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What Do You Carry With You While Geocaching?


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I'm a newbie and have logged 5 finds so far. I have found that some things would be very useful to carry with you at all times. What do YOU carry??


I think useful items are:

-a hand towel to dry soggy caches

-extra ziplock bags

-extra pencils

-extra batteries

-a notebook to help me remember condition of caches and what I traded

-a separate container or bag or something for TB's so they don't get lost in the shuffle of stuff

-kleenex would have been useful today!!


(This probably has been done before but the search feature is down.) :P

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That is a very good start. B) I take along many of those items as well as:

  • a pair of tweezers (for getting logs out of very small containers)
  • a mirror (for looking where you don't want to put your hands first)
  • a flashlight
  • a multi-tool
  • my digital camera and an extra battery for it
  • a "bag of swag"
  • plastic bags for carrying out trash, cans, and bottles
  • a good walking stick (for support, but also for poking where you don't want to put your hands first) :P
  • a Palm M500 for "paperless" caching :huh:
  • a couple of ready-to-go caches in case I find the perfect spot :P

Everything goes into a fanny pack. I weighed it one time, and it weighed eight pounds . . . :unsure:

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I'm a newbie and have logged 5 finds so far. I have found that some things would be very useful to carry with you at all times. What do YOU carry??


I think useful items are:

-a hand towel to dry soggy caches

-extra ziplock bags

-extra pencils

-extra batteries

-a notebook to help me remember condition of caches and what I traded

-a separate container or bag or something for TB's so they don't get lost in the shuffle of stuff

-kleenex would have been useful today!!


(This probably has been done before but the search feature is down.) :laughing:

You are more than welcome to visit any of my caches at any time (especially the long hike ones I don't get to for maintenance very often).


Go you! <_<

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I pack a camelback with SWAG items, a pen, a notebook (for remembering what I took and what I put in), a compass, and a tiny flashlight. Of course I have my Apple iPOD too--but I don't think that counts.


On my bike, I have a BT GPS receiver and my iPAQ.


Things I'm looking for abd will likely carry when a suitable one is found: an extensible "stick" to poke around grungy bug piles with.

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I've Got in my camel back,


Digital Camera

GPS attached on outside

Swag in small compartment

Cache Listings in big pocket

Extra Batteries


Newly added


First Aid Kit

Caribiner for Water and other items

Bages for CITO

Just plain wierd stuff because its also my School backpack :laughing:

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I take like nothing compared to you guys heheh :( What i do take is my Garmin Geko 201 (not very good, but for now... :blink: ) also some bug spray, some TBs, my hat (gotta have it :(), a map sometimes, and the cache listing to make sure I got co-ordinates correct. Ty, you guys have given me some good ideas for more... :tired:

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If it is a hike of any distance,

fannypack with-





spare swiss army knife


water bottle

one or two small trade items

also, I often keep a micro ready in the pack just in case I see a spot that needs to have a cache


if its a short walk, just the gps and a pen.

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Everything listed here is great. I'm going to have to add a few items to my camelback.

I think the only thing I'd add is a few small notebooks of various sizes. I frequently run into caches that need a log book replaced due to being filled or being soaked. Depending on the size of the cache you can leave the old one for the owner or offer to mail it to them when you get home. Better yet, orginize an Event Cache and give it to them there :grin:

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Swag in small compartment


For those of us who really are newbies, what's the term "swag" mean?

S = Stuff

W = We

A = All

G = Get



:blink: Very clever Miragee :P

I think it is more of a pirate term.

SWAG would be plundered booty (get your minds out of the gutter. sheesh) that would fill their holds.

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I'm a minimalist when it comes to this sort of thing. I usually take nothing except my GPSr as I generally do most of my caching when I'm on lunch. But, for more organized efforts, I take:



Log sheets

pen and pencil

business cards

camera bag (Pentax K1000 & Mamiya 645E)

Plastic bag for CITO efforts if need be

Cell phone (because patients ALWAYS call when I cache)

Flashlight (Arc AA and/or Arc LS)


That's pretty much it, but 95% of the time I don't have anywhere near that much stuff.

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IN a single shoulder bag and various pockets:



extra batteries

pens and pencils




extra logbooks

extra baggies

trade goodies, large and small


bottled water as needed

extra lighters



Since there are rarely any long hikes in the caching I do I usually keep some more stuff, extras, water, spare shoes and socks, etc. in the vehicle as needed.


For jaunts to trck down a few small caches or when doing urban micros I will carry stuff in my pockets and leave teh bag behind.


If you do a lot of urban caches you might want to bring a clipboard, having one of those in hand makes you look official an less noticeable as you scan the area around the lightpole. If anyone asks you can tell them you're just checking model numbers or something similar.

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I always cache with the following in my pack:


Digital camera - you never know what you might see out there

Gerber multi-tool

Extra pens and pencils

Mini maglight

A bunch of Dunkin Donut's napkins - for when nature calls (you laugh)

A bag of swag

Travel bugs




Extra batteries - I use rechargables. Invest in them, it will pay off

Water - most of the time I have a camelback


Plastic baggies and a few logbooks - I replace them in caches that really need them

Safety whistle - you just never know

Mini thermometer


Depending on the season, extra socks, gloves, hat, or sunblock and bugspray!


