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  1. I'm looking for a device that I can easily manage my individual GPX track files on, and not have to mess with only one GPX file to get them to show up.....I'm just not really interested in that. I want to be able to upload my GPX tracks to a folder and have them show up like they do on my Oregon and Crossover
  2. Thanks for the info Bob, that's what I needed to know. Doesn't sound like the 500 will work for me then (unless Garmin updates the software sometime down the road).
  3. Interested in picking up a Nuvi 500 to use in my Jeep and replace my Magellan Crossover, and was looking for a little first hand experience. I'm assuming the unit keeps a tracklog....but does it allow you to manage it on the devie at all? Can I save portions of the track? Also, can I add GPX tracks that I already have....any idea how many can be displayed at one time? I have an Oregon, and it handles tracks just fine....kind of curious if they are handled the same way on the Nuvi 500? Thanks for any info you can provide
  4. I use BeeLineGPS on my Tilt http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=364
  5. BeeLine GPS works well http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=364
  6. I use BeeLine GPS on my Tilt and it works great. Here's a writeup on my blog on how I do it: http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=364 Much better solution than dragging around my Magellan CrossoverGPS & PocketPC
  7. something i wrote a little while ago: http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175
  8. I love my Crossover, and it works well for Geocaching for me. But if you are looking for something simple-to-use, it's probably not the device for you.
  9. mine works great off-road. the main reason I got this GPS was for off-road travel in my Jeep as well
  10. IntrepidXJ

    I got lost

    My experience with rechargeables is one, don't trust the battery meter; and two, the meter goes down quickly at the back end of a charge. my Crossover has gone over 8 hours, with still more to go.....I've never been able to0 run it down all the way yet.
  11. I was skeptical at first about the battery life of this device, because most companies inflate their battery performance numbers. However, the first time I tried to test the battery life, I made it to 8 hours and it still had juice to go. I didn't end up testing it's limit, but 8 hours is pretty good for a device like this, so I was happy
  12. IntrepidXJ


    Also, have you seen this: http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175 Works great for me No problems getting my tracks into Google Earth either
  13. IntrepidXJ


    Like stated above, just enter a 0 for the final character. I kind of like moving the map around my dragging it with my finger. I've had good luck using my Crossover for a wide variety of activities with success
  14. I don't think we are going to be seeing any upgrades to the tools program. However, the new Magellan VantagePoint software is supposed to be out soon, which says it is compatible with the Crossover. Could be good news? But we won't know for user until it is out.... I'll remain optimistic about it http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=256
  15. I'm happy with my CrossoverGPS. Used it for turn by turn as well as tracking my off-road adventures in my Jeeps. I even use it for caching. It's certainly not the device for everyone, but it works well for me
  16. While it's not for everyone.....I have had much success using my Magellan CrossoverGPS for all my GPS needs. http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175
  17. might be helpful http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175
  18. http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175
  19. see if this helps http://www.myxj.net/blog/?p=175
  20. I've been using a Crossover since it came out to track my off-road expeditions in my Jeep, as well as on-road turn-by-turn directions and it has worked well. This weekend I decided to try my hand at geocaching for the first time with my Crossover. It worked well, and I found 6 out of the 7 caches we tried. Now, I have no experience with other GPSr on the market, so the Crossover may not be the best option out there, but I can tell you that it worked just fine for me. I wanted a device that could do it all, and the Crossover has done that for me. HTH
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