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Science Fair Help!


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I have one dog because my (now ex) wife gave in when my daughter wanted one. He's a very playful black lab who goes caching with me on the rare occasions I feel like fighting him the whole way down the trail.


I also have 2 rabbits. One started out as a 4H project for my oldest daughter. It will probably die of old age before winter is over, although there are no signs of it slowing down yet (will be 6 years old this spring) and a 4 month old one that belongs to my youngest daughter, to replace one that got mauled by a neighbors loose dog while she was taking it on a walk. Since that incident, the rabbits are not going on a leash anymore.


I've had a number of fish, but my ex kept overfeeding them to death.

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1 cat, there are some pictures in my gallery. Althought the cat does not go Geocaching she loves it when I come back at the end of the day and spends several minutes sniffing my boots and backpack.


I'd like to have a dog, I travel on business regularly, so its not possible.

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Neat idea for a project - hope you are able to collect the data you need to get a good grade.


I have 3 dogs, 2 miniature pinschers and 1 doberman, and a cat. We try to rotate the dogs on geo-trips so each of them have the opportunity to get exercise and hunt for caches with us.


1 of the dogs has actually found a few of the caches for us. We would be looking all over the place, notice the dog sniffing something, and suprise - there's the cache.


If you need some pics, let me know and I would be happy to email them to your folks.


Good Luck on your project.

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Hey! I've got two cats. Both of them Burmans. One's a blue-point, the other's a cream-point. Really nice science project idea!! I congratulate you on your creativity!! I hope it goes well. I'm sure you'll get an "A+" for such an interesting project anyway.

Good luck!!! :P


(Ninja smiles are prophesized to take over the world...someday... :P )

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I have nothing :)

YEAH...Well, I have two dogs! BEAT THAT! :anicute:


My little schnauzer will hike terrain 4.5 with me! It's awesome, I get winded at the end and she is looking at me thinking "C'MON YOU FOOL, YOU KNOW YOU GOT ANOTHER ONE IN THAT BOX YER HOLDING" Why I know those things I haven't a clue, but it's possible! Dogs are so cool to have while Geocaching.....just so long I don't have to be the one to hold the leash....I let the others do that 'cause I get focused when I'm caching you see, and dogs break frequent (If you know what I mean) Slows the process down considerably.


Good luck on the project.....


BTW: I also got a cat........OH, and my hampster was archived last month! :) Muggled I suppose....I wasn't all that attached to it anyway. :anicute:

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