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  1. Bowlers have them. Golfers have them. Fishers. You name it, there are excuse shirts for just about anything. What about a Geocacher's excuse shirt? What's your excuse for not going caching on a nice day or suffering from DNF syndrome or chickening out on final approach or... Basically, what are some of your excuses for not fully enjoying the Geocaching experience. Maybe someone could design a shirt with many of those excuses on it. Hey, that actually sounds like a nice marketing concept.
  2. Banish the thought of the death of geocaching! I'm perfectly willing to use the Letterboxing method or map and compass to cache if that's what it takes. As long as there are those of us who are willing to hide--and seek--"treasure," Geocaching isn't going to die any time soon. The thrill of adventure will compel us to overcome any setbacks technology may throw our way.
  3. I got a pair of hiking boots. Some of the places I have been caching almost require them. Hills and slippery terrain are sometimes difficult to get around on in a pair of tennis shoes.
  4. Hoooo---Yahhh!! I've never done any caching with a night vision device but I did get to use them in the military and watch East German and Russian soldiers as they patrolled "The Wall." Long time ago. "Ich bin ein Berliner."
  5. So far I'm a lone cacher but I think I have got some people interested, so I may eventually have someone to go with. It doesn't really bother me to cache alone, though.
  6. U.S Army. M-60 series armor crewman 1981-1984. M1 Abrams armor crewman 1988-1990.
  7. You're constantly planning a Super Cache and where to hide it. The things your cats hide just might have waypoints posted online. Your dog goes to point---could it be a cache?
  8. Complete Idiot's Guide. I haven't read it entirely yet--too busy Geocaching the hands-on way.
  9. Getting there is half the fun. The other half of the fun is finding what you got there for. Even if I dont' find anything, though, I enjoy getting out and exploring different places.
  10. In my area of Kentucky it would have to be EKYHunter and SpongeBobCachePants now simply known as SBCP
  11. My most recent find was at a cemetery. I didn't think the hide was done in a desrespectful manner nor was my search for it. Actually I looked at some of the surrounding markers to see if there was someone there I may have known. Based upon the size of a given cemetery, I do think the number of caches should be limited. I also think that abandoned and overgrown cemeteries needs at least one cache. That way there might be some cachers who would adopt them and clean them up. This is, after all, an environmentally friendly sport, isn't it? CITO?
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