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  1. Electronic compass is alright for getting around but never leave a proper compass at home when setting out.
  2. Haven't done it yet. Hate having to check people's honesty. If someone complained I would check though.
  3. I have made a stencil of the logo. Not too hard to do really.
  4. Two books called "How to s*** in the woods" and "Up s*** Creek" have some useful info and some funny stories.The books are by Kathleen Meyer and J. Lindsay a river rafting guide. I tried to post links here but the names in the URL were censored out. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Seriously, it is something we as cachers should know how to do in a safe and sanitary manner.
  5. I was hosting a geocaching event at the local museum when they got a call from someone who had found a cache while doing repair work near a bridge. The person wanted to know what to do with the cache and who they should contact. They called the museum on the off chance they would know what geocaching was or know of someone who would.
  6. I sometimes visit one of my own caches to drop off or swap TBs or coins that I have held for a couple of weeks. I usually choose my own because they are closest to home. All you have to do is post a note.
  7. My goal really isn't one I guess. I just want to keep on caching as long as I am having fun. Whether that means averaging a cache a week or every other day or every other month. Just do it and have fun and take it from there.
  8. Maybe these will help you out.... Here is a quick micro of mine in Bible Hill Le Puits Sacré Here is a hard to be subtle micro downtown On Track Another micro close to the one above CCEDP 2005 One near the mall I see dead people A good place to view the bore Better Look Out Another quick one where you can view the bore What do you call the other side of the bore? A tucked away spot I didn't know about before The Hidden Jewel A bit of hike but we enjoyed it Black Beauty That is just a few of them. You can easily find ones nearby yourself. Some involve a bit of a hike. Hope you enjoy the caches and your trip!
  9. If you take the dog for a leek the question answers itself, or you can just state the obvious. If your dog is sniffing and snooping and you happen to be staring ithe other way into a shrub or under something no one seems to notice. After all, you have to give the guy some privacy. Also, in a pinch you can make your GPS look like a cell phone or camera. "Oh, I'm just playing with my camera". I have never been called on this trick... yet. Might be a good way for an cacher unknown to myself to make me sweat for a few minutes though.
  10. From what I remember Nelson looks nothing like Tasmania either...
  11. Really you should get your GPS as close to the top of the cache location as possible. Sometimes you cannot get right on top of it because of the way you hid it. I don't see any reason for taking a reading anywhere else. Some people who hide a cache and cannot get great accuracy because of tree cover may take a step back to get a clearer reading. In this case you are probably doing future seekers a favor while not being right on top of it you reading will still be closer.
  12. I consistently get more life out of rechargeables than alkalines and they save you a bundle as well. I still carry a set of alkalines for back up for my GPSr or flashlight. One way to help prolong the battery life is to give it what is called a "deep clean" by completely draining about once a month or so. The newer generation of rechargeables do not have a "memory" like the old ones (when you recharged them when they were half drained they would never take a full charge again). But, according to several rechargeable sites and articles I have read this complete draining of the newer rechargeables helps prolong them. Still, they are rated for 1000 charges and if they only worked for 500 they more than pay for themselves.
  13. As for archived caches. Some cachers will leave their abandoned caches in the field and go on to place new ones. I think a cacher should not be allowed to place any new ones until old ones are dealt with first. Just my opinion.
  14. A DNF is very helpful for a cache owner to keep track of things and decide when it is time to check things out. I don't see any shame in logging a DNF. In a couple of instances I have had players contact me when they couldn't find a cache but refused to log a DNF. That is their choice I guess.
  15. I found 30 in 6 hours, but I know of several who have found more than that.
  16. What kind of GPS do you have? My old 315 is not good for finding caches. It would get you out of the woods, but for caches it just didn't cut it. It was always about .050 to.10 degrees off on the longitude. Inputing corrections and all the other tricks did not work. Hold it side by side with other GPSr's and you see the difference. I am not saying that is your problem but sometimes it is the unit and not you.
  17. You bought the tag, enjoy it however you see fit.
  18. Oh and I did buy 2 coins. Don't know whether I will release them or not. It is a great way to recognize Canada's first cache and let others be a part of it.
  19. No, I am not. But many GC.com coins tend to go higher. These coins are being minted in small quantities and locally. Many local cachers are buying them up. So I guess it just boils down to how bad you want one. I see coins for sale commemorating something or other on the other side of the continent or wherever. If it doesn't have a lot of significance to me I probably won't fork over the money to buy it.
  20. The price seems high? A lot of brand new geocoins on ebay go for much more...
  21. I like to pack light when I cache. Whether I am making several urban or roadside stops or making my way through the woods I always carry a small bandolier bag. It can hold my GPS, flashlight, pocket knife, fire starter, spare batteries, water bottle, compass(just in case), cache repair kit, sunscreen, emergency blanket, pens, pencils, etc. Many times I have a spare cache or micro in it as well. It isn't big but it worksI like having something small on my back so I can still have mobility in the field. It doesn't look out of the way in the city. It doesn't catch on trees very easily if I have to snake my way through the woods.
  22. I buy my black tape at the dollar store and it works fine. You can buy camo tape here if you are stuck Camo Duct Tape at 3 Geeks Outdoor Store
  23. Google Earth is a great way to line up caches that you go plan on finding. Especially an area with a lot of road or water junctions. It is also handy to quickly check an area for cache saturation or find a general area to hide a cache.
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