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  1. They are still out there - I see them in my change a few times a year! It is fun to see them travel and know others do too!
  2. In my thinking what would be preserved is the location and the logs- the original owner has chosen a location he thought was appealing and it turned out he chose a real winner! The cache page has all the logs (Very Important) - because the logs are so complimentary and interesting it shows others want 'all' to know about it! What a compliment to have someone wanting to continue what you started! Only the special ones would will earn this treatment! What happens to an abandon cache is not an insult to the owner it is a continuation of the original thought! The Adoption of an abandoned cache would be done solely based on the fact that the owner does NOT care or cannot respond. If he can get it back later all is well! If he does not care then it is still there for others who do care and want to see it live on! A cache has a lifespan!???? Wouldn't it be great if the same cache page was still there after 14 CO's took part in its survival! If it dies from lack of admiration its lifespan IS gone!
  3. That is the part of the guidelines I would like to see changed. If the reviewer gives a cache away for a prolonged period of neglect all the owner has to do is ask for it and show intentions to maintain it as the guidelines require! The adopter would have no "SAY" ! It would be a "Use It" or "Lose it" guideline! Except you can always get it back! I predict the number of cachers who want their own missing or destroyed and abandon cache back would be an extremely low occurrence. They may most often want ownership of the location and cache page back! Done! Just ask for it! If the Adopter wants his container back he can go get it! All that is required of any CO is to play the game. If the player does not show up for the game he is off the team, until he shows back up! If you get up from a checker game and stay away too long someone will take you place and you can cry when you come back! It should be made clear anyone playing the game is in fact required to play it and do what is expected or there are consequences as well as relief from some consequences. Again I do not expect many CO's having a problem after clearly demonstrating they don't care to begin with and those that do will have an option! We want the COs' that care and need a great option for great caches that are inspiring great logs of their wonderful experiences! Good things should have a good life!
  4. As I see it the allowance of an abandon caches to be adopted would be the guideline rather than the exception. This proposal MIGHT be heavy in the beginning but settle down rather quickly. I have adopted several caches over time and cared for several abandoned ones! The decisions were just minutes to adopt or not! The worthyness of a cache would mostly be taken on by the adopter giving his reasons. I assume no one would to adopt a cache that bores them. Only a small percentage of abandon caches would be deemed worthy enough by anyone to take on the task. When I see folks having a great time - I just naturally want to see a good thing continue. So far I have never had the owner of an abandon cache respond at all to any response! No response to cache logs, emails, reviewer inquiries, just nothing! He could always get it back if needed and good reason are given such as:Job change, Military duty, Prolonged illness or injury, relocation, Jail, renewed interest in GEOCaching! There don't need to be any stoppers. Just good people finding a way to keep a good thing going! Cache ON!
  5. They can be JPG's but truely not huge - 1500 x 1100, 1200 x 900 etc - they are not usable after being downloaded from the Gallery! If one picture was allowed higher resolution just for the cache page only and not the Gallery it would be really useful for maps of the cache area. Trails on my maps cannot be seen on regular maps even Google Earth! I can convert to almost any format but I need it to print thin lines and text after downloading! No fuzzy maps!
  6. Here is the way I would like to see it go! 1. The reviewer agrees the cache is worthy! 2. The reviewer approves the requesting adopter! 3. The reviewer allows the adoption! 4. The Original Owner now returns and wants the cache back and agrees to maintain it! 5. The reviewer agrees and allows the return - the adopter has input but no real 'SAY' in the matter of the return! Advantages: The worthy cache is part of history and the cache becomes 'FAR MORE' important than the "one who owns it!" The wonderful logs are what tells the story of this cache and might make or break records if it can live! The logs should be unbroken and the UNBROKEN enjoyment is there for whomever takes on the quest! Think of a worthy cache like a mountain and all it owners throughout history - one continuous story can be written and one mountain can be enjoyed by many owners and users. Cachers are trying to adopt caches and need ability to Use the password to do the job correctly! The Original owner is given highest ownership priority of ownership! 6. Tom Hanks makes a movie about the cache! Remember: Even Children and Animals and Property are given a new home if neglect is determined to be significant!
  7. I have often wanted to add a Map to the cache page for the area showing trails not found on any other map! The resolution in the Gallery is NOT enough to show good detail! Are there any tricks to show a high res map without posting a link to another website!
  8. I think a note to the CO is the best response from the beginning because you need more information!. There is no need in this case to try to 2nd guess his response. Let him speak for himself. I have hidden 1 cache in a dead tree and 2 in hollow live trees and they all fell down! A dead tree could be a short lived cache location! If it is dead the biggest worry is having it fall over and having to archive or re-hide the cache! The worst response I ever got from a CO is just simply no response at all! Most are well meaning folks! Give them at respectfully thought out inquiry and await the response! Go from there!
