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  1. ignore this or delete this please. My bad
  2. SO I just called Garmin about the inaccuracies with the Vista HCX and how the unit isnt placing me in the spot I am. I just updated the software to 2.60 so i have the lastest software. They told me it was inaccuracies with the topo micro SD i bought from REI, but I wasnt looking at Topo when they called, I was looking at the streets listed in the unit. I sent the support person i talked to to the forums here, and he said according to Garmin there are NO inaccuracies with the unit. And he went on to say that there wasnt enough information on the Forum for him to place a notice. I say we get everyone who has a Vista HCX and have them all list our problems in this forum, then we email the forum to Garmin.
  3. Do you mean Weekend Explorer 3D topo from National geographic? Yes Johnny I couldn't remember the full name of the software.
  4. So Im Trying to Do Paperless Caching, and Im wondering if I can take the .gpx or .loc files i get from Geocaching and transfer them to Weekend Topo for the Bay Area.
  5. Did you load the drivers for the comm port adapter? Not sure - but likely the comm-3 showing up is your modem. I did Load the Drivers. I am running on a Wireless Network, on Broadband. WOuld I have a modem? Well - you didn't specify if you had a modem or not. Since I can't see your computer, it was just a guess. The drivers are just the first step - there is more to it, but it was a good base-line to start from. Some of the adapters have a problem meeting the RS-standard. There is a list of which ones work and which ones don't - I have that somewhere in this computer..... But obviously - you need someone way smarter than me to help you. My adapter works - so I don't have any experience with ones that do not work. I will back out here and let you wait for someone more qualified. Someone who doesn't start by asking the simple questions. I got it to work. Just took a Little fiddiling and Using EasyGPS to tell me which port it used.
  6. Did you load the drivers for the comm port adapter? Not sure - but likely the comm-3 showing up is your modem. I did Load the Drivers. I am running on a Wireless Network, on Broadband. WOuld I have a modem?
  7. SO My laptop doesnt have the Serial port that the Garmin VIsta needs to connect to a PC. I went out and got a converter, so i could connect it to live track in National Geographic Topo. THe COnnector is a USB to the 9-pin Serial port. I tell NG Topo to test the connection for COM port 3 with a Baud rate of 9600 it says "No Response. Check connection and restart GPS." WHen I test on the USB it says "could not establish USB connection to Device." Help me please. Im getting frustrated. THe only COM port that gives a search is COM port 3, All the others just automatically give the message.
  8. Well, I just dont feel motivated to go Anybody got any suggestions on what i should do. It seems like evertime i go hunting i get DNF's.
  9. Well im talking Northern California, Marin area
  10. How difficult is it to get a Lisence for the GMRS?
  11. Ficky


    Do you need a lisence for them?
  12. Do you need a Liscence to you the 2 way radios you see in REI or other outdoor stores?
  13. I shoulda followed that, Before I went after Lefty's last strike, and had to walk 3 miles back to the car. That WASN'T Fun!!! Always, ALWAYS read the printouts before you go out!!!! I learned that the hard way.
  14. I've Got in my camel back, Digital Camera GPS attached on outside Swag in small compartment Cache Listings in big pocket Extra Batteries Newly added First Aid Kit Caribiner for Water and other items Bages for CITO Just plain wierd stuff because its also my School backpack
  15. I'm 17 and I cache with Mostly my friends, who are also highschool Seniors.
  16. I'm 17 and ive been Caching since I was 15. 21 finds. ITs kinda hard, what with school and all so I dont go that often, but I go when I can. Like during long breaks such as this one.
  17. I'm in high school, so i just say that i am using the GPS to locate interesting Flora and Fauna to have my teacher look at. It usually has people just scratch their heads and walk away. If they just keep bugging me i tell them about it, or I'll just bust out into one of my Kempo forms. Ficky
  18. here are some good sayings for this: Would you like Mctoys with that? Where in the world are we? Alligator Who are you? Who am I?
  19. can anybody add a Etrex to my avatar? I am computer illetrate when it comes to that sort of thing. thanks in advance.
  20. Could you make me a Avatar of a shaolin monk holding a Garmin Etrex It's something that I do and its what keeps me in shape between caches. It would be truely appriciated. Ficky
  21. here are my suggestions: Geocaching: a good excuse to get outside and exersice. Geocaching: a way to feel like a kid again Geocaching: the story of adult treasure seekers in the forest. Geocaching: a good excuse to get away from it all Geocaching: Where the Hell am I? Where the Hell am I? the story of Geocaching Your looking for tupperware. The the sicience behind Geocaching.
  22. I have the coolest mutt in the whole world. She was a stray that our neighbors found and gave to us since they had a dog. She is a golden retriever, coker spanil and a chow. I would recommend either of the first two sinc the chows tend to be very territorial. My dog goes crazy if there is a person on the otherside of the street. German shepards are very good with kids. I recommend a rescue dog, there are dogs in many shelters that people either don't want or couldn't take care of.
  23. Sunshine-Gang, Not all kids will just destroy a cache. I am still in highschool and cache with at least 5 other friends so u can't say that all kids will wreck caches. Now to the topic: I usually say I am doing a science project on local flora and fauna with a gps. People I usually see will leave me alone because either the don't know what that means or that I'm about six feet tall and can be a menacing person when i want to be. Ficky
  24. In california, TMA-1 is from what I understand really good I hope to hit it next month with acouple of people. Or if you pass near marin you could stop in on Huff'in and Puff'in by Forman. It really confused me the first try. Thought i would try and help!, Ficky
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