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  1. Well you are not alone I had a number of caches archived..BUT I went out with Delorme Topo on my laptop and moved them off of there land and now I have had most of my caches reenabled. So don't give up this quick..
  2. Great job Bluerajah! been hoping we would have someone stop by to put a end to this bashing.
  3. Well folks be prepared as the other shoe will drop eventually as BLM does not want caches in the wilderness areas, they have determined that a geocache is considered a structure and structures are not allowed on wilderness land. So for us back country cachers trying to keep stats and points up this was a blow, but not one we won't overcome. Work with Geodesert tiger and he can unarchive once you move the cache off of State Land. so yes the good ol days are gone.
  4. I also use the Cabbat since the 20 and use that back on the 40. weird color combo but it works. his customer service is top notch.
  5. I use the instant notification to get my 1st 2 finds If I am out and about then I utilize my cell phone to go the the webpage to get the coordinates. My area still has slow internet but usually I can get them and off and running.
  6. We did a bush wack a couple of weeks ago, heavy cat claw cactus scrub oak not to mention 25ooo ft elevation gain 6 mile hike round trip. pulled our gear up the rock faces with rope. We were tore up and barely got through some areas. I now carry a small folding saw. lots of extra wide bandages etc.
  7. Forgot about the LT-40 that was mentioned I use it for the laptop great gps
  8. Out here in this neck of the woods we had a cacher who sat on his couch and logged a lot of caches that he never visited and signed the log. Thus most of us deleted his logs and never looked back. We now have a caching duo who the Husband goes out and places the cache then after the first log she signs off as actually doing the cache. We know she could never make it up to several of these mountains but we have no way of deleting her logs as they are done by her hubby. Where this cuts in is we are chasing the points and she is getting credit where credit is not due.
  9. My 1st was a Trimble Scout way back in 1996 or so and it was very expensive and did not do much and the WASS was not in place.Used while on Wildland fire assignments. Next moved up to a Etrex vista serial port for geocaching but had to carry a ream of paper. Then moved up to a Delorme PN-20 much better and ended having to utilize a cell phone for the cache info and reams of paper. Currently running a Delorme PN-40 whats next? 4 gps in 14 years never had to send one in for repair. still have all but the scout which I wished I still had for a museum piece.
  10. A 1/1 is supposed to be ADA compliant wheel chair accessible. Some cachers don't play fair though. This cache should be almost laying on the ground in plain sight no climbing or extensive hunting required. Like posted before me look for obvious spots or find a local cacher to go with you to show some tips and tricks. To me the simple sometimes turns out to the worst ones to locate. As posted look at the size and go for the larger sizes as they have less hidey spots
  11. A few of the cachers I know have the oregon or colorado and like it. some have the etrex vista or the 60 I use the PN-20 or 40 we all seem to end up at the same place. The 20 & 40 plus the upper end Garmins are paperless which is really nice. Delorme comes with maps Garmin either you purchase them or locate the site that has free downloads. Each GPS has it strengths and weakness's check out Delormes forum http://forum.delorme.com/
  12. I have had the same problem and suspect it is due to the malfunctions going on over on that site. There is a thread going as to what is taking place over there on this forum. I need to resubmit my PQ and see if they have it fixed
  13. One good thing about this new series the Mad Greek in Baker, great shakes and food.. Catch it on the way by. Has anyone even thought about the amount of stopping and starting let alone getting in and out of the vehicle after a run like that.
  14. Had one yesterday that was 20+ feet up a tree that was similar to a 35mm film cartridge camo'd to match. Took almost a hour to locate
  15. Smart wool sure they are not cheap but they come in a wide variety of weights for running to hiking. As for the shorts yes anything non cotton wicks away the moisture.
  16. This is why I mix it up a bit on my caches, You might find bison tubes, magnetic, even sink drain pipes made into a cache, rocks drilled out, old paint cans, sprinkler irrigation heads, cookie tins, 35mm film catridges to name a few. But back on topic there are those pesky super nanos, magnetic bolts, pine cones and ammo cans in the area so its pretty diverse around NW Arizona.
  17. Great job welcome to the obsession! After a bit you will come to learn/ feel out a obvious cache location, use the gps to get close then put it away. Do not set it down next to the cache or it may get left behind Some of your local cachers will like certain types of cache containers maybe this cachers coordinates are off by 20 feet at every cache. Some like to put things up on top of mountain peaks. You will get educated quickly on all of the quirks of the area you are caching in.
  18. my bad thought you were looking for the one for the caches. I have the other that overlays with topo maps as well not quite sure where I found that one I have gelib.com or historicmapdvds.com as possibilities or maybe the one posted above is where I tracked em down.
  19. It is on the Geocaching.com website bottom right I think it is or was.
  20. Life is good Delorme is aware of the problem and lots of others have spent hours detailing the problems. I put together a route from here to Wiley Creek campground in Washington using secondary roads. because of the broken segments it would route me over to I-5 because as far as the software was concerned the road did not continue. the workaround was to stop the route at that point and continue a new route on the other side of the break.
  21. Interesting, why do you say that? Topo 8 has a lot of broken roads that don't allow you to create a correct route, the backcountry roads are a mess some just have pieces and parts with no end or start. Topo 7 had/has the backcountry roads intact. If you have topo look at Kingman az head over to Alamo Lake Road south to Alamo Lake ro over towards Oatman. I am stickin with Delorme but now usin Nat Geo to get better backroads for now even if it does not support the PN-20/40
  22. Yes Topo 8 runs just fine on my Win7 64 bit laptop. There is a procedure that Delorme has in there Knowledge base to get it loaded. here is the link http://delorme.com/support/supporttemplate.aspx?id=465 Like posted do not run out and buy 8 unless you already have it already, wait until 9 arrives. 7 worked good 8 flopped hopefully 9 will be back to be the way its supposed to be.
  23. Thomas Distributing had some but not sure if they would fit the bill or not.
  24. http://www.forestry-suppliers.com/drilldow...ory.asp?cat=903 http://www.forestry-suppliers.com/drilldow...ory.asp?cat=110 pricey yes but there should be something there
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