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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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We've got this:




and this:




The minivan has geocaching and Waymarking decals. The cruiser has a Waymarking decal.


I used to have a Kia Optima that I used and abused with off-roading. I got stuck several times but always kept roadside assistance or AAA (depending on which was cheaper at that time). There was only one time when nobody was able to come pull my car out of the snowbank... but the local sheriff's department helped me sort that one out. I went back and got that cache a few months later when it was Spring and everything was thawed out, then waymarked the heck out of the area. My husband thinks I should only off-road in "all-terrain vehicles"... :P . He gets really nervous when I drive the minivan through sugar sand. Can't imagine why! :yikes:


One of these days I'm going to get my Scout.


- Elle


Oh... the Kia stuck in the snow...



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I have an '08 Silverado with the off-road package, so I can go pretty much anywhere. We also have an '81 Honda Accord for the paved roads (uses a lot less gas than the truck.)


I really, really, really want a Jeep Wrangler. But I've wanted one of those forever. I want a beat-up old one that I can use and abuse the heck out of.

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One of these:


1998 Buick Regal

1997 Ford Ranger

2005 Toyota Camry


Don't have any photos but trust me they are impressive. Especially when lined up side by side with their grills pointing towards you.


The ultimate one would be the Buick. I'm convinced that one would survive a nuclear blast if ground zero were 10 miles or more distant. We plan our geocaching trips so that we remain outside the ground zero blast zone.

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Being the hippie tree-hugging make myself feel good at being liberal type of guy I have a Prius, but sometimes I will take out the Yarris that one of our daughter drives when she is not at the university. I would want to cache in a Volt when (and if) it comes out, but given what the university is charging us and how the state keeps imposing furloughs on its workers and the banks are laying people off, I may have to wait for the second or third generation. By then maybe the zen car will actually get the high capacity batteries perfected.


But there is a cache 60 miles down a dirt road from Freedonia, AZ, at the Toroweap overlook. I really want to get there if we visit the area next July. But the ranger put the fear of the road gods in us when we spoke to him about it when we were passing through earlier this year. People talk about high clearance and how the road eats tires, particularly the last few miles. But they also talk about seeing sedans in the camping area. So I don't know about taking the rental down there. But for me, this would be a great caching trip so a vehicle that would get me there would be the ultimate vehicle.

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A 2009 Subaru Forester. So far its been the perfect caching machine. It has served me well on urban cache runs and jeep trail caches. I loved the mobile geocaching comand center someone posted a few pages back!


This is my 2006 Mitsubishi l200 warrior,had it a year now & its lots of fun.






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Car has now changed since topic opened !!!

Now an even more environmentally friendly Nissan Micra !!!

Dunno why, but most of the cachers around here drive similar -certainly no reason for gas guzzeling 4x4 off roaders on urban roads.

I would like to think the same could be the case in other parts of the World - cannot see the point of these agricultural vehicles unless of course you have a justifyable need to go off road.

Happy thanks giving Guys !!


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Well I am fairly new still but these will be my geocaching rides.

Mainly depending on weather and location of the cache will

determine which is used.



#1 - 1956 Spyder VW dune buggy on the nice days.



#2 - 1987 AMC Eagle Limited 4x4 (same climbing and off-road abilities as a Jeep or Subaru).



#3 - 2005 PT Cruiser (the mobile crew transport).



#4 - 1996 Chevy 4x4 (the other off-road vehicle).



#5 - 1992 Nissan Sentra (the gas-saver @ 32 mpg).



#6 - the EXTREME off-road machine, 1999 Haflinger... he gets outstanding mpg's.


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How on earth do these threads keep on popping up, anyway? This one is over three years old! We get new threads posted on micros, permission issues, SBA logs, and so many other issues where the OP really should do the research first and post to a 3 year old log that really pertains to geocaching, yet the "What Kind of Vehicle" and "How Did You Serve" threads just keep coming to the forefront like bad pennys. Amazing!

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