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What Did You Get For Xmas That Is Geocaching


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I got my very first GPSr- the one my mom got my dad for Christmas a couple years ago and he never used. No more borrowing. It's mine now! I also got my ferret and I a nice retractable leash so he can be my new caching partner. He should provide for good cover if muggles are around, since he loves rooting around in piles of leaves and sticks anyway.

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you guys do not even want to KNOW what geo-gifts i received.


santa was so obscenely good to me that i am embarrassed to tell you.

Well, I am not embarrassed to say that I had the BEST Christmas EVER!!!


I got a new GPS. a Garmin GPS 60. My hubby got a Foretrex 201. I also got a new sewing machine with auto buttonholer and a new serger. I know, not geocaching related, but I make costumes for sidesaddle horse riders to make extra gas $$ so I can afford to go caching. So its sort of related. I also got myself a couple of geocoins. Hubby got me two collectible coins from Washington DC. Not gc's, but very nice. I also got two pairs of riding pants, so I can do some horseback caching and cache placing. Hubby and I both got new saddle blankets (matching B) ) so we can look nice, too.


Now, if I didn't have to work this week so we could go caching!!!

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My caching stuff

Long underwear (for winter caching)

Coffee syrups (for warming up after winter caching)

$50 (plan on spending it at Cabela's)


Daughter's caching stuff

Santa geocoin


Hubby's caching stuff

LED flashlight (he LOVES night caches)


We also spent Chrsitmas day disassembling a Tamagotchi (electronic pet that daughter received as a gift last Christmas) to turn it into a TB. We send it on its way today to participate in a coast-to-coast TB contest.

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Santa (aka Mr G and hammycacher) were very good to me, and brought me a new Garmin Map 60CS! Whoohoo! Much more accurate than my little Etrex Vista, but not quite as comfortable in the hand. Mr G and I went out to the country today to try it out, and it was a charm! Plus, Santa brought us gorgeous winter caching weather as well. That, plus last year's present of a Palm, are making caching so much more enjoyable. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Where do I start???


1. Abacus by Fossil Wrist PDA

I actually have cachemate loaded with over 1000 caches on this thing. The perfect addition while on the trail.


2. Rainier Jacket


3. Micro-Cache Capsule


4. Travel Bug for Hitchhikers


5. Micro Cache Log Book


6. 1.75" x 4" Small Cache Sticker


7. Columbia Sportswear Omni-Dry Venture Vest


8. IPOD Video 30G

Ipod video 30G - For music while on the the way to the cache. Left in the truck while on hikes through the woods, so I can listen to natures music.


9. ROC™ Booney - Hat


I'd say my wife was good to me this year. Prior to Christmas since July 22, 2005 geocaching list.


1. Garmin GPSmap 60cs

2. Garmin Legend C

3. Garmin Legend w/Topo

4. Mapsource City Select

5. High Sierra Trek 45+ back pack

6. MiGO Hat - Tan / Tan

7. Palm Tungsten E2


At least I think this is it. :D

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An ammo can, complete with swag, Geocaching sticker for the outside, logbook, pens, and two travel bugs...basically, a completely ready to place cache!


This was from Seamus, my Secret Santa from the Cheers thread. Too cool!

I got the same exact thing for my birthday back in september, still haven't placed it yet though

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when i saw the posters name for this thread, i thought to myself "i dont remember posting that thread". then i noticed, no s at the end of the name. i wonder if any other 2 geocaching names are as close to being the same. :laughing:


geocaching related items i got were some ammo cans and a pair of insulated waterproof bibs.

I found you for the first time today too, what are the chances?


So why did you choose the name?

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well, it was originally stangguy96gt, but my gf got doing it with me. she didnt want to have a seperate account so we decided wed rename my account something thatd describe us both.


just so happens we enjoy nature caches most, requiring hikes and such. and most of out outdoor clothing and equipment is camouflage. so when we go out caching, we have something camouflage on. coming home one day from caching we were talking about a name for ourselves. we ran through lots of names, and i eventually spit it out cause we were both wearing camouflage. we both liked the ring of it, and so it stuck. :laughing:

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you guys do not even want to KNOW what geo-gifts i received.


santa was so obscenely good to me that i am embarrassed to tell you.

Spill it!!!! Geocachers want to know........................ :laughing:

all righty...


i hope i don't leave out any of the important items:


lots of nice smartwool socks.

several little round hats to which i am particular

a selection of long-and- shortsleeve techwick shirts

some very nice midweight bergelene tops and bottoms

some very cute little techwick undies, because cotton under all that defeats the purpose

one o' them million candlepower lights

a hand-cranked flashlight for those really long multis

a carrying case for my snowshoes (so my other gear doesn't get wet/scratched)

a car seat organizer because when i cache i live in my car and it's hard to keep all my stuff tidy

assorted little carrying cases

a sweet little microfiber towel (in a cute little carrying case)

a collapsible trashcan for the car

a "where in the world are you?" game to amuse my scruffy geocaching friends

assorted snacks to feeed same

the garmin north american topo maps

likewise the cityselect maps,

and a toshiba satellite laptop


-and get this-


for the EXPRESS purpose of convenience in mobile downloading and management of PQ's. i am not kidding about this.


i got some other stuff too, but it wasn't geocache related.


i hope you're glad you asked.

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