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  1. 50 is an arbitary figure - it could be 20 - but yes the app has to do the job - currently it clearly is not
  2. I am aware that logs have been deleted from the other two - though i think mainly FROG - and mainly because images are not being uploaded with the logs and it is those that are being deleted - one log for FROG I noted had 72 images which were all holiday snaps and none of frog The difference between them (FROG and NEAT) and this one (FAVE) is that the request of not to use old photos and also to ensure the location was revisited - as a comparison to the first two HQ locationless caches those requirements are and will be so much harder if not impossible to check I sympathise as I don't envy the job of whoever is monitoring that one
  3. The very first Ad Lab I did I have recently discovered that the initial icon for an Ad Lab (which I placed 3 years ago) is now hiding another icon for a cache that it related to. Originally Ad Labs did not appear on any other maps, they were separate to the Ad Lab App and so the fact that i used the same co-ords wasn't an issue - now that they are interlinked I am having to move the icon. So i have gone onto the Ad Lab editing page and done this My question is does anyone know how long it takes for the re-positioning to show up on the maps / apps I changed it half an hour ago and yet on the Ad Lap App - th e icon hasnt moved.
  4. We noticed this from when caching started again after covid kicked in - many newbies finding something local to do and geocaching took them out walking but just jumping on to the app and not reading the 'small print' - like the rules !! - We had to advise many who did our trails that signing was just the one fundemental rule they needed to ensure was adhered to - most didn't realise More recently tik-tok and instagram have caused many more to show interest and again jumped straight onto the app and not understanding about the signing logsheet rule It is frustrating when we get lambasted for deleting logs (which we do once messages AND emails have been sent and neither are responded to) One reply was "obvious you don’t want people to find your caches if they don’t have any writing implements. shame you’ll miss out many catchers looking for your caches I will delete both and make sure we don’t do any more of yours. Best regards" I have always advocated the app should have a pop up message for the first 50 finds reminding the person that the logsheet has to be signed and if they haven't done it then they can't log online
  5. I am aware of that - but are you really telling me that once everyone IS back in the office spurious logs will be deleted Hope the weekend went well :-)
  6. I did say amendments were made - but I added that i didnt think it was all still clear enough
  7. The whole purpose of my original comment (1st after the OP) was to highlight that the instructions did not say Revisit or dont use an old photo - this was eventually acknowledged and amendments made - however I still dont think the 'instructions' are clear enough and of course the CO is failing in their duty to delete spurious or non-complying logs. I have seen many caches where HQ have archived them due to the COs allowing spurious or non complying logs such as webcams and yet this happens on one of their own Off to find an old photo
  8. NO, YOU HAVEN'T Please advise where on the cache page any of this is mentioned ??? see below as that is exactly what it says The whole point of this post is - what was said in the OP is completely different to what is stated on the cache page - which basically reads 'recall a place you liked and post a photo of it and tell us where it was' IT DOES NOT say you have to make a revisit nor does it say you can't use an old photo - and based on how the cache page currently reads you will find the majority of loggers will 'armchair log ' this one
  9. Which is a shame as that is what made the original locationless what they were - anyhow - @Rock Chalk can you answer the points about the fact that REVISITING the location and NO OLDS PHOTOS not being on the cache page as these are two important factors to most people not revisiting and using old photos - thus armchair logging
  10. I am hoping to complete my Jasmer WITHOUT visitng the ole US of A - only one to go - just saying ;-)
  11. The area seems to be sufficient though if a specific cache is relevant then add those detals
  12. I agree - many of our favourite places were on a trip 12,000 miles away when we toured round NZ for nearly 4 months However it does say Favourite 'Local' places - which begs another question - how are they going to monitor whether the place you are 'favouriting' is in fact local to you as there is no means that the cache can prevent you posting anything other than a local place
