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  1. I recall that when I did a geocache search, the result would include trackables that may be in caches. Today, July 10, 2021, I don't see a column for trackables when I search "nearby caches" from any geocache. I'm sure I am just missing something, so can anyone point an old timer in the right direction? (I've been caching since 2003.)
  2. Adding to baer2006 comments. As a creator, it would be nice to receive email when folks try my Adventure. Just as I receive email notification when folks seek my caches. That would allow me to know of problems with any of the segments. I would like to see Adventures shown on searches on the Geocaching website. A different icon could be used to designate Adventures. When I am at my computer and searching for geocaches, it would be nice to see if there are Adventures nearby. The page would not show all the locations of the Adventure, like it does not show all stops for a Multi, but just the listed start point.
  3. Thank you for the information. I was able to correct my error. GC needs to make some changes though, I think.
  4. Thank you! I don't know how to find the location your link took me to, but I was able to delete my logs on my own adventure. And now my Lab stats are correct, as are my totals. I can sleep easy. I am going to nominate you to become a god. [:D]
  5. Thank you for your answer. I looked at my dashboard and find nothing that shows I found my Adventure, or the other Adventures I have found. I look at statistics, and there is a graph that shows I've fond 20 Lab caches, which should be 15. . Nothing there is clickable to allow editing. Nothing there even opens another page. Yes, I realize in the grand scheme of things an error of five caches is (think for proper, public, term) nothing. But I would like my stats accurate.
  6. Well, I did log my own Adventure. In error. I did not have it in 'test' when I tested it. Now I am credited with five Lab finds that I do not want. I'd like to know how to delete my own logs for each stop. I was able to delete the final log.
  7. Thanks for that info. How does this happen? Is there an automatic setting? I prefer not to logs TBs I pick up with these logs. So what should I be aware of so I do not activate this type of log?
  8. First, I tried to search for this topic but the search would not accept the words "it" and "to." So, I enjoy releasing TBs. In my write up for my TBs I request that folks simply log where they find the TB and where they leave it. I specifically ask that they do not use the "took it to" log for every cache they visit. Yet, many ignore my request and the TB visits, sometimes pages, of caches that the holder finds. How is this happening? Is there an automatic log for TBs? I use both the phone app and my computer to log TBs I grab, and I don't have automatic logs for every cache I find. So I'd like to know both how to stop folks from doing this, and make sure I don't turn on a feature I do not want. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for asking this question. Given that the item is safe with you, it is your decision when you log that you have it. Harry Dolphin gave a good reply. If you pick up a TB or geocoin and discover it is not where you found it, look at the logs for that trackable item. If it was picked up from another cache a month or so ago, then give the person a week or two to log the drop. After that time, you could send a message to the last holder asking about the item. If no reply, log that you grabbed it from them, then have it visit the cache where you found it.
  10. I see you are a Charter Member. Kudos to you. I wish I'd have done that. I've been a cacher since 2003. I don't have many finds for being a cacher of 14 years, but I've seen the game change. First, I understand your feelings. Back in the day, caching was as you described. Now, every time I read, "It's not about the numbers" I think, bunk. Yet, this game is about the participants, not about the reviewers. It has evolved, for good or bad, from interesting places to lamp post, guard rail hides. Since there are a limited number of interesting places in any area, folks hide caches where they can. I suggest this, hide caches you would like others to find. Try to find places that others would find interesting. I know, it is hard. Someone quickly places an LPC and a couple hundred feet away is a nice view or city park with a sculpture. Many times I've gone after a micro and thought, 'If you only looked around, there is a good place for a regular fifty feet away. But as I said, this game is about the players and not the reviewers. The reviewers are volunteers. They abide by the guidelines set forth by GC. Don't blame them. Don't blame GC. The players want power trails. The players want park and grabs. The players want numbers. But even as I write this I will say that just today, Feb. 15, 2017, I found a nice trail in a park in Cleveland, OH. 10 caches hidden along a horse trail in a Metropark. Don't lose hope. I still love to geocache. There are many hides that take me to places I would never have visited. Any time I travel, I geocache. I recall one in Florence Italy, GC425XH. While it was a small, it took me to place where resistance fighters had a radio to broadcast news against the Third Reich. I think about caches like Mingo, GC30, a very old hide. (one I have not had the pleasure of finding.) Or some of the creative containers I've found. And geocachers can be very creative. I recall the old days. But change is the only constant in life. Geocaching is what one makes of it. Take off those old glasses and look at the game anew. You can still find wonder.
  11. Here's another way to look at it. I'm sure there are caches near you that have been in place for some time. Most of the other local cachers have already found those. So if a TB gets placed in one of those, should it sit until another new cacher, or visitor to the area, comes along? That TB could sit for some time. Travel bugs, and geocoins, are sent out with the intention of traveling. I don't go around and grab every TB nearby. However, if I am going to take a trip, I try to get a few to take along.
