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  1. http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/news/2014/august/please-help-us-find-tess-the-missing-guide-dog/#.U_-7vMWSySp Guide Dog Tess is still missing, possibly in the Forres area between Nairn (where she originally went missing) and Elgrin. Inverness is the closest larger city. If you are caching in the vicinity of Nairn & Forres, please keep an eye out for her. But she could also be elsewhere so please look at the poster & watch for similar dogs.
  2. Hi All - We have just joined the community, as we have just started Geocaching. I just wanted to say I have posted this item about Tess on another Forum I am a member of, Practical Poultry. We are a group of enthusiasts all over the country and abroad, who often live in quite rural areas and many are dog owners. Just felt it was important to spread this info as far as possible. Jenny Hi all Scottish geocachers. Some of you may be aware of the hunt for #‎Tess the #‎MissingGuideDog A dog who may be Tess has been spotted in the region of Sluie Walks/ Logie Steading, about 2 or 3 miles west of Forres, If you are caching in this area & see a medium sized black dog with a wavy coat PLEASE PLEASE call the number on the poster 0800 6888 409. You can of course, give an exact location of where you saw her. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152322142342499&set=o.330781910417737&type=3&theater Please share with any other groups - geocaching or otherwise - in this area. I am in New Zealand, so don't know of local caching groups in this area. Kind regards Annie & PB
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=547974191997914&set=o.330781910417737&type=3&theater A new #FindTess #MissingGuideDog poster. Please share with everyone you know. She could now be anywhere in the UK. You are most welcome to print this poster or any others on the websites/FB group and display them in your community and places where you cache. Have a look on those pages for more information. Tess originally went missing near Nairn, Scotland which is about 15-20 miles from Inverness, but it is suspected she has been taken from that area. You are welcome to print the poster & put it up in stores & veterinary surgery etc, on your vehicle, on community notice boards, trailheads & walking paths - anywhere really. Remember this dog is not a pet. She is her owner's eyes and freedom. Please help Tess get back to her person ASAP. Kind Regards Annie & PB
  4. Hi All UK cachers, I am a geocacher in New Zealand, but am helping out a friend of a friend in the UK. A Guide Dog has gone missing in Nairn, Scotland, possibly accidentally or purposefully taken. Many people throughout Scotland & England are now involved in the hunt for her & getting the message out. Us geocachers go places that other folk don't go, and often notice things that other people don't so can I please please ask that you keep an eye out for Tess. http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/media/5399612/a4missing-guidedogposter.pdf Here is the information on the Guide Dogs Scotland website http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/news/2014/august/please-help-us-find-tess-the-missing-guide-dog/#.U-Gp0uOSySo And the FB group set up to help #findTess. The hashtag is in use on twitter along with #Tess. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FindGuideDogTESS/ Have a look on those pages for more information. Tess originally went missing near Nairn, Scotland which is about 15-20 miles from Inverness, but it is suspected she has been taken from that area. You are welcome to print the poster & put it up in stores & veterinary surgery etc, on your vehicle, on community notice boards, trailheads & walking paths - anywhere really. Remember this dog is not a pet. She is her owner's eyes and freedom. Please help Tess get back to her person ASAP. Kind Regards Annie & PB
  5. In my opinion, the MOST honouring thing to do would be to continue maintaining the caches with as much care as if you were the dear departed cacher himself. Leave HIS cache as HE would want them, not change them or adopt them over to some other name. Leave HIS caches there with HIS name on them. It's no trouble at all to replace a log book or even a broken container if you truly to want to honour the young man that the caches belong to. No need to be concerned about adopting them. Just keep them up to a hight military condition & standard of care. Annie & PB
  6. It's flipping in and out for me. Works, then doesn't work. It just died in the middle of trying to log a cache this time. Annie
  7. Send Camocrab, your local reviewer, a message and I'm sure he will help you sort it out! Either via a note on your cache, or click on his name in the 'published by' note that will be at the bottom of the cache logs and then send a message through his profile. Annie
  8. What this means, is that if you need help solving a puzzle cache it is best to ask the cache owner (CO) who made the cache. Some people consider it to be a form of cheating to ask for help on the forums here. Other people like to solve puzzles as a group thing, but not through the forums directly. You can contact the owner of the cache by clicking on their name near the top of the cache page and you will go to their profile where there is an option of sending an email. Hope you get it sorted! Annie