  13. An interesting point - because I had not created two seperate lists through clicking on the ignore or creating a bookmark - as I will have only done one of those. I believe the auto generated list when clicking the ignore button was how my original 'Ignore' list was put together and I added to that over the years - I did not then create a second bookmark list as I had already got one in place. As I mentioned above I think what has happened is that a second list somehow was created when the 'ignore Tab' was devised - it seems to have taken what was in my already established ignore list to put together a set of caches under that tab and then for some reason a second list also called ignore was formed. When I discoved the two lists both called ignore (before I realised there was the ignore tab) I got rid of one as they were duplicating each other - but it seems i got rid of the newly formed list which in turn then deleted all the caches in the ignore tab Are you still with me....... Additionally where my original ignore list was what was used to stop those caches from appearing in searches - when the new tab was devised that moved that function to the new ignore list (in bookmarks) and by my deleting that new list, keeping my old list - this meant all those caches then appeared in my searches again
  14. Yea, but I want my list of favourites private - so failing in their trying to comply ;-)
  15. Yes I agree - it is a new cache as yet unavailable - though if, as it says in the OP above - you have to REVISIT the location you want to highlight and post a NEW photo of you at the location then it comes closer to being a reasonable locationless - however if you read the cache page itself, NONE of that is specified and as you say it would seem - post a photo and you can claim the find. But then the CITO one wasn't too dissimilar - have a photo of you holding a rubbish sack - job done ;-)
  16. Interesting new Locationless - However it does not say on the cache page "Old photos are not permitted" which it mentions above - I can see old photos being used if it isn't specified on the cache page "This gives you some time to think about which favorite local place you would like to revisit" - This obviously indicates that you have to go back to a cache location, in order to be able to log this cache - again however this is not how it reads on the cache page Just going by the cache page - you can add a photo of a place you have visited previously and say why you liked it (though even that last bit isn't specified)
  17. OK - I think I may have got to the bottom of it A couple of weeks ago I was 'cleaning' out my lists (caching trips already completed etc) and i noted there were 2 'Ignore' lists - I noted one had a couple more than the other but essentially these were the same - so i deleted the one with more in as the other was up to date (archived caches removed etc) I now think that when the new ignored caches' Tab was created it took those caches from the original ignore list but in the process a secondary list was created from that - In deleting that second list this then removed all the caches from the tab list So whoever may be reading this you may also find that if you had created an ignore list years ago - you might find you actually have 2 ignore lists - be careful which one you delete I have just had to re-populate the ignored caches tab (which I was trying to avoid) in order that they do not appear on my searches
  18. Additionally - it is possible that you had an original ignore list (like I have) and that list of caches transferred over without you being aware (which is how you'd have thought it should be)
  19. Thanks I take it that you edited this list yourself though by adding the various caches (I am referring to the tab as in the image in the OP)
  20. Yes, I am getting that same thought as I have tried with the list and it does remove the favourite rather than remove it from the list (except of course removing the favourite will remove it from the list !!) Why is it you can set some things to private but not that ???
  21. For a long time I have had a list of caches that i do not want to appear in searches and these were placed in a list called 'Ignore' - most being caches that I adopted out due to moving out of an area. As I didn't want to see them on any searches for that area when I go back, from time to time I stuck them in the ignore list. Up until very recently all of those caches in that list did not appear in any searches However in the last couple of weeks I have noted that these caches are now appearing in searches - I have checked the search filter page and there is no box to tick for any 'ignored' caches So why is it that these caches are now appearing in searches when the whole point of the ignore list was that they shouldn't (see below, I think I have found out why) ** Note - I am aware there is now an 'ignore list' tab alongside the 'My lists' and 'Favourites' tabs in the Lists section of the profile - and this is empty (which probably answers my first query) Surely when this tab was created - shouldn't the list of caches in the original 'ignore' list have been transferred over - I have had a look and i can not see how to move that list of caches over to this tab - does that mean I have to manually enter ALL those caches again ?? - or is there a simpler way Tim
  22. @Hügh I can see how you hide lists like that which are found in the bookmark lists section, however, as you pointed out at the top of your reply I was referring to the TAB 'Lists' which gives all the favourites I have given out I do NOT have a list of these favourites in my bookmark lists - so am not able to hide them The Bookmark lists which are referenced at the bottom of this tab are the ones that I have set to public and happy for that to be the case - I am simply referring to the very long list of caches that i have given favourite points to - and it is that part that I want to set as private
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