, my other half is MudLovingFJ ;)


And you can also join FJCruiserForums.com, and check out the trip to Ouray!! About 400 trucks should be going this year!!

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I started out geocaching on my reason for buying my first GPS, my 2000 Victory V92SC.


Here's my baby parked between my other 2 rigs. This was it's last ride of 2007, mid-December in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Snowy, slick, and a bit scary...but trouble-free.


But I also cache in my '94 Wrangler.

This is a pic of it when it was in the 2007 Memorial Day parade in Waterford.


Michigan Winters.


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My pal Cappy, ready fer anything



Hiding our first cache together "KR 3 GC18F4J " and keeping an eye on a couple of "quadders" nearby...



Just before a swim... and before I was into caching, there are several right around us, we probably walked right by a couple...guess we will go back




Sussex Fair.... wouldnt it be funny if someone hid a nano right there?




And he is great 'cause you can share your snacks with him....LOL


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Just wondering what kind of vehicle do people drive while Geocaching. Do you have 4x4's for the off-road cache's? Are there road warriors that mainly stick to the ones that you can drive right up to, or hike back?


'97 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD

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We have a 4WD van, so not only can we go off-road to find the cache, we can sleep there too if we want!!! :)

We do all kinds of caches - drive-bys, short walks, longer walks (haven't done any major hikes yet in our three months), traditionals, multis, puzzles and our vehicle is working well for us!!!

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2008 Toyota Yaris . . took delivery in early October (2007) and it'll soon be hitting 10,000 miles! :anibad: My 60-mile RT commute racks up the miles in a hurry! Commute mpg is running in the 30-32 range and highway about 41 mpg - I can't complain - I needed an economical car and that's what I got! The good gas mileage makes weekend caching jaunts a bit less traumatic but I still feel the pain when I fill it up!


I love caching in my little TB on wheels .. it turns on a dime (gotta love those u-turns!) and parking isn't often a problem. The only problem I've encountered is when I need to be in "stealth mode" . . . I park this overgrown Christmas ball at the end of a road and it rarely goes unnoticed for long. :o





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I blew my engine on my 1997 Toyota Corolla a few months back and when i took it in to get it replaced my michanic said I had the dirtiest underside to any Corolla he'd ever seen. I can't help but think caching had a little to do with that :( But now it's cleaned, has a 2004 engine and my bionic-geo-beast rides again!

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For fair weather caching (above 40 degrees) I drive my 2007 Honda Helix. I have yet to get a mount for it, so no long cache runs yet. I bought it in October of '07 so I haven't really had a full summer to calculate the gas mileage, but I would guess it's around 60.



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1. 1989 Mitsubishi Pickup: Its old. Its thrashed. It gets me into all but the toughest caches. Its also great

for hauling out trash.

2. 1992 Saturn Sedan: It can't go everywhere the pickup can go so Its my #2 choice. It gets me to the

"drivebys" or within hiking distance

3. Beaulah the mule: She's old (25) and very trailwise. She likes to stop to smell (and eat) the flowers too.

She's a real sweatheart.

4. My own too feet: I love to hike. It helps me stay sane. I like to make long approaches to caches. You

never know what you might find along the trail.

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