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  1. The other day when I launched VantagePoint, I could have sworn it told me there was an update. I didn't have time to check at that time. When I went looking later on, I found nothing. I guess this is what triggered the notice. I hope it's officially released soon. Scott
  2. I have an HTC Touch Diamond. I first tried these instructions without success. Wherigo kept telling me that COM4 couldn't be opened, and then wouldn't save the change, so when I re-enabled the autodetect in the phones GPS config, Wherigo would fail upon launch. I then tried COM3 in the phone, and tried to configure Wherigo to use it. Again, it failed. For some reason, when I went back to the phone config and switched it to COM4 again, Wherigo accepted it this time. Scott
  3. There's a good possibility that my family and I will be visiting your wonderful country this spring for my cousin's wedding. I'll be heading there with the North American version of the eX600, which means I will likely be geocaching somewhat blind without a European basemap (not that basemaps are very useful to begin with) I will probably print out a few Google Earth maps for reference as well. During our stay, we'll be in Cookham, London and Glasgow (mostly Cookham and Glasgow) I've already looked up a few caches in Cookham that I plan to hit -- the Thames Path series? I haven't looked up any for Glasgow yet since I'm not as sure of the area we'll be in. None of our "plans" (what there is of them at the moment) are firm, but I thought I'd see what anyone here had to say or suggest about caching in the Cookham area. Thanks! Scott (P.S. I was born in England -- Birkenhead to be exact - but we moved to Canada in '67 when I was 2)
  4. I'm on DE's forum right now, no problem. Scott
  5. A free swap or do you have to pay something? Scott
  6. Twister65

    Winter Photos

    A few photos from Rideau Falls, in Ottawa. They had the dam open and the ice was flowin'! This is one of the first pictures I took when I arrived. I took this one when I left a half hour later. Note how much the ice piled up! A few other cool pics. (no pun intended!) I have more here. Scott
  7. Good question. When I sent him mine, I either got a new one or a reconditioned one in return. The case looked new and had a different serial number. You might be best to contact him first, before sending it. Scott
  8. Bill's Electronics is where you send it for warranty repair in Canada. The service is excellent and fast. The display on my eX200 got busted about a year ago and that's where I sent it. It was fixed under warranty though. I called Magellan and explained what happened, although I didn't tell them HOW it happened because I didn't really know. I suspect it got knocked on something when my kids had it, but neither of them said they knocked it. It had a big blob on the display that got progressively worse. I called the number Magellan gave me and I got an answering machine giving me the address to mail it to. I did and got it back about a week later. Scott
  9. Here you go: http://twister.org/geocaching/squid_article.jpg Scott
  10. Looks like it's fixed up. I couldn't find any references to "no rules where you place a cache". http://www.thesourcecc.com/sitelets/geocaching/howWork.htm Scott
  11. I got a reply. Brief, but a reply nonetheless! Scott
  12. Politely-worded message sent! Scott
  13. The Ottawa Sun ran a follow-up article: Geosquid thieves pay for plate http://www.ottawasun.com/News/OttawaAndReg...497285-sun.html Scott
  14. Sorry for the delay. I routed to those coordinates from the Ottawa area and it took about 45 seconds to calculate on my eX600. Have you tried recreating the region and uploading a fresh copy to your GPSr? Scott
  15. Where is this, approximately? I want to make sure I load the right region. Scott
  16. Here's an idea. Post the coordinates of where you're route is going, and we can try calculating routes from where we live to those coordinates and post our times. I've entered 100km routes before and like others, it doesn't take more than a minute to complete. Scott
  17. I keep getting "the requested page cannot be displayed" while trying to view a cache or search for caches near a postal code. I am able to bring up the site and login, however. My phone is a Samsung 840 through Telus. Scott
  18. Hehe Ultraman. That show rocked. Well, for its time. Scott
  19. Now they will sing a song about you at the begining of every course. Hehe, I'd like to hear that. Scott
  20. Cache Me If You Can (assuming that you pronounce it "cash" and not "cashay" like some do) CoordiNUTS Scott Than ks folks looks like we're going with Cache me if you can. It was a hard choice....but we had to do it. WOOHOO! Bragging rights. Scott
  21. Ok, I've had enough now. When is spring going to arrive? Scott
  22. "Walking in circles" or "Needle dancing" Scott
  23. Cache Me If You Can (assuming that you pronounce it "cash" and not "cashay" like some do) CoordiNUTS Scott
  24. Looks like Google Earth v4 is now out of beta: http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html Scott
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