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  1. My concern with caches at the school is less about who places it and more about who visits it and when. Unknown people wandering around in the bushes can cause a bit of concern, especially if there are members of the school community who don't know about the cache.
  2. Could they have possible gotten wet and been CITOed? I'd think they would have stated that in the log, but who knows. Anywho, just a thought...
  3. This is what I've been doing lately...easy terrain with tons of water.
  4. I just ordered this on Saturday. From my research I believe it can do paperless caching, but the redraw speeds are a bit slow on the maps when doing turn-by-turn...but since you have a car unit that shouldn't be a problem. I am impatiently waiting for mine.
  5. I'm doing some research before I buy my first handheld GPS. Can I batch download waypoints from GSAK into a DeLorme PN-20? I've narrowed myself down to either the PN-20 or the Venture HC and I'm trying to make sure I look at all the issues, etc. before I buy one. I'll gladly accept other advise regarding choosing between the two as well. Thanks in advance!
  6. Quote from article: "Chief Myrick said that his department will continue to work closely with Federal law enforcement officials in this matter and if the person(s) responsible for today’s event are successfully identified, they could be facing both criminal and civil penalties." Wow, putting a cache on anything Federal sounds costly. Does tampering with a mail box (technically USPS property, even if purchased and placed by a citizen in their yard) fall under the same laws as tampering with mail? Seems like someone should've spent a couple more minutes thinking that one over...
  7. Soopadoopa, living a bit west of you I can see what you mean about the small number of caches (I'm wanting to get a bit more experience and a few more reads through the guidelines before i place any) but I'm not sure that what you are suggesting would help. Those cachers in the area who want to hide caches will hide new caches either way. Sadly there just aren't many cachers in the area...which would be the topic of a different thread.
  8. No, we haven't divided, but we do have two totally different types of scenery. Anyone who came to South Georgia looking for trees like those and hills would be quite disappointed! Saying North Georgia is fairly common down here.
  9. Aha! I shall have to be on the hunt! Seriously though, once I find it you'll have to tell me how it works...I've been thinking of getting one too.
  10. I'm sure someone else will have some links, but I seem to remember a thread recently about a bomb scare and a cache under a highway bridge.
  11. Can't be, the best BBQ is in Kansas City!
  12. I use CacheMate on my m505. It works great. I don't know how (or if) it works if you don't have pocket queries though...
  13. If you ever want to do a show in the SW Georgia area TeamAtlas and I could be the studio audience! Thought the show was great by the way...those pesky coordinates have messed me up before too.
  14. Because of the English accent on our Nuvi, Logan (Tin Dog), our little girl, has named her after one of the Doctors companions, Donna Noble.. I sooo dislike the English accent on my Nuvi....which is called GiGi the Know-it-all... but the doctor is great!
  15. My cachemobile is an 05 Prius, so off road caches are on my "future to-do" list.
  16. My Garmin Nuvi 200 lets me input lat/long coordinates and will also let me download waypoints directly from GC...
  17. If I get to GZ and spend some time looking for the find and honestly can't find it, I log a DNF. On the other hand, if I pull up to where the cache is and decide that I'm not interested in that type of search today (crowded parking lot, etc.) or am not completely prepared (forgot hiking stick, bug spray etc.) then I do not log a DNF because I don't feel that I actually tried to find the cache. I don't want to log a DNF and cause the owner to have to go check on their cache because I didn't feel like giving it a good search that day. Since I'm still fairly new at this, I hope my way of handling DNF's is acceptable.
  18. From Albany here and just getting started.
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