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  1. I would love some more info on this unit... Is it a 450 or 450T. Also why are you getting rid of it.
  2. Which provincial park will be closer to camp at. I am looking at the map and you have Emily Balsam Lake Unless somebody has another campground in that area they would recommend.
  3. I gotta ask, How in the world did you find it. Did you just trip over it on the woods? I would say this is worth at least 2 finds as he did not even had the co-ord for the cache.
  4. YES! I am in Toronto, too, and noticed that Google Earth is off by about 100 meters for all the caches. I was wondering if it was because Google Earth uses a different default format than the one we use or something? Does anyone else notice this, or is it a Toronto thing? It would be a nice feature for GC.com to let you have the choice of the right location or this close approx. I for one have had problems where a cache has been on the side of a river.... go looking only to find out that the cache was on the other side.....
  5. Lets see.... we have 1 Cat and 1 Bird... would love to have a good old dog but no space yet until we have a new house....
  6. The 16550 UART had to be disabled on the port for it to work with the Foretrek 101 This might help out Go to the Device Manager. In Windows 98SE and ME, click on START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL, then double-click on SYSTEM, and then DEVICE MANAGER. For Windows XP and Windows 2000, (XP) Click START/CONTROL PANEL (2000) START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL, then double-click on SYSTEM then HARDWARE, and then DEVICE MANAGER. Look for the PORTS (COM & LPT) section and click the Plus sign to expand the section. Double-click on the communications port entry you are using to bring up the port properties window. You will see some tabs along the top of the window. Select the PORT SETTINGS tab. Toward the bottom of the PORT SETTINGS window, select the ADVANCED button. You'll be presented with check boxes that can be unchecked to disable them. Windows ME has High/Medium/Low. Reduce them as far as possible and try your transfer again. I hope that this helps you all Bevandcorey Waterloo Rep OGA
  7. Is there any way to search a radius for all GeoCachers by their home location. This might be useful to help find other cachers in your area for social events, group caching. If you think that this might be to obtrusive because people might know your home location then maby a search by Location in the user profile.
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