  9. Well, I've used 42 of my favourites, and don't have a need for any more at present - though I've got 135 remaining! No way would we favourite 1/10 caches, probably not even 1/20. Annie
  10. How did it work out?? Are your UK Ampersand friends able to log on now? Annie
  11. Peronally I feel that the terrain/difficulty rating and TB info should go back in front of the cache name - this is when you are viewing a pages of cache listings. It is quicker to scan down a page if all the 'information' type columns are in one area. Now you have to look before & after the cache name, instead of being able to get a quick overview of all that type of information like you could before. Annie
  12. Go down to the very bottom of the page. There's a little drop-down menu box that says "Geocaching." Click on it and select "IP.Board" and your wish will be granted... it won't look exactlylike the old forum page, but it's pretty close. Oh, much better! Thanks! Add my to those would were glad to discover this. The greenish greyish look was really hard on my poor old eyes. I was glad to find out I could go back to blue & white. Annie
  13. Yep - we have the '&' and I couldn't log in last night, and initially this morning, but it seems to be fixed now, because here I am!! I deleted the old link from my favourites bar and logged in fresh from the beginning. That may have helped or it may just have been a conincidence of timing. Annie
  14. The site that Moneydork is refering you to is the local New Zealand GPS Society. You will find that many of the US States/Canadian states/European regions have their own geocaching groups/clubs/societies. In NZ, being that much smaller, we only have two local 'clubs.' It's always a good thing to be involved with your own local state or country geocaching group, as well as checking out the forums here at Groundspeak from time to time. Please come on over & check out the local NZ GPS Society - it's the best way to find out about geocaching in New Zealand!! Annie
  15. 12 pages of links to geocaching blogs can be found here --> GeocachingOnline I think mine is even in there somewhere - I haven't looked in awhile. Have fun Annie
  16. We log our caches whenever we next get to a computer. Might be an hour, might be a day, might be a couple of weeks if we are travelling. That could include FTFs. It's their problem, not your problem. You can't run your life around someone else's wish. Annie
  17. I would suggest that you think about it the other way around. That is - decided which tracks you want to do , then using the maps, figure out if there are any caches there. And if it turns out there isn't a cache - well, you could place one on your ride! Annie
  18. Although more cash would help me find more caches, I've yet to encounter a bank that is in anything other than a Terrain 1 location!!!! LOL Annie
  19. I blog about all kinds of stuff - geocaching included. Annie & PB Go Geocaching This is kind of like a geocaching blog directory. Plenty to read there!! Geocaching Online I agree with Geonarcissa about commenting on other blogs, linking and just generally kind of hanging out, as a way of getting to know other geocaching bloggers. Annie
  20. We take unplanned holidays/vacations for a week or two at a time and sometimes never stay at a holiday park or anything, so we are pretty well organised for caching on the move. We have an inverter to power the laptop if we need it. We do as many PQs as needed before the trip (I do them by date rather than area) - stick them all in GSAK on our laptop, and then we're ready to go. Filter in GSAK as needed each day or half day - load to GPS & PDA and we're good to go. Mind you - we get our whole island in 5 PQs so that's only one day's worth. You may have to do serveral days. We might miss a few really new ones in an area, but hey, there's still hundreds to get so that doesn't bother us. It's not that tricky really. Annie
  21. If you have never done a pocket query, now is the time to try. Or go buy yourself a Geomate Jr. Annie
  22. Yep - caching is our thing that we do together. We are both addicts and add our own particular skills to the process. It's a team thing for us. (But I'm the only one who hangs around in forums!! Hehehe) Annie
  23. Speaking as another NZ cacher, I think you will find your reviewer Camocrab quite obliging about discussing possiblities with you. As others have said, there are a number of variables, such as how often the cache is likely to need maintained, how often you visit the area, whether there are other cachers or family members there you can ask to check on it for you etc, etc. If you can give your reviewer good information about how you intend to handle maintenance issues, there is a good chance you can place the cache. BTW come on over to the local New Zealand forum to chat with other local cachers and reviewers NZ GPS Society Forum There is a specific thread in the geocaching forums there for asking the reviewers questions!! You will be welcomed! Annie
  24. This is why you sign the logbook. What happens if you don't sign the logbook! Because it's a major pain in the butt for others if you don't. There are very few 'rules' in this game. Signing the log book is pretty much essential as far as I am concerned. Annie
  25. Well, there you go!!! New Zealand meets that criteria (in my humbly biased opinion!!! ) Definately a beautiful country worth visiting anyway, and as a bonus some great caches. Snoogans has got the right idea! Annie
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