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  1. My vote is for the Nevada Geocaching Association
  2. I agree with whtwolfden. We have planned for the rain, and should have everything under control.
  3. I think in a moment of weakness that I said I would be there. and help?
  4. It doesn't work very well. It will get you close, but if you want to come in from a different spot, to narrow down the location , it will send you back to the road to come back
  5. New to this forum. Thanks for the tip about drilling a hole. I never thought of that. Right now I have about 6 coins traveling, and so far they are still in circulation.
  6. I purchased a program called CacheMate, downloaded it to my computer, then hotsynced it to my E2. Then use a program called GSAK to store your .gpx file, and there is a command under File on GSAK to 'Load ChacheMatelogs and finds. Hope this helps. You will also get more Xpert advice also. There is probably an easier way that I don't know about. John
  7. I found a nice Palm Z22 on Ebay and got it for $51.00. Maybe try there? John
  8. Is there a lot of difference from this format to DD DD.DDD ? This is what I have my Garmin Legend set to, and on some caches I get a point in the middle of the road. Thanks John
  9. If you use GSAK, you can use special codes to put the name of the cache on your GPSr, along with other information: %smart=6 %con1%typ1%dif1%ter1 That gives you a portion of the Name, the Size of the container, Type of cache, the Difficulty, and the Terrain (based on a 10-point scale). In the "Notes" field, using this code: %Name=10 %hint You get the name followed by a portion of the hint, depending on how many characters your GPSr accepts in that field. Happy caching . . . I have read about a program called Spinner. Does anyone know anything about it? If I read it right, you can download names to the GPSr.
  10. jsndrsn

    Help w/ Nuvi 350

    I started using a nuvi 360, but if I got close to a cache, and went past it, yhe unit tried to take me back to the road directions to get me back to where I was. EX: Went past a cache by about 300 Ft. Nuvi 360 said to go back to the main road, drive 300 ft, and arrive at destination. I now have a Garmin Legend, and it eliminates the problem.
  11. I am new to this too.I have found 2 so far, one with help from the person owning the cache, and one virtual. tried finding my first one with Garmin nuvi 360, but it didn't work too well. Now have Garmin legend. How can I load gpx files from easygps to the unit with names instead of cache code? All help appreciated.
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