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  1. I am having the same issues. Using Windows 7 and the latest version of Firefox.
  2. I am messing around with a:drake, but can not figure out how to have the search give me a result of caches that I have NOT found. Each time I do a search, the result is all caches from my location. I am sure it is in the settings, but I have not figured it out yet. I am not using the "GeoGet" app. I may just stick with c/geo since it works well. Does anyone know what needs to be set so I can receive a search result on non-found caches from my current location?
  3. Where is the setting? I am trying to turn it off, but can't find it in my profile. Thanks Accounting Settings / Manage Account Preferences. Would have been better to put a check box on the profile pages, to minimize poking aorund for it. I guess I am blind as I still can't find it. More help please. .
  4. Yeah, moving 2 million hits from Google to OSM is bound to have an effect on OSM tsk tsk tsk...you said it. I think their servers is screaming now. Very, Very slowwwwww
  5. No more Google Maps Read this... Google Maps update
  6. Where is the setting? I am trying to turn it off, but can't find it in my profile. Thanks
  7. Update: Recently Viewed Caches list Would it be possible to make this an option or to appear at the bottom of the page? I prefer to have my logs appear first. The way it is currently set up, it shows duplicate caches (recently viewed and logged) on my profile page. .
  8. I did one this morning just to see how it works and it does not show as me having completed it. I guess I did something wrong. Oh well.
  9. Still no clue to why they are not working for me. No big deal, I will make do elsewhere.
  10. TTJ, I edited the original post. Hopefully this makes more sense. I do not see ANY cache symbols when I first open the geocaching map(beta). Once I zoom out 4 times, I will see around 4-7 caches on the entire map, when I know there are over 200 caches in the area. Thanks
  11. When I view caches on the geocaching map (beta maps at default map size) while in Firefox 5.0 I see no cache symbols. If I zoom out far, the caches will eventually appear but only in small groups of 3 - 7 caches appearing on the map. If I use IE 9 I have no problems at all. When using the previous version of Firefox, I had no problems. Using Windows 7 Any ideas.
  12. When I view caches on the new Beta maps, none of the geocache icons show on the map. I can put my cursor where the cache is and the name will pop up, but no icons. I have tried turning off the personalization of the icons and nothing shows. Not sure what is going on with the Beta maps. I am using Firefox 4.0.1 Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. I have had a FTF or two before. But if I don't find it as soon as it is published, it will be there later and I will still log a find.
  14. Some of the Greasemonkey scripts need to be updated before they will work correctly with the site. Thank you for the quick reply
  15. Some nice updates, but when I open up a single cache in its own page, the name of the cache is all scrunched up in the middle of the page at the top. I am using Firefox 3.6.13
  16. Just noticed that I logged a few caches and the Stat Bar on my profile page did not update. Has anyone else seen this happen? I was not sure where to post this, so if it is in the wrong forum, please move it. Thanks
  17. I had one come through at 2:46 am. But I am still waiting on 3 others.
  18. Larry, Thanks! Found it.
  19. Where is this option switch? I can't seem to find it on my profile page. Thanks
  20. JC_Geo

    PQ problem

    My 2 PQs just showed up.
  21. JC_Geo

    PQ problem

    I also am waiting on PQs. I have two PQs that run twice a week and they show the last time generated was the morning of September 28. I have not needed new PQs since then, but I was hoping for new PQs to be sent today. I just checked my email and they are not there and it shows that the last time generated was the morning of September 28. I have not tried creating new PQs, but I may if I don't see them soon. Thanks
  22. I looked and can't seem to find that anyone has mentioned this issue. When looking at Google Maps, I can only see the Sattellite view. I can not view it with only the maps showing. Is anyone else having this issue?
  23. I am trying to preview a PQ in Google Maps by clicking on the “Preview In Google Maps” icon listed on the “My Pocket Queries” page, and not having any luck. After clicking on the icon, it goes to the Google Map of Green Lake and continues spinning the “requesting geocaches” note. This goes on for a long time and never brings up the PQ area map. I have tried a few different PQs. Anyone else have this same problem? Using IE 7.0
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