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  1. I'm not sure, but I got an email saying the CIA is watching the websites I go to. I also got one about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. I think they are watching me too!!!
  2. My Mom hid a cache and it went active at 11:30 am yesterday. It's 9:45 am here and it has yet to be found. I think in Indy someone finds caches no more than a couple hours or so after they are active. She wants me to sign her logbook and make the find so she'll have record of me here. But I don't want to take the FTF away from a local so I've been waiting for someone else to find it. If they have not by the time I need to head to the airport this evening though, the FTF is mine. By the way, if anyone ever comes out to the Phx, AZ area, there are a lot of good, and a lot of bad, caches out here.
  3. I'm here visiting my family and I leave tonight at 6:00 to head back to Indianapolis. My Mom hid a cache and she wants me to find it so she'll have my name on her page. I don't feel right being the first time finder though. It went active at 11:30 am yesterday. I thought surely by now it would be found. In Indy, a cache doesn't go more than a couple hours or so before someone claims the FTF. Here's the link, come find the cache and sign the log so I won't be the first. Sun City Cyclist
  4. Guess it depends on WHO the "Hot Geocaching in Indiana Chick" IS... Can I take these stoopid antlers off now? You may remove the antlers IF, and only if, all your other decorations at home are down too.
  5. wow, 1000 seems like a SO far off number for me I can't even imagine it. Congrats!!
  6. You can say that again. When I arrived on here for vacation, I was at find # 91. After today, I'm at 139.
  7. Here are two great ones in that area. Both take a decent hike to get to... Sycamore Loop Trail Cache Ultimate Camp Cache
  8. Today I found 13, planted none, bit I did receive some information on turning one of mine into an ISQ.
  9. They are perfectly legal to buy, own, and use. I see no problem with putting them in luggage at all. Worst thing that will happen is they will see them in there through the x-ray machine and open your luggage to inspect it, but then again they do that often these days anyway. I say, put a Geocache sticker on the side, print off the Congrats you found it sheet, put it in your luggage and let them find the cache!
  10. So can anyone turn a cache of theirs into an ISQ cache? I'd be more than happy to turn the Mary Bryan one into an ISQ. I have a good digital camera and could take some photos and dig up ( no pun intended ) some more history on the grounds there. Shoot me an email if you'd like. I'm still in Arizona until the 5th, but when I return I could continue my GEOCACHING in INDIANA by turning Mary Bryan into an ISQ. Jeff
  11. wow, 700 rocks. Congrats!!!
  12. hey, I think I know the guy who placed that Mary Bryan one.
  13. I need to cache more and catch up.
  14. I just completed 360 Degree Valley View and it may be the best cache I've done to date. The terrain was rated a 4 and it was at least that and maybe more. The view at the top was amazing. It was a great cache. In an area that has WAY too many mall parking lot caches, this one is an outstanding example of what Geocaching is all about. ( at least in this cachers must humble opinion. ) Thanks D---N---A !!!!!!!!
  15. Definitely. Hoping to get at least 1 this week. Southside, near Southport and 37. real close to me. I'm at Banta and 135.
  16. May I just say, I am one TIRED geocacher. I did 18 today out here vacationing in Arizona. That's a lot for me. It's a good kind of tired.
  17. Wow, Congrats!!! 500 is a huge milestone. WTG!!!
  18. Welcome to the addiction!!, I mean club, yea, lets call it a club!
  19. Mark the waypoint. Give the cops the GPS co-ords. Let them discover the world of geocaching on their own.
  20. Congrats!! You'll soon find this "hobby" taking over your lives. bwahahahahahha I think Jeremy has some secret mind control powers or something.
  21. If this has been previously suggested or discussed, my apologies. I hit the Search button and got an error message several times. For caches that have a seperate area to park in, it would be neat to be able to download those as part of the cache into your GPS so you can find the parking spot first.
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