  12. As stated, the lowest model will work fine. Magellan 110 has a list price of $130. It has a color screen. Garmin has the eTrex 10. List price $110. Monochromatic. You can also look on Ebay for used ones. Or look at any local buy/sell website. Just because a unit is a few years old does not mean it will be less accurate.
  13. I am selling four coins on Ebay. All are unactivated. Only a few days left. Free shipping. Reasonable offers entertained. fragglestock event Donde esta mi chevy, event Geochums, Ohio Ohio's canals
  14. I thought that writing this post in the travel bug area would generate some discussion. Obviously no. I will continue to maintain my caches to the level I set for myself. I will still put TBs out in the world and hope they are picked up by thoughtful folks. But I've learned that is rare.
  15. As I stated in my OP, COs have the ability. My post is intended to make COs take that responsibility. Cache maintenance is part of owning a cache. I believe verifying the TB inventory is part of that responsibility. I cannot think of reasons not to do so. You even state that it would be nice if more COs verify the TBs listed. Yet you seem to indicate that you choose to not do this. I don't understand the contradiction. You use an example of a cache that has not been maintained for twelve years. Why not post a "needs archived" log? It appears that you see there are problems, but take no action to remedy those problems.
  16. From my original post; If I read "found" logs on my caches stating a listed TB is not there I go and check. I don't 'run out,' but when I have time and I am in the area, I check. If I verify it is not there, I mark it missing and state, "Sorry, your TB was not in my cache when I checked it today. I hope it turns up." It's your business why you hid caches that are hours of travel from you home, but I wonder how you do regular maintenance. And I believe that is another responsiblity that comes with being a CO.
  17. I am a big fan of TBs. I enjoy moving them along and watching where my TBs travel. I am tired of seeing TBs listed as being in caches, but when I look, I discover that the TB hasn't been in the cache for some time, often years. Folks, if you are a cache owner, you have the ability to mark a TB missing if it is not in your cache. That's right, you have the power to set things right. It's difficult for me as a TB owner to mark my cute little traveler as MIA. Especially if it is hundreds or thousands of miles from my home. But you, as the owner of the cache can check the container and see if it is there, or not. If not, mark it as missing. I've posted this in a local forum and the most common reason stated by cache owners is that they get nasty emails from TB owners when they mark it missing. Oh. Look, you didn't steal the TB. You are simply the cache owner and you are verifying the contents of your container. There is nothing wrong with that. I believe you are doing a service to the caching community. Sadly, I have had to mark many TBs missing. If I read "found" logs on my caches stating a listed TB is not there I go and check. I don't 'run out,' but when I have time and I am in the area, I check. If I verify it is not there, I mark it missing and state, "Sorry, your TB was not in my cache when I checked it today. I hope it turns up." I have not received any nasty emails. And if I do, should I really be concerned that someone is going to come to my house and punch me in the nose? It would be a long shot. So come on folks, let's clean up cache pages and show a correct inventory for TBs. It will be a help to all.
  18. My family and I, six in total, visited those cities in May. First, let me tell you that if you take a water bottle, and I suggest you do, you will find public fountains that have drinking water in many piazzas. They are small, like our drinking fountains. Not the big fountains. Except in Roma, but more on that. It will be marked, "non potable" if it is not drinkable. I will start in Milano. If you are there on a Saturday, I strongly suggest a neighborhood street market. It is located just north of Porta Garibaldi train station. Find Piazza Tito Minitti on Google maps. Via Pietro Borsieri. It just happens that the picture was taken when the market was set up. I suggest you visit the Duomo. Then wander the streets. If you leave the Duomo, and head NW up Via Dante, you will get to Piazza Castello. It is an medieval castle. Very cool. Firenza was very nice! So many things to see. But, I suggest avoiding the very touristy market here. It is strictly for tourists. Visit the Porta Vecchio. Yeah, it for tourists, but you must see it. Visit both the Uffizi and the Accademia. go to the ticket office and buy your tickets ahead of time and avoid the line to get in. There is also a reproduction of The David in the Piazza Del Signoria. Well worth the visit. There are other statues there and another museum we did not visit, but I understand is well worth it. I also suggest the Garden di Boboli. If you cross the Ponte Vecchio, it is just up the road. Also visit the Duomo here. Pay the 8 euro and climb to the top of the dome. Be prepared for narrow stairs, but it is worth it. Now off to Roma. Hit all the tourist spots. The Vatican, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, The Coliseum, and the Forum. Near the Spanish Steps is a famous fountain that has spouts of drinking water. the water is carried from outside the city by aqueducts and is very good. I suggest buying the combined ticket for the Coliseum and the Forums. You will save money and again, avoid the line. We were only in Roma for 36 hrs. so we tried to make the most of it. Here are a few thinks I learned about travel in Italia. Tipping at restaurants is not expected. Servers are paid a living wage. You have the table for as long as you wish. Cash is the way to go for purchases. and there is no tax on your purchases. Credit cards for hotels or big purchases. Be mindful of pickpockets. Get accustom to saying, "no, no, no" to the many panhandlers. There are also many persons trying to sell you things on the street, again, "no, no, no." My suggestion is that if you feel the need to help the poor, there are boxes in many duomos for donations to the poor. If it rains, EVERYONE, will try to sell you an umbrella. I don't know why, but Italians don't wear raincoats, they ALL use umbrellas. Without one, you are marked as a tourist. Be prepared to walk. all of the cities you are visiting are walkable. Especially, Firenza. also, be on the watch for "stoppageo"?. (I'm not sure of spelling here.) there are day strikes of trains, or subways. Finally, enjoy an "apertivo". This is a pre dinner "happy hour" at many restaurants. They provide free snacks while you have a nice drink. the popular ones are Spritz, and Negroni. Apertivo usually begins about 7 pm, 1900 hrs. In Europe they use a 24 hr. clock.
