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  1. Here's one at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake, here in Utah. Sleeping with the Brine Shrimp It's been up since June 12th, but so far no one has gone to get it.
  2. I probably wouldn't leave a multi-tool in a cache at a park or near a school. I would, however, have to problem leaving/finding one in a harder-to-find cache in the mountains, where kids usually wouldn't tread alone.
  3. Count me in! As for the original question, I must admit that I am a romantic, thus I'd have to choose love.
  4. Try this place: http://www.glassmarblespebbles.com/glass-marbles.html or here
  5. Let's see...I've hidden 4 and have found 109, so that make my percentage...about 3.6%
  6. 2 for difficulty, 5 for terrain?? Two-fifths of the fun.
  7. Personally I think logging is half the fun. Well, maybe 2/5 the fun anyway.
  8. Sounds a lot like Red Mage when he's doing the navigating. Though with him him it's more like... RM - I think it that way! Me - Which way? RM - That way, just ahead! Me - Sean, you'll have to be more specific! RM - Turn here! Me - Which way?! RM - Right, turn right! Me - Well you should have tole me that before we got to the intersection, not after we pass it! RM - Oh, wait...which way is east? Me - That's it, Sean! Give me the GPS!
  9. I change mine from thime to time, but at the moment I'm using a picture of Zim, from the cartoon Invader Zim...the best cartoon evarz! Some other avatars include: Leo from VGCats. Dr. Hobo, also from VGCats. A Helghast soldier from the PS2 game, Killzone (why is it that the bad guys are always so much cooler than the good guys?) A simple Black Mage sprite from Final Fantasy. I call this one, Evil BM. I have also used these in the UTAG forums:
  10. I've always thought that something like this would be a welcome addition to any cacher's library.
  11. Once you "Pop," you just can't stop! By the way, I like the "letter play" in your name, Xiwolf, which I'm assuming the "Xi" is pronounced "she," much as the Chinese "Xian."
  12. T-shirt, jeans, cap, hiking boots, and either my 2 litre Kelty or my 3 litre day pack. Oh, and lots of sunscreen.
  13. "I'm not Coming In", by Stuart Hill This is what I usually consider to be my "summer theme." I used to know where you could download the song, but the site doesn't seem to have it anymore, so here's the lyrics... Sun's up, I hit the floor Shoes tied, I'm out the door Is this a clean shirt? I think it was one yesterday Free day, I'm on the phone No plans, I got the cell on I call my boys up Spend a little time outside today Never liked for you to hear where I gotta be Never liked being told who I gotta see I like no commitment growing up around me I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you Go ahead and think all you might All my friends and I ain't on the inside All kinds of facts and probabilities You say we're meant for all the seasons You scream with endless possiblities Spend a lot of time trying to convince me My friends are two strikes against me Well I swing for the fences So that must make strike three That's fine by me I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside That don't include you Nothing ever seems right Like it does when I start Playing it in right speed, kick in at the right spot I like things familiar And I don't belong here Don't belong here I'm not coming in anymore Everything I want and need is just outside this door I'm not coming in anymore I've got too many friends on the outside The plan's on the outside It don't include you Not coming in Not coming in Not getting back no more No more I think it applies well to the cacher.
  14. Right now mine is an image of a Helghast soldier from the PS2 game, Killzone. The Helghast are actually the bad guys of the story, but I've always liked the bad guys more than the good guys, they're always much cooler. Another soon to be used is a simple picture of Zim, from the best cartoon evarz, Invader Zim!
  15. Same goes for the Utah geocoins, expect ours have it on both front and back. Without the epoxy the color would probably come off too easily. With the epoxy, all the details are protected.
  16. I was on my way down from Beus Canyon in Ogden, Utah and almost stepped on a diamond back. Luckily it moved before I got too close, so I managed to see it before I got to it. I just backed-off for a few seconds and it slithered into the brush on the side of the trail. No harm done. I've also seen a few "generic brown snakes" along the Weber River.
  17. Hey, I sware I was nowhere near her when it happened, m'kay? I never touched her!
  18. The first item I found was from this cache. It was a McToy of Buttercup from the Power Puff Girls, with light-up eyes. She still sits atop my desk, along with a bunch of other knik-knacks.
  19. Gaia Consort - Drawing Down the Moon Gaia Consort - Three Gaia Consort - Secret of the Crossroads Devil Gaia Consort - Taste It All Just right click and select "save as" to download the song. As always these songs are 100% free and 100% legal to download. Heck, these are straight from the bands web site!
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