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  1. Mone have now caught up and this is now all correct (for me )
  2. of course not - but I am going by my knowledge of the many cachers in my area - if all the cachers in your area read all their own logs then that is great - but it doesnt happen round my way ;-)
  3. Multis have several GZs as all are often found by using a set of co-ords and on reaching those co-ords you have a task gather info or find the cache so YES if you fail to find a stage of a multi - the reason maybe that it is missing so a DNF would be suitable - but a multi just the same as a trad - not reaching GZ (whether a stage or final) and then not looking for the info at that stage or at the cache at the final means you have searched at that point so you can't give a false indicator that something may be amiss
  4. For me a DNF is an indicator that you searched for the cache at GZ and did not find it - for a CO this could, along with other DNFs, be an indicator that the cache may be missing. You can not say how your search went as you didn't do one. Many COs do not read the actual logs but do watch how many DNFs appear so you doing a DNF may be a false indicator On this occasion you did not search for the cache - unfortunate circumstances resulted in not reaching GZ - so not a DNF - but a write note if you are going to document it at all. I had a similar situation on a trip to NZ - having solved a puzzle that took me to one of the islands, a trip (fall) while on my way to GZ (and I was far nearer than 450m - probably only 50m ) resulted in an injury that resulted in an overnight stay in hospital when I got back onto the mainland - I didn't get to GZ, I didn't search for the cache but I did do a write note log.
  5. Hi @IloveWCT Not really the right spot as this is a seperate topic to the original post - but to answer - in order to get a challenge cache published you will be required to add a 'checker' to the cache listing - this checker enables them to prove and you to check if 'finders' of the cache do qualify if you go to the relevant section on project GC they will help you - use this link https://project-gc.com/forum/list?8
  6. AL are different to the rest of the caches - yes, deleting them is your choice - but only YOU can delete your AL finds as we have discovered that neither the CO or HQ can do so - so if your AL count went down everyone will know that is only you doing that and so it is unlikely the system can claim you are armchair logging since it is an inept system anyway
  7. Will anything be done about the fact that souvenirs do not get removed if it turns out the cache that created it gets deleted due to the fact that the cacher was armchair logging Example : A cacher lives in Australia, has only found caches in Australia - On 31st July he finds caches in his local area but on 1st August he logs a webcam cache in Germany and on the same day claims two virtuals in different states in the USA and the very next day (2nd August) back to logging caches in Australia. So he gets a souvenir for Germany, a souvenir for the German state, a souvenir for US and two souvenirs for the two US state - 5 new souvenirs while sitting in his lounge at home in Australia We know this happens -... However 3 astute COs note this and delete the 3 logs - so now his stats show he has only found caches in Australia - except the souvenirs these remain, so he has gained 5 souvenirs by essentially doing nothing So we come to Challenge caches and specifically those where the criteria is to have X number of souvenirs - being able to log caches like this in the knowledge that they may well be deleted but you gain souvenirs in the process makes the challenges for souvenirs a farce. I understand this is similar to other aspects of the game and other challenge criteria but many will change if logs get deleted If the challenge was to find 10 webcam caches (for example) then you would have to rely on those logs not being deleted as your stats reflect any that are This is not the case with souvenirs So can the souvenir set up reflect what you actually have and if a log gets deleted the respective souvenir gets deleted too
  8. I understood the point behind the OP - however it is, in doing so, saying that AL do not have a place in geocaching (" Simply this is not a geocaching ") My point is that many AL are no different to other aspects of geocaching like the virtuals etc etc in that there is no logbook to sign - and AL are very similar to Multis, or Wherigos in the activity that you have to undertake - I do not see why you would specifically want to discount AL from geocaching stats if you do not consider discounting other types that are virtually similar. In essence if you don't want AL to be part of your stats then don't do them I will add that when i first did ALs I did expect to get only one smilie once I had completed the 5 stages and it did come as a surprise to get 5 smilies - personally I would like to see 1 smilie per the 5 connected labs completed - I think this would also mean many would not consider this issue of AL being separate to the rest of geocaching
  9. I have done labs that are close to each other - but several which take you on a lovely tour around a town, research is needed and a lot is learned - much more effort required than walking a trail of filmpots hidden at the base of trees every 10th of a mile - just because you don't have to sign a piece of paper does not mean the 'activity' is any less Does this also mean that the OP does not want to have Webcams, virtuals, locationless (the new ones) and earthcaches included in stats because you do not have to find a 'pot' with them either - what about events - you don't have to finds any caches at all so are these too to be discounted ?
  10. How recent are those 5 lab caches - when did you make them live ? Cheers
  11. Just two, that and another (an event) - due to them being relevant to the puzzle / event However that makes no difference as these are 'Owned cache' stats - changing the 'a cache by' in the description doesn't affect that count Interesting that the above comment reply shows that the 5 Lab caches are not counted - my missing 5 are likely to be 5 of the 10 lab caches I have. So is this a glitch in how the Lab caches are included in the stats - some are - some aren't ?
