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  1. Whoa and I think planning to do ten to twenty in a day is a big day.
  2. Sorry had to do it.. The honest thing is yes history should be preserved, yes we should respect the places we cache and place caches, but I think this is getting blown way out of porportion. I have cached in New England and experienced many of these historic walls, and found a few caches along or near these walls, and most of the apparent damage that was done looked either damage from time or damage from someone other than cachers since the area where the caches where placed seemed to be in good shape.
  3. I tried to use the Groundspeak store today to purchase a Premium membership since I don't have paypal, and got the dreaded IE white screen of dead webpages I would like to upgrade my membership and the quickest and easiest way would be over the internet. Thanks
  4. I use cachmate on my palm it interfaces with Gsak, and has seemed to be the perfect combination so far.
  5. Santa just brought me a Palm TX and I love it. I have already started using it for caching and it is going to replace my bulky day planner eventually, plus the wifi and blue tooth make it very handy when traveling.
  6. Palm TX (cachemate, GSAK) Etrex Legend C GPS V (backup) I just started paperless and already love it. not having to print out the cache pages makes it so much easier and saves on ink to.
  7. The mini usb plugs also come in different amount of pins in the connector for the Legend C it is a five pin mini usb. if you look at the connector on the GPS you can count the amount of pins it is. I think they come in four, five and six pin, but don't quote me on that.
  8. I have had more luck using GSAK to convert and send My waypoints to Mapsource. Gsak will convert your database to a Mapsource file and open the program with your new file. This is handy when you are planning out your cache trip.
  9. Since most of my Caching is done while I am on the road I am a Lone cacher. Although when I am home my daughter likes to come along. Besides while I am out on the road a lone walk through the woods sure beats sitting in a hotel room all weekend
  10. A Palm TX Santa must have not been looking at me when I was being naughty.
  11. Harry Butts or Supercalafragilistickexpialidocious
  12. When I bought my GPS V it was supposed to have City select v4 well v4 has the infamous setup disk. The person I purchased it from could not find the setup disk so I emailed Garmin customer support and through about ten different correspondences I finally convinced them to send me the setup disk.
  13. Ok so Gsak and Cachemate seem to be the best rated so far. One other question, What kind of case are y'all using for your PDA?
  14. Not to get off topic, but I am going to be getting a palm TX for Christmas. Where would I get the cable to direct connect my Legend C to the PDA? Ok to keep it on topic I will be using: Palm TX Cachmate GSAK
  15. I use a metal detector every day at work. I would love to have my own personnal one right now so I could find some caches under the snow:D
  16. I don't know but I think they have been conspiring with each other. The humans in the family have to pay them protection money Just can't seem to figure out what we are being protected from The only reason the current cat is alive is because he killed one of the hamster gang leaders.
  17. 1 Black Lab/Rotweiller mix 1 Black Lab (deceased) 1 Black Cat 2 other Black cats (deceased) Can you see a patern here? 2 Long haired hamsters 1 Russian hamster 1 Wife 2 Daughters and me of course!! I feel like I am going to the zoo every time I come home.
  18. Wow another EOD Tech!!! That's something you don't run into to often. Hello, from a fromer US Army EOD Tech " May your C-4 always be dry and your beer always cold" It is good to see this post is still alive, and so many people have served or support those who have served. Thanks to all those who have served and who are still serving. since it is the season MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!, and if you don't celebrate Christmas may whatever holiday you observe be filled with joy..
  19. Well since my job takes me all over the country I usually do a little research about the caches in the area and download them into a GSAK database. Then on the weekends when I am not at work I go out and hit the caches.
  20. It won't work I am an ex-military Bomb Tech and we are suspicious of everything ....I would say the best bet is to clearly mark the container on the outside.
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