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  1. I've tried uninstalling mapsource, and reinstalling GSAK without success, and a system restore which also didn't help. What did work was installing GSAK on my Netbook with the Garmin usb drivers and it works fine there. I guess when I'm at home I'll have to unpack the netbook and use that...what a shame...
  2. I've been using GSAK with my Garmin 60 to move waypoints into and out of my GPS. All of a sudden this morning I connect the GPS- it beeps & says its connected but when i try to send the waypoints to it I get an Error: Unknown Date/Time protocol---Unable to init USB. From GSAK Its connecting fine and shows connected on GPS & I get the tone from computer. What happened? GPS shows correct time & date as well as computer & I havn't changed any settings-help!
  3. By far the best multi purpose GPS is the Lowrance XOG. I think its discontinued but the unit is so easy to use with a big touch screen and very accurate base maps (Especially lakes & coastline) and has spoken turn by turn directions that include street names- I would still buy one again. I took this GPS when delivering a 44' Down East sailing yacht from San Francisco to Santa barbara, Ca. When the onboard Garmin Chartplotter malfunctioned and wouldn't load the marine charts- we used the XOG to plot and navigate the whole 330 statute miles to SB- and mind we were rounding Point Conception and "Destroyer Point" at sunset. Our crew had no problems using the unit without any prior experiance.
  4. What works for me on Windows 7 is to use GSAK to open & transfer the geocaches into and out of my GPS Its very easy as when I download the Geocaches to my computer GSAK opens them up for me and I can send them to my GPS in two clicks. Edit- You'll need to install Geocaching Swiss Army Knife program first.
  5. I only cache in rural areas and I always watch my dogs- they've led me to caches before. They aren't trained for caching but they are going to sniff out where other people have been- I don't expect them to stand at attention tail straight back paw in the air pointing to a FTF but I always keep on eye on what they're doing and sometimes that helps.
  6. Where do I put the "BB" code? All I want is for when I say, "blankety blank," someone can click on it and go to my web page that I specify. I know about the <a href="" but it dosn't seem to work. Sorry I'm a dumb a**.
  7. I take my two girls everywhere- especially caching. They are trained to attack a potential FTF'er first and only go for the throat if the cache is about to be FTF'ed without me there.
  8. How do I add a clickable link in my cache found logs?
  9. Sorry- didn't know naming them was bad juju. Anyone can see they didn't post a pic. I never want to erase a find anyway and for me a year is a short grace period...I E-mailed them weeks ago. The reason I mentioned them is because I was working from bottom to top mailing everyone who didn't post. I can see this is a hot topic. Thanks for the input.
  10. My cache Tinfoil Hat ( GCRN29 ) clearly states " No picture of your TFH then I will erase log after short grace period. It was going good untill MooseMob & Lil Devil found it and didn't post Pics. I E-mailed them & MM said they would post Pic but havn't & that was weeks ago. Should I erase them now?
  11. I don't sand off the military markings- just paint over. I start by spraying the box white- inside & out. Then I use a stencil with geometric shapes cut out of it and spray the next color moving the stencil around the box randomly, using darker & darker colors. The colors you pick should match the surrounding area where it will be placed. In my area it is desert so I use flat White, Yellows, and dark Greens. I suppose in the UK you will use many shades of green...Perhaps simulating large blades of grass in your stencil? Depends on the foilage where you place it. I get cans of spray paint from the local hardware store...Also Google "camo painting."
  12. I had to know so I sent Kellann the question- here is reply... "Hey there! Okay, my husband, sister-in-law and I went on a crazy "whole day long" caching trip and I am a www.crocs.com wearer. All day long we were joking that some caches are "Crocs Friendly," "Semi-Crocs," and "Not Crocs Friendly." We labeled all 52 finds that day CFC or SCFC or NCFC (and I still do from time to time). Sorry for being so lame!" So now we know- Thanks for all the great suggestions!
  13. I googled and check the geocaching dictionary of terms and still am baffled. It comes after the infamous TFTC at the cache GC18BAW second log from bottom from "Kellan" Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. Take a look at the Lowrance units. I got an XOG a while back and really like it. Came with dash-windshield mount and car adapter for $230.oo and you can get all the maps you want cheap on SD cards. 2 hr battery life only drawback I have found so far- does charge back fast though. All the complaints I read in reviews were from people not using it properly.
  15. I have been caching with a Cobra 1000 for a few years and find it to be superior to my Garmin map-60 in a few ways and lacking in a few others. Great for close in hunting and placing. As for connecting to the computer you will have to use the CD and cable that came with it. I think you can download a users guide at WWW.cobra.com Its been a while since I had to load any of the free detailed maps that came with it.
  16. I remember marveling at Team Alamo's tremendous amount of finds- I think about 8k back in '05. Now I see they are on "Vacation W/ no Internet" and I thought at first they must be way burnt out on caching but inner voice says they are getting the caches on the Moon right now and will be back shortly. What is your best Power Caching Day?
  17. Where I cache in the toolies I carry in my caching pack a Short Barreled Ruger Revolver in Colt .45.
  18. Reading/writing the online logs is my favorite part of caching and I am dissapointed at every TNLNSL or Cut-and-paste that I get from any of my 60+ hides. Only place for that is in the Cache's log where space is at a premium. Even if they only take the time to write out "Thanks for the cache." That at least shows some initiative and is 10X better than "TFTC"
  19. I have 3 FTF's without using a GPSr -in my case the posted coords were way off- 1 was 22 miles from actual location. I thought this was good but some girl said she did her first 50 without a GPSr. What's your most finds this way?
  20. If U have an external antenna port I suggest a gilson antenna mounted on your hat or vehicle- Really helps A lot.
  21. Check out the Lowrance XOG "cross-over" GPSr. It is small, has a large color screen, has voice guided directions and most importantly is easy to use. I got one for $220 with a car adapter and windshield- dash mount. The base map has all the dirt roads I cache on - you will have to pay Garmin extra $$$.$$ for that. Only drawback is 2 hour battery life when not plugged in. Extra Maps are cheap and easily available on preloaded SD cards! Excelent for Car/Boat/Geocaching...only most cachers are VERY Garmin oriented and pay much more $$$.$$
  22. Since I moved to bfe Been using a Treo with Palm O/S and am now using a 700wx with Windows Mobil - I think there is more stuf for the palm O/S such as GSAK but as long as you have signal you can see and log geocaches just fine with either phone..
  23. I have found a clear plastic bag with a note inside from a school 40 miles away. A sicence project- I E-mailed the teacher the Coordinates where it was found and digital pic's of the LZ. He wrote back and said it was the best reply they ever had. Also found two IV bags with plastic hoses attached and full of unknown liquid. A biohazard- I left the cache and split. Also one of my dogs found a carcase and rolled in it. She smelled so good all the way home.
  24. Today after finding a new cache I plugged the unit into the front of my computer and in a few mins I had my favorite Digital pictures and MP-3's loaded onto the unit. I am now listening to a Phil Hendrie IROC-Z clip I downloaded to the SD card...Richter cool GPSr! [Edit] Almost forgot- it has the little geocache "treasure box" symbol just like a Garmin- only its cheaper and I believe much more bang per buck.
  25. Just used it to find two local caches- I think it is so sweet. At first when arriving at a cache you need to change navigation mode from car to point-by-point. Also helps to zoom in by pressing anywhere on the map and hitting "+" I did this and it put me directly ontop of the cache. At $229 with a car adapter and winshield mount and the fact that out of the box it knows all 300 miles of dirt roads in my subdivision makes this the best GPSr I have ever used- almost makes it too easy as it holds your hand all the way to the cache!
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