  19. Hey Jeff, Try small, local shops in your area. Now is the time they want to sell last year's models so they can buy 2013s. I bought a Redline 620 for that price about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I'd say to stay away for the new fat tire bikes, unless you have a stable and want to add another 'filly.' They are fun to ride, but the fat tires slow things down considerably. I don't know your riding style, or where you live, but have you considered a cross bike? Very versatile. But NOT a mtn bike. I will also suggest trying a cyclocross race even if you buy a 29er. Much fun! But go to the local, SMALL, shops and check things out. That 'one guy' shop may offer a nice deal. Ride on!
  20. To Florida biker, spotting the cache in a tree and signing the log are separate things. Many caches can be seen, but retrieving the container is part of the game. Don't take short cuts. Sign the log, or it's no find.
  21. Yes, you need to sign, and date the log. That's the minimum. You can add additional info to the logbook, such as if you took or left a travel bug or geocoin. Or add info about your hike or the weather. But your geoname and date are required. Lots of cache owners will check the lookbook/sheet with the online logs. If your name is not in the book, your online log gets deleted. Sometimes you will find a cache the also involves finding the log. That sounds odd, but it's part of the game. The only caches I've found where it may be difficult to verify signed names with online logs are nano caches. But you've not found any of those yet. BTW, the other post is right, you logged your two actual cache finds twice. You, or the cache owner, should delete one of the logs. It's a fun game. There's lots to learn. Don't try to take shortcuts this early in your caching career.
  22. JoesBar

    im new HELP

    I looked at the cache page. GC26N0C. It appears that you just have to look up the answers to the questions. If your answers don't jive with the geochecker, then you may have an incorrect answer. That being said, It's generally bad form to ask for help on a puzzle cache here in these forums. The Cache Owner, CO, created this puzzle to be solved. If everyone posted help on puzzle caches online, they would all be easily solved. Often, you will find another cacher who wants to solve the same puzzle. Working together is great. You can go to a local event and ask around for help on puzzles. But even there, if it's a harder puzzle, those that solved it may not be so ready to give clues. They put the time into solving the puzzle so why should they assist. Another route that may, or may not, work, is to ask the CO. Sometimes they will toss out extra clues. Other times they want folks to solve the puzzle for themselves. It's not personal. It's just a puzzle.
  23. Reading the thread, I thought posts #4 and 5 may have answered the question. Is the auto dip feature included in a smart phone app? Is it the default setting? If so, then many people don't even realize they are dragging TBs around and auto logging them into every cache they find. Any one with a smart phone that can confirm or refute this? The other question, as to why people keep TBs for so long, may never be answered. Even with the wealth of information on this site about how to properly log a TB, people either don't know or don't care to learn.
  24. List the parking coords where they are. List the difficulty / terrain as it is. Stop worrying about what a few others thing. If you like the hide, hide it! If I was in OK, I'd seek it out! Sure, you will not get a lot of persons finding that cache. So what? If you want everyone and their brother to find your cache, put out a skirt lifter in the local Walmart. But you sound like the adventurous type. So hide that cache and those that find it will salute you.
  25. "Well we told her we didn't get the memo so until the Frog tells us otherwise we'll hide what we like." You hit the nail on the head! Bravo! The other person is not up for a challenge. So be it. The hide you described would be very attractive to me. Others will seek this hide to fill out their Fizzy Challenge. (hope I got that right) Don't let some fuddy duddy spoil your creativity. HIDE THAT CACHE!
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