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  1. All of a sudden the cache in our front yard, GAGA 4 GEOCOINS, had a surprise occupant. I went to investigate and found Geocaching Secret Agent #53 staring up at me! Thanks GSA! This is a great coin!
  2. Please mark us down for one of each at least!
  3. The Geocoin... The coin is a HEAVY 2-inch copper coin and represents the Greater Abilene Geocachers Association (GAGA) in Abilene, TX. GAGA has been around since 22 Jan 2005 and currently has over 100 members that geocache in the unique conditions of West Texas... which is outlined on the back of the coin. I apologize for the picture, it is not the best. Metal: Copper Size: 2-inches (a heavy coin) Trackable: YES Own Icon: YES Minted by: CoinsAndPins.com The small text says: Driving over 50 miles to have... Rusty barbed wire ripping through your clothes... Curious rattlesnakes that come out of nowhere... Itchy mosquito bites on every inch of your body... A 40 mph wind gust blowing sand into your ears, nose and mouth... Cactus needles getting stuck deep in your hands, arms and legs... Thorny Mesquite trees scratching you up from head to toe... Some or all of these things on a hike through 101° heat... To sign your name and trade a toy... SOUND LIKE FUN TO YOU? It does to me. I'm a Geocacher in West Texas! Available for $10+s/h only at GAGA's Geocoin Sales
  4. Be sure to add us down for one of each! This coin is awesome!
  5. That sounds exactly like what we said on the MAGC forum! Even the miss-spellings are the same. Again, thank you for this wonderful gift.
  6. Recevied ours. THANK YOU very much. This was a wonderful thing for ya''ll to do!
  7. Received our coins today. It is a wonderful coin and we are really happy that we bought more than one! Thanks 2bugs!
  8. Sadly, there was nothing in my mailbox again today. Maybe the two SSgt DeFau's fell thru the cracks. The coin LOOKs beautiful though.
  9. This is a wonderful thing that he has done for us but I hope the coin sent to us isn't lost in the mail. We don't have the best mail carriers out here where we live.
  10. Wonderful coin. Mark us down for two (2) please. If there are different metals/versions, please mark us down for (2) of each type. Thank you.
  11. Ha ha! Hope he isn't wanted anywhere! Me WANTED anywhere?!?!?!!! LOL I'm too old for that!! I'm not even sure my wife wants me!! LOL Sorry about the tape fiasco. I have since quit taping the coin to the carboard. The envelopes are tight enough that I just seal the ends good. Thanks for all of the nice comments on the coins!! We are extremely proud of them!! I'm glad everybody is happy with them as well. Thanks Again, West Texas Wingnuts P.S. I went ahead and burned off my fingertips, so nobody can identify me now!!!! LOL Oh man, those are not Enduroking's prints, they're mine. BTW: Ya'll watch way too much tv. I have burned off my finger tips as well.
  12. Oops! We forgot to add the "S" or "B" as well. "S" please.
  13. Beautiful coin for a great cause. Please mark us down for 2 coins.
  14. Received ours today and are very happy with it. "The pictures do not do the coin justice" is a very true statement! Very nice & unique coin. Great job Dr Webe!
  15. Invoice paid. Wish I would would have known about the different metals. Must have missed that somehow. Definitely would have bought 2 of each metal at least. Oh well. IMO, This is still one of the most original and best personal coins I've seen out there... can't wait to get ours in the mail!
  16. We would like to add a couple pins to our reservation as well. We should be on the hook for one coin in each metal (3 total?) and 2 pins, correct?
  17. Email sent for 6. Three survivors in our family. Thanks for doing this coin!
  18. Just put in our order for 1 of each. We have been "victims" many times!
  19. If they are still available, we would like one of each metal type no matter what they are. This is a great coin design!
  20. Glad to see I am not the only one who did that. I also forgot to add my caching name to my order... Seems to be a trend!
  21. Baby Geocaching... We took our 7 month old out aching for the first time at 3 weeks old and she has been going caching with us every time since. The coins are really cute, we'll take one of each. Email sent.
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