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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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In the mail yesterday:

Keewee Geotag


Whale Tale

Castleman 2007 (personal trade) :)


At dinner last night:

Obsessed - dgreno

Obsessed - Team Alamo

Lucky 7s Event Coin (G) :blink:

I Caught a Bug at GW5 :P




Not the best pic, but what I have for now...

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Yesterday - GC+PC June alien coin and pin


Today - GC Forums Community v.2 - my name is not on it, but it sure is fun looking for those who I've traded with (nice big coin)


also today - Around the World in 80 Caches


What will tomorrow bring? I'm waiting on a few new trades..........


:rolleyes: Happiness in my mailbox again



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Two Anthus 4 coin sets arrived in Calgary today. YAHOO!!! They look great and if I can keep the rest of the family from doing their own version of a trade (one coin for nothing) I may get these onto a trading list..must make time. Thanks Anthus for some great looking coins.

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Pathtags! I got Pathtags!


Im loving these little trinkets, and the more I get, the more I want!

These are uber cool!


We just got our first set about a week ago and started trading - they are TOTALLY addictive, and the quality is incredible. Im pleased as punch.


Anyone got Pathtags to trade????

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Lots today:


What was in your Mailbox version 2

Pacific Jamboree True North Geocaching (BC Scout Jamboree coin)

2000 finds geo-achievement (a gift to celebrate our 2000th find)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Dazzle Pocketpup

2007 Buffalo Wings


Grab Bag from Oak Coins containing:

Caching from Dawn to Dusk

Geocaching Police Squad

Cache Movers

Caching the Appalachian - Connecticut

pin, wristbands, lanyard


We only get to our US address every two weeks, so I can't wait until my husband gets back with all the packages :rolleyes:

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1 UOTrackers Pay It Forward Coin :laughing:

1 Chat Geocoin ( Thank you Jim )

1 Marky and Joani Pin

1 Marky And Joani Chick

1 Meanmydogs Chick Pink

1 Meandmydogs Chick Yellow


And my Dog Days Of Summer Package


1) Geocoin.net members Coin (Glad my list was current on their site )

2) Geocoins Through The Ages BN LE

3) Geocoinfest 07 wooden nickel

4) Haughton Hunters Wooden Nickel

5) Haughton Hunters Metal Tag

6) Dream Cachers Wooden Nickel and Poker chip

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Haven't posted in a while, but then, I haven't been in here in a while: too busy, and ill when I wasn't busy, and even busier due to being ill :laughing::blink: It never ends, does it? :blink: On the other hand, that's a good thing, I think :anibad:


Anyway, we got two of Moustik's personals a couple of days ago, and the new pocketpup sets, earlier this month. There have been others that have come in, but I can't begin to remember when. Money is very tight: car repairs, a tax hit that we weren't expecting; ever notice how when you think you have more coning, they disagree and win, but when they say you owe more, you disagree and lose? In any event, free cash for coins just about vanished, so our purchases will be few and far between for a while. So It Goes.

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Saturday (the 14th)

1 x School of Piranha ( 3 coin set )

1 x Dangers of Night Caching



3 x What's in your mailbox? V.2 ( G )

1 x What's in your mailbox? V.2 ( N )

1 x Anthus Decoder ( C )

1 x Around the World in 80 Caches ( Yellow AS )

2 x Masonic ( AS & AC )

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