  12. I have just had a look at my 'owned cache' stats as I noted an anomaly with numbers - I currently own 75 caches which includes 10 Lab caches - yet all the graphics show 70 even when you go into the listing section the numbers add up to 75 but it still says 70 ?? Anyone else got this ? Is this a bug or am I missing something ?
  13. Another external link - my whole point was that this function was already on the page that I am accessing - I shouldn't have to use an external site to search for something that is/was already searchable with one click on the site I am viewing
  14. ....and still no response to this request by anyone that can deal with this :-(
  15. Are you deleting these? I would. You are saying you check the logs - this is a lot more than many COs do - though why are you checking them if you are not acting on your findings after Also these 'cheats' rely on COs not deleting their logs and they are getting away with cheating because COs do not - COs should send a message out there that the one and only simple rule this game relies on should be adhered to - if you don't sign - don't log a find - if you do your log will get deleted.
  16. This has been happening for some while now - it seems to be an issue with Chrome I can do it in Firefox otherwise I have to go to the main site and download the PQs from the pocket query section
  17. While I agree - my thoughts - I have seen many prolific hiders who would / could not be in a position to maintain all their caches, they rely on finders doing the maintaining for them - 'if the logsheet is sodden please replace it rather then put a NM' 'Happy for you to take a few logsheets to replace any that need replacing' However resrticting a limit to as low as 10 would take out the possibility of some terrific trails that have been placed where there are between 30 and 50 Unfortunately the trend has been that with these trails containers such as filmpots and the like are used more and more - these are not the best at being waterproof and so replacing logsheets is more frequent than with better weather proof containers - but my opinion is that if CO is going to put out a trail of 40 or so filmpots then that CO should expect to visit regularly and maintain. Maybe this happens in your neck of the woods but I have not seen this being implemented in our region - unfortunately, prolific hiders get seen as demi-gods in the caching world and woe-betide anyone who prevents them from hiding more.
  18. Just had another look - a cache page I am dealing with is in Portuguese ( I am from UK - looking at puzzles abroad at the moment) So I have translate on I took translate off and all notes reverted to the form I typed them in (what I wanted) - turn translate on and all the notes go into the non-formatted form Having checked - on my home caches (no translation required - everything put in notes is fine (which is why we didn't notice any issue before) so it is a bug relating to the translator - when it is on it affects how notes appear How weird
  19. Something I have noticed in the last couple of days is when I have entered some text into the 'Personal cache note' box on the website - where it used to save as it had been typed in i.e with spaces and paragraphing - now when a bunch of stuff is typed in is removes certain functions like 'enter for new line' and so everything is squeezed into one continuous sentence, no spacing or paragraphing So If I typed in (something we do with puzzles for example) A B C D E F It saves as ABCDEF This is a pain when you have typed out a whole buch of stuff which is in orderly sentences and paragraphs to then one whole long line of words and no seperation Is this just me - has others found this ? Tim
  20. I too have few caches within the ten mile default area - that said, with new cachers joining we are getting new caches within that area more now than we did before which is nice However - 6 million cachers all with their own different most used feature ;-) thats a heck of a lot of different features this site has !!! I was not taking about myself specifically when I said this as i know many others who do use this regularly and though I do use this feature a lot, I should say more correctly 'did use' since now I get this annoying issue of having to change the filters to exclude all my caches from the list As far as caches you don't or won't ever seek out - surely if you are never going to solve or reach them then stick them on the ignore list and they will not appear on this 'nearest unfound' list anyway
  21. Yes, an easy workround - but only means having another bookmark to remember and access I would have prefered going to the website I know and have enjoyed for the last 18 years and click on links that did the job I expected and not have to create a load of other pages and bookmark them because someone somewhere has decided that one of the most used features on their website is now redundant Why is it not possible to include that link in the menu on the left handside Currently you have two links on the LHS which take you to the same page !!! The Science of Discovery and Leaderboard I wonder if I speak for many by saying I hardly look at either of those pages and yet they are two of the first things that are on the list of links and yet the more favoured and used link from the old dashboard is missing :-(
  22. But unless I am missing something - I can not see a similar function on the new dashboard This 'feature' was possibly the most used single click function when checking out local caches - I know you can do this using the search function but to get the same result you have to click several boxes before you get to what this feature produced Why then has it been removed - or not added to the new dashboard (unless, that is, I am missing something)
  23. In the search options (as per pic not the play/search feature) - where you can click on filter out finds - this used to give a list of all unfound caches in order relative to distance from home - now when this is clicked it also includes my own caches - I therefore have to scroll through all my caches before I get to those not belonging to me. I appreciate if you then go to filters you can get rid of those - but my point is you used to be able to click on this and see unfound caches, your own caches did not appear. Why has this changed or is this a bug cheers Tim
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