Wow, I guess I never tallied what I take. No wonder my wife rolls her eyes when I am getting ready. "What are you doing, climbing Everest?" :)

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Depends on the type of caching i am doing that day..

Mostly i do the marthon cache days, i download a bunch of caches on to my PDA and figure out what i need for the day load up my car.

this is the normal stuff i have on me and i keep in case i need

On myself in a backpack

1. PDA (Palm Zire72)

2. Rino 120

3. Pen

4. Swag

5. Bottle of water

6. camera

7. Cell Phone

In my car

1. first aid kit

2. cooler of food (cuz i don't want to spend to much money(got to save it for the gas money :drama: )

3. bike

4. extra clothing (socks, jeans, sweatshirt)

5. other odds and ends

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I noticed that several of you folks carry a firearm when you go geocacaching. Almost all the areas we have available are parks and they all have signs prohibiting firearms. Are you caching in areas that don't have such prohibitions or are you just hoping you don't get caught?


I'd love to carry my Glock but I don't feel like geocaching in the county lock-up. :lol:

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Here's My List :ph34r:


In My Geo-Bag



 Extra Batteries

 Cache Listings (For Those “Paper” Cachers)

 PDA (For Those "Paperless" Cachers)

 Cell Phone

 Digital Camera

 Firearm (If & When It’s Legal To Carry One)

 Compass (Small Clip-On Type)

 Notebook

 Pen & Pencil

 Gerber Multi-Tool

 Gloves

 Water

 Swag, Travel Bugs & Geo Coins

 Small Towel (To Dry A Wet Cache)

 Tweezers (For Retrieving Those Micro Logs)

 Flashlight

 Cito Bags

 First Aid Kit (With Bug Spray & Purell Hand Sanitizer)

 Muggle Cards

 Toilet Paper (You Never Know)


In My Truck


 A “Ready-To-Go” Cache

 Cooler Of Food & Drinks


Cache Repair Kit (Also Kept In My Truck)


 Logbooks

 Ziploc Bags (Various Sizes)

 Small Baggies

 Golf Pencils

 Pencil Sharpener

 Camo Duct Tape

 Magnets

 Super Glue

 Rubber Bands

 Micro Cache Replacements With Log Sheets

 35mm Containers

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I usually take a pencil, mobile phone, trinkets for trading and a printout from google earth (I don't usually have access to a GPS).


I've also found it worthwhile taking a bird book and binoculars, not just because I genuinely enjoy birdwatching and often spend time birding while geocaching, but it is also a great excuse to be lurking around off the path in parks.

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I like to carry lots of stuff I guess but don't always take the same stuff, for example, if it's just around town then I don't need the extra socks.


But I always have:




spare batteries


my cache log


wipes and paper towels






I don't always take a gun but I have a permit to carry and I didn't get it to leave the gun at home all the time. I have never been searched or otherwise detained so I don't worry about it. There have been times when I was glad I had my gun.

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I have a concealed handgun license and usually carry when I'm out caching.


I hate to say it but in today's world I just don't feel comfortable without a means of defending myself or my family if need be.


God willing I'll never be put in a situation where I need to use it but last week my fiancé, my son, and myself were looking for a cache that was out of the way and near the cache site we ran into 3 men that had been drinking at the location and who were all pretty well lit.


As soon as they spotted us they became very routy, saying explicit things to my fiancé (in front of my 7 year old son) and trying their best to get me to engage back in this confrontation.


After some some creative talking I finally convinced them that it wasn't worth it and they stumbled off. But, I have to admit that I was frightened and honestly thought it was going to resort to me having to pull my gun out to get these guys to back off!


After a few minutes we left as well (I wasn't worried to much about the cache at this point). I just wanted to get us out of there.


Just a quick personal experience to share, watch yourself out there.

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this stuff I have on me at all times:



Cell Phone.

Leatherman Kick multi tool.

Jeep "Tactical" knife.


Just hitting a couple of urban caches, I have:

GPSr (duh)

Palm M515




If it's even a short ways off the road in to 'wild' terrain, include:

NEF .22 revolver with snake shot.

Leather gloves.


If I expect the hike to be any real distance at all, my full caching bag is brought out to play:

First aid kit.

Extra log paper.

Toilet paper.

Compressed towels.

Collapsing cup.




2X Protein bars.

Energy drink.

*added because he forgot about them 'cause they're new* CITO bags.

And of course I take water.


If I think there's any chance of being out after dark two items get added:

Better flashlight than the one in my bag.

Black Light.


All of EVERYTHING weighs around 10 pounds or so, plus the weight of any water I'm carrying. and most of it fits in a pack I picked up at the military surplus store for that very purpose.

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We're newbies too and have already added a few things to our geobag after a few outings and needing things we've forgotten! Our bag:


GPS (of course)

HP pocket PC (new addition-thanks to my techie/geeky husband!)

extra batteries

cell phone

GeoJournal-our notebook where we write all of our finds (a page for each find with name of cache, date, time, weather and any other descriptors-pictures added to the back of some-ie: first find, etc)



first aid kit

chapstick, allergy meds, hand gel



sun screen

small baggies

point 'n shoot digi camera

small water bottle


I usually have a target/walmart bag or 2 to place trash in as needed

and just added-bug spray "towelettes" after hiking in the woods and encountering the mosquitos (not to mention I'm scared to death of getting a tick!!)!!


I may be adding to it after reading some of the other ideas!!




Jena of The RedStone

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