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  1. It would depend for me on how i acquired this knowledge. If it was a puzzle and you had to go to certain caches to get numbers or what not to complete the coordinates, but i cold figuer it out after one or two then i would be fine. But if someone just gave me the coordinates for the final stage then i probably would not feel comfortable logging the find.
  2. I these "pillars" lights or something? I am curious as to what these pillars look like even!
  3. Jayrod7

    Using hints

    Before heading off on a caching spree i usually try and read alll the descriptions as well as plugging the coordinates in to bing.com maps to get a basic idea of what i am up against. If i cannot find the cache after searching all of the "obvious" places i will just pull up the hint, though it seems lots of caches in my area either dont have hints or the hints arnt useful at all.
  4. I would have to agree with Lornix, I had a friend that did google maps, but eventually it got hard to get caches by doing that. If you are looking for a car gps that you can sort of fudge your way to a geocache i would recomend a Nuvi. They are great in the car, and you can set it to pedestrian mode for trails. The pedestrian mode doesnt get you nearly as close as a handheld, but it can get you close. There are also cheaper models of GPSr you can get (Etrex comes to mind). I love my Oregon to death but i use it for backpacking and back trails hiking! Best of luck!
  5. I am an Eagle scout and my brother, who is also an Eagle scout, has worked out at the local BSA camp for the past 6 years. Last week there were 5 "get into the game" geocaches published and i have actually been impressed with the placings. So far i have only seen regular sized caches (no micros). The troop that i used to be in has a venture crew that goes caching every so weeks. They dont have a GPS but are able to get a good idea using google/bing maps before they head out. I am interested to see how this merit badge turns out, and i have already been asked by my old troop to become a counselor for it.
  6. I am registered for the Individual Competition! I am comming down on Thursday to grab some of the caches in the area! I am really excited for my first mega event!
  7. I am reppin the 17 year old age group!
  8. I had to fill out an interest survey (what you are planning on doing in college and then your hobbies). Under the hobbies section there was a thing called Geo-Catching...its not mainstream 100% yet but word is getting out there.
  9. Very nice! I tried this year to not really make a club but to get a show of hands and names of who cached at my school. I wanted to get kind of a group together but i never found the time to get it organized. The one thing i got worried about was at another school there was a club that formed, cept they didnt stress that you had to leave the "treasure" where you found it and lots of caches started getting muggled. Just be careful that everyone in the club understands the do's and don'ts of caching! Let me know how it goes!
  10. I am actually working on a "choose your adventure" series type cache. I am working out the details but basically at the begining you are working for the Royal Nebraska Navy on a hunt for some pirates. about 3 caches in you will infiltrate the pirate base. You do some caches for the Pirates of the Plains (while secretly working for the RNN) and at the end yuo get to choose if you want to work for the RNN or the PoP....about 18 caches total (around 8 logable caches, lots of multi/puzzle caches involved). Starts with one cache but branches off however all end in the same place so you are able to log all the caches. The ending cache will be the long sought after Legendary Golden Ammo Can. still working out final details, i have all the containers, coordinates, clues ect, just need to work on fine print
  11. I got my Eagle in 2007 Soaring Eagle District, Mid-america council (MAC) Troop 550
  12. you can change the cache size, however i thnk you would just need to send a message to your cache reviewer to get it changed. I know a couple caches in my area that used to be micros but kept getting muggled but they felt the area still needed a cache and now they are virtuals. I would guess that just asking would do the trick
  13. for the adults point of view "meh mcdonald's toys, oh well" from the child's pint of view "MCDONALD'S TOYS! YEEEAAA!!" I could really care less about the swag, but for the children the mcdonald's toys will make their day....just be sure to wash the toys before use sometimes
  14. When i am not able to log a find (no pencil, full log, wetlog ect) i try to leave a dime or a penny in the log book as my "token" if i dont have any of the above i just take a picture of the cache with my phone and email the pictures of the LOG to the owner and log a find saying that i would be back to sign the log on a later date. just try to use your morals to log the cache. If you didnt physically see the log or attempted to write on it then id just come back at a later date. I mean going caching isnt about the numbers.
  15. One time while caching i came across the cache but it was open and all the contents where scattered everywhere (animal got into it was my guess). The cache was shredded and there was no log in site either. The cache was (muggled/destroyed) but i collected the pieces and then emailed the owner who allowed me to file a find cause i technically "found the cache". But other than those circumstances i am fine with logging a DNF. No log no credit. Signing a DNF just gives me another excuse to go out and attempt this cache again!
  16. Hey i had a quick question. I bought the Nuvi 205w a few days ago for the only purpose of getting this program onto it ...and i have to say i love it. The only thing i have a question about is....while on the map is there a way to view all the POI (caches) on the map at one time--kind of like the geocaching maps were it shows all the caches on a map? I can get one cache on the map by going Custom POI-(cache)-map, but is there a place were i can view all of them? Thanks~Jay
  17. Just think if everyone hid a cache for every 5 caches they find....there would be thousands of caches being placed a day. Im sitting around 100:1 now
  18. .....My friend's dad was arrested while caching....for a parking violation that is.
  19. GCJT1R I found this geocache a while ago but it is still on the list of one of my "history lesson/ghost story while caching quests" and i still enjoy going back and reading the story. The cache location itself is wierd because this grave is in the corner all by itself, covered with chains and metal stakes. The cache itself is about 30 feet away from the "witche's grave". I think that caching in a cemetary is ok as long as you compose yourself well and be respectfull.
  20. i was searching for a cache one time and a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed on my head, thats about all my animal miss haps iv had while caching.
  21. .....wonder what the neighbors think.....
  22. does any one know how to water proof a hide a key? i have a cache with one but i have had to replace the log 3 times......in 2 weeks. are there anyways to waterproof them or make them less drinched?
  23. i went after 12 caches and 5 of them had some coins from mexico in them. i have no idea how much that sub total is but i quess if im ever caching in mexico and need something =)
  24. sorry to hear about your travel bugs. usualy the rule is to place the bug as soon as possible. I would contact the cache owner to check if the travel bug is in his/her cache. if the travel bug is not.... ...hope for the best.
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