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  1. These pages might help: Logo Usage and Trademark Information Geocaching Logo Usage Guidelines
  2. Hey Jon, Since you've seen the coin out there in Seattle...who's is it? There were so many in the exhibit I can't remember what they all looked like. Thanks!
  3. Another in Finger Lakes, NY. Thought it was a great idea. I ended up with the micro at the end...no film cannisters were harmed in this group of caches!! I find film cannisters are best used to hold plastic bags for CITO kits... Ribbit
  4. When is someone going to invent Frontline for humans??
  5. Apparently it's not his coin: Anyway, Moun10Bike Geocoin #331 is *not* in the GPS Adventure Maze. There is a coin with the number 331 on it, but it is not mine. I wasn't positive until I visited the maze exhibit myself yesterday during its opening in Seattle and confirmed. There are many coins and other items with numbering, but that does not mean that everything with a given number is the item tracked with that number on Geocaching.com. My older coins are among the very first traveling items on Geocaching.com and used sequential numbers which are the source of this issue; you will note that nowadays everything tracked on the site - including my newer coins - use random alphanumeric codes for tracking instead in order to prevent confusion. I hope this explains things. Jon (Moun10Bike) I will leave this up in case the other folks who got deleted logs wonder why.....
  6. I, along with a pack of other folks, discovered coins that were in the GPS Adventures exhibit in Rochester, NY. My (along with everyone else's) log for the discovery of a Moun10Bike coin #331 was deleted. I've sent a message to both Moun10Bike (the original owner) and SquareT (the subsequent owner) for a reason... Anyone else have any experience with this ? Or ideas why someone would do that? Here's the email I got: Your log entry for the listing Moun10Bike Geocoin #331 (Moun10bike Coin) was deleted by Moun10Bike at 3/28/2009 5:09:57 PM Visit this listing at the below address: http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...1e-824231898a3b Moun10Bike profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=47...c1-b379a6221a8f Thanks -wickedann-
  7. Obviously someone forgot about me..... Thanks for the heads up! (literally)
  8. I reinstalled the plug in. Works on a different computer...so I guess it's this particular computer. (which is my work computer) I wil just have to use the other computer in my office....
  9. When using "Send to GPS" from the cache page, it's timing out during the download. What ends up in my unit is the name and coords, but no comments, hints, logs. It's been working fine up until yesterday and again this morning. I'm running the 2.5beta firmware in the PN-40...but haven't had any problems until yesterday... HELP! I'm going caching this Saturday! Thanks wickedann
  10. Signed up and pic posted and wall post made! :-)
  11. I'm going to keep an eye on this as I live near a WMA in central Stuben County (west of Corning) that has two old caches and one navicache located in it. Lots of places to place caches if ever re-approved. Thanks for doing the footwork on this! I, for one, appreciate it!
  12. I know EXACTLY where that is! Boothbay Center for lack of a better term...on route 27 headin to the harbor. I smile everytime I pass it....
  13. That explains the global shortage in decon containers. I stopped at a surplus store in Rochester, NY on Monday and he said it was tough finding them...he keeps calling his suppliers, but they don't have any. Oh well, I guess a few ammo cans will suffice....
  14. Ah, yes...but the story you have...!!!
  15. I guess...I got some error message to that effect. Can't upload photos of a TB I took before dropping it off earlier today. So I will try tomorrow...
  16. ...suggest posting in the appropriate regional forum...
  17. Those look FABULOUS Vargseld!!! Please tell me you miss the cold weather here!
  18. I used a Nuvi 750 for a year, with a bit over 200 finds...enough to enourage me to get a proper handheld this year for Chirstmas! (a DeLorme PN-40) Now I can go after the ones back in the woods!
  19. Bought myself a DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 a few weeks ago...good deal on Amazon at the time.
  20. I pass through Horseheads nearly every year on the day after Christmas (on the way to the in-laws). Ya got coords for that? I'd love to see it. Yes! COORDS please! I work at Elmira airport....
  21. There are some close to airports - according to placement rules they are not supposed to be ON airports. However, I know of one near me that's at an on-airport museum with their permission. Nowhere near the airline terminal. I met a pilot during crew emergency training back in March. He was seated across from me at lunch the first day and out of the blue asks if I'm a geocacher...and I had just started the month before. So, yes, there are pilot geocachers out there....
  22. I bought the PN-40 last night on Amazon and it's $14.50 cheaper today!!! That's not fair.... I mean it's only $15 bucks...but that would have covered most of the sales tax at least....BTW, they are in stock at Amazon tonight.
  23. That's great! Maybe I will hafta start doin that with my Nuvi 760, which we call b+(chin betty. My fav two phrases she utters: "recalculating" "when possible...make a u turn"
  24. affiatati7 - You will need: >GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) >Geocaching.com preimum membership The pilotsnipes macro runs in GSAK to load custom points of interest (POIs) onto the Nuvi series. Pretty much explains how to at the website mentioned. I'm not a tech geek, but I figured it out and have had it running for several months. Paperless is just so cool! Happy caching!
  25. I've used my Nuvi 750 exculsively since February 2008, finding over 200 caches. Caches in the deep woods are unreachable due to the short battery life, so I'm considering buying a handheld unit. Depending on where you are located (urban v. rural) and what you are interested in caching for (near to road v. deep woods), the Nuvi with the paperless caching will get you started without spending another $200 on a handheld. If you are still interested after a couple hundred, and want to reach those out-of-the-way caches, then you could get a handheld unit. Happy caching!
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