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  1. Yes! Thanks so much. That does the trick. Had been trying to figure that one out off and on for some time. I knew it could be done going to the website, but on the road it's easier doing it within the app. That answered my question. And fast! too!
  2. Using the app, is there a way to just enter coordinates and see where that spot is on the map?
  3. Using the I phone app, is there a way to just enter coordinates and see where they are on a map?
  4. I got one of the diabetes TB's a year or so ago and haven't used it yet. My prob is when I try to activate it there's no activation code. I've got the TB # but the pack it came in didn't have the activation code on it. What am I missing here? Are the diabetes TB's expired? Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  5. I took a long golf club and sawed off the head. Works great for poking around and parting weeds.
  6. How do you go back and look at caches that have been archived? Anyone? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, now if I can get the guy to follow up on it.
  8. I contacted a person that can no longer maintain their cache and he said I could take it over. What's the procedure for officially adopting a cache? It's probably in gc.com somewhere but I looked around for a little while and couldn't find it. Comments? Thanks ahead of time.
  9. It all depends on how much junk food you take with you and how many mini-marts you stop at on the way home.
  10. Two cats and a finch. A dog?...........well, maybe someday! Good luck!
  11. My cache that I put out a month ago has a note on the cache page saying "no attributes found --- help fellow cachers.......blah,blah......" Still a newbie here, so anyone know what this means? Thanks ahead of time.
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