  9. I have now found out by playing with settings that the level of detail choosen affects which level shows up - Change the level from NORMAL to MOST and I still have TWO Levels missing but they different Levels. Not sure if that helps! Still like to show them all! Looks like certain zoom levels are unable to show the map at all!
  10. I am trying to use Basecamp to Load the maps to the GPS and it all goes well - except level 800ft and .2feet zoom level never make it into the GPS. While pressing the + or - Zoom button these two levels show no map or anything else. Above and Below these Levels is all there (I think). Has anyone had this problem and know the solution I would be very greatful! Garmin says I bought outdoor software and installed it on a Marine GPS - which I think is a copout - nowhere I have found say it will not work! The GPS has Geocaching features! I just need to get all the maps in there and use the GPS like anyone else does! Basecamp is up to Date and so is the GPS software! Using Windows 7 on a desktop! TOPO US 24K Southeast loaded to Basecamp and the missing levels are present in Basecamp before downloading! The disc is a DVD.
  11. I agree that an archived cache should be up for adoption and have not heard a good reason for not doing so! I am one who reads the logs of great caches and likes to see them continue! It should be like the county dump - if you want it - take it home. If you take more stuff home from the dumb than you took - you might be a redneck - so let us be Geo-Rednecks!
  12. I always thought the snow flake was there to say you have permission to seek. If a park is closed in the winter and gated it still might be allowed to enter on foot! In this case a snow flake would let you know to go find it even if the park is closed. We have many (walk in is OK) parks like this! If winter is a problem for your cache just say so on your cache page. Cliff sides with ice should be a no brainer - but better safe than sorry!
  13. I like the larger cache size cause I like the trading and adding interesting things to the cache and seeing what is in there. Lame traders tend to diminish the fun by not taking trading seriously! Mostly I just want a great location I have never seen before! Take me somewhere really great! If you do good, I will take a picture of it and tell others about it, then write a nice log too! Surprize me!
  14. There is a piece of software you need to have an "keep" it is called Fizzycalc - down load it and use it. It will show the same co-ordinate in different formats - choose the one you want - input can be almost any format - output is many formats or the same co-ordinate. Very useful when you cut and paste co-ordinates from the internet which show up in many different formats. Give it a try - it is a fast and tiny little program.
  15. Well that was easy - thanks so much for the help - it looks much better now! Thanks to all of you! I will remember you in my will with well spaced lines!
  16. I guess my cases are unique in that I do maintain other abandon caches from time to time and my brother likes to suggest the hide and read the logs but not go out and find them! I should probably just use my id for those and let him watch! I just find it wrong to use not logging on as a criteria for Needs Archive- I prefer if you have an interest in the cache just shoot me an email and we will talk and resolve the issue! The reason I adopt without permission is to preserve the great logs and fun times had with a very worthy cache! I can't be the only one out there that is entertained with others experiences and especially with highly expressive logs! Some are just great! A good cache should have a life of it own and if abandoned there should be a way to adopt it thru the reviewer and preserve the great logs and history of the cache! The Box is not near as important as the experiences we all share playing this game. It is just totally great!
  17. In my cache page, When i hit enter to start a new paragraph it looks right then when I save it - the new paragraph get tacked onto the Previous one with no indention or line spacing. I am not HTML literate. Can this be done without HTML! If so how do I do it!
  18. My Fault! I maintain caches by others as well like Squid229! Draper Mountain Cache!
  19. I have had Needs ARCHIVING post on more than one of my caches based solely upon the fact that I had no reason to log on to the cache in quite some time! Q. Where is this information available - I don't see it on my cache page - how do they know the last time I logged on! If the cache is in good shape, in place, and hidden properly why is not logging on a criteria for requesting anything! Confused!
  20. There has always been a problem with getting help with Garmin to assist with Delorme file transfers - one would not talk about the other so you get caught in the middle. I hope that gets better now. What I want to see is Corrections in Delorme being permanent. They had the river names correct in 8 and 10 is wrong a lot or missing! I would like to trace better especially state borders and rivers. I like Delorme but not happy with all the errors!
  21. It is not just about the batteries you choose - you need a good charger and good practices in charging protocol! My Eneloop being charged by MAHA Chargers are still going since 2006 for both GPS and Camera And wireless mouse. I have GPSMap 72CSX - they have out performed and gone the distance each time on multi day trips! Consider Thomas Distributing - good products and good reading as well! Google rating and read them all! Some say no difference - I say Eneloops are great!
  22. My cache page sometimes say no babbling - just cache related comments - I agree that I don't need every detail but love to hear the stories where interesting things happen and really want to know if you liked the location!
  23. 69 and still doing alot of hiking - sometimes uphill!
  24. Location Location Location - take me somewhere interesting, I wanna say this place is really neat! I usually want a hike and a hunt! Don't make it TOO easy! Place with lots more trails are great as well! Some place my camera will like as well!
  25. Yard sales are a great source of trade items - 25 cents goes along way and you can get some quality stuff!
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