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  1. ...and it all began with Pip's birthday
  2. Hmmmm.... If I can find a paying job.... Will try to bring IndyDiver, regardless.
  3. Hello? Are y'all in Pennsylvania?
  4. It's closer. You're on the list. I did an article about geocaching and featured The Oldtimers a few years back. This was for The Southside Times out of Beech Grove. One of my former editors called me up today to find someone.
  5. Hiya campers! A friend of mine is looking to write an article on geocaching and needs a player in Westfield, Indiana. I'm in Indianapolis and don't quite qualify. I'm betting it's for your local weekly. You can email me at torry_stiles@yahoo.com or via the Groundspeak message system or by posting here.
  6. I don't know of many caches anywhere large enough for those. Those items are usually passed around at events... often mischeiviously. Looks like you need to attend an event or two and pass them on.
  7. ... and let's add cough drops to the list. I have far too often found a sticky mess inside a container when someone thought a wax-paper-wrapped Vick's lozenge would be appropriate.
  8. Hmmmm ... teaching Milo about fire.... hmmmm ... i may have a new mission in life.
  9. hmmmm... Let me check my past arrest records.
  10. The snow will never melt. It only melts where Patrick has been at. Fortunately the Hoosier Peehound gets around a lot.
  11. Hey, Shockwave! Your first cache is in the news! Link didn't take me to a page about geocaching, Torry. Sure it did... you just have to read between the lines.
  12. Hey, Shockwave! Your first cache is in the news!
  13. My Southside Times cache made it into the Southside Times newspaper this week.
  14. "It had been a tough week for poor Jenny. The dog was sick. The car broke down. She ran out of her favorite conditioning rinse..."
  15. Would you REALLY want any? I can if you like. ... but it won't be pretty.
  16. Would love to attend but I have just about used up my "honey-can-I-go-camping-this-weekend?" goodwill vibes with the wifey. Have to save some for a drunken bacchanalia on Halloween.
  17. Wish I could stay the weekend but I'll be day-tripping it with a special guest. I strongly endorse the staff here. I camped here a few weeks bac and they were great ... well, except for the part where the police chased me out of the shelter and back to my rain-soaked tent. ... but the park staff is wonderful. A lot of your amenities (ice, charcoal, etc.) are only minutes away by car. The park is located very close to town.
  18. Add Torry and IndyDiver to the list. We'll be day-tripping it Saturday. Hmmmmmm ... what kind of food should I bring? ..... ... something ... spicy ... or sweet? ... hmmmmmm...
  19. They need more banking on the track. There's no cushion out there whatsoever.
  20. Oooooo. A new one. Can I get you something to eat?
  21. Avoid the damp spots. ... just thought you should know.
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