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New Profile "tab"


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I don't see the tracking numbers at all..

When you click on the TB/Coin icon to open the info page for a TB/Coin owned by you is the only time you can see it.


Then, it's on the upper right corner, in the Travel Bug Options section.

I see it now. To bad it was not on the page that list all the ones you own. Like next to the name of the coin of tb tag.



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Are the tabs messed up for anyone else using Firefox?



Now this is interesting. At FIRST, it worked fine. Then I went to another website and came back to geocaching.com and now it looks like your picture above! I can select "trackables, geocaches, etc" but they are invisible on the screen.


I'm using Firefox 1.0 on the Mac.

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Hmm... at first the Coin and TB tab was called "Collectibles", now they are called "Trackables".  Much better!

That's because one wouldn't want to give the impression that TB's and travelling coins are for collecting, they are for travelling. It was changed right away when it was pointed out in the geocaching.com website forums.


When things are in the process of being tweaked it takes a while for things to settle into place. I would wait a couple of days for it to be all done before worrying about anything. You were watching as it was happening. Hey, at least the site stayed up during the changes!

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Last night when I was logging, one log took a really, really long time to load. When it was finally done I noticed right away the changes especially because the fonts are so much smaller in many places. I guess I need stronger bifocals. <_<

Overall I'm in agreement--I like the changes---now off to the eye doc.

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For those that missed it, the new tab labelled "Trackables" was initially labelled "Collectibles". While technically quite accurate, it sent the wrong message <_<

Good call, unfortunate but true in most cases.


As for the change, it looks cool and it is a nice feature as everyone else has said that it adds it up for us.

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Please direct any of your website feature requests to the geocaching.com website forums. This is a geocoin forum. The Flying Spaghetti Monster and I are not the ones who can make those changes. This topic was just to point out that some changes have been made, it's not where you go to request changes, thanks!

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I think they still have more work to do....no mileage between caches on travel bugs...


Had to do a "recalculate distance"....it all came back then

I do not see the mileage between caches any longer either. Tried to recalculate distance on a couple TB's (I know this is a geocoin folder, sorry) and it didn't work. Sure it's a bug and will be re